Saturday open
Gold lake
9th June.
That Lewis ringwood needs handicapping. He’s only gone and done it again. Even though the weights were low he managed to stamp his authority on it once again.
1st. Lewis ringwood
Peg 36. 65lb 11oz
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 9. 62lb 03oz
3rd. Gaz burk.
Peg 35. 59lb 02oz
4th. Chris mack.
Peg 28. 48lb 11oz
5th. Simon fields.
Peg 37. 43lb
6th. Mark storey.
Peg 19. 38lb 04oz


Friday afternoon Match
8th June
Gold lake
Another slow match this afternoon. Most of the fish caught were like balloons full of spawn. Just wish they would get on with it.
Lewis ringwood managed to catch a few shallow before ambushing a few in the margins late on, on corn to secure a win.
1st. Lewis ringwood
Peg 17. 100lb 09oz
2nd. Dean Marshall.
Peg 10. 77lb 04oz
3rd. Bill sheppard.
Peg 37. 58lb 12oz