2017 THANK YOU Match – Results

Wold View Fisheries had added £1000 to the pot for this Match as a small way of saying Thank You to all the fishermen who come and fish our lakes.

84 competitors fished Silver, Gold , Ultimate + Canal Lake.

Including pools money, that made a total of £2008 in overall prize money. The money was awarded by giving £200 for first place on each lake. An additional £200 for the overall winner and the rest paid out in pools.

Silver lake

1st – Marc Rodger 53lb peg 19

2nd – Carl Thompson 42.8lb peg 32

3rd – Carl Williams 36.8lb peg 33

4th – Jason Dunworth 22.8lb peg 24

Section wins

Nathan young 20lb peg 8 & Norman Hewiss 17lb peg 21


Gold lake

1st – Carl Braithewaite 36.12lb peg 19

2nd – Steve Credland 24lb peg 36

3rd – Dean Marshall 23lb peg 17

4th – Rob Andrews 22.4lb peg 35

Section wins

Colin Blendal 13.4lb peg 13 & Mick Dukes 19.8lb peg 37


Canal lake

1st – Andrew Stanley 27.8lb peg 22

2nd – Charlie Fox 26.8lb peg 2

3rd – Blythe Taylor 24lb peg 3

Section wins

Barry Osbourne 20.4lb peg 5 & Stuart Sykes 17.8lb peg 20


Ultimate lake

1st – Simon Gale 25.12lb peg 9

Joint 2nd – Owen Skipsey 24.8lb peg 12 & Richard Keridge peg 5

Section wins

Jeff Edwards 16lb peg 8 & Ryan Lidguard 23lb peg 15

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