Winter league winners 2017

2017 Winter League Winner Announced

The winter league at Wold View Fisheries starts in October. This year we had 20 people in the match, where the winner has the best scores over all the matches. The last match was the 2nd April.

There were 18 matches in total with each match giving £75, £60 and £45 as the first, second and third place Pools Prizes.

The overall winner Dave Mountford received £260 for winning the league. Terry Jackson took second place with £190 prize money and Stewart Sykes came third and won £150.

It was a very closely fought league with the winning score coming down to the last match. Third place was also very tightly contested with actual placing for third being decided by overall weight in the competition.

1st Dave Mountford 10 points

2nd Terry Jackson 12 points

3rd Stewart Sykes 15 points on count back

4th Ian Marshall 15 points

5th Tony Booth 17 points

6th Norman Hewiss 19 points

Our next match is the Easter Festival