Results Update

Wednesday Open Match.
Silver lake.
3rd October
It’s starting to slow down a little now but still plenty of bites to be had.
Lots of different methods and Baits working now too.
Plenty of the new f1s showing to soft pellet and still some lumps on the wag and in the margins.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 26. 95lb 01oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 37. 86lb 07oz
3rd. Billy Collins.
Peg 35. 86lb 04oz
4th. Carl Williams
Peg 31. 74lb 07oz
5th. Keith Birkett
Peg 12. 69lb 01oz
6th. Paul summers.
Peg 2. 58lb 14oz.

Veterans Open
Gold lake
2nd October
Very strong winds hampered today’s veterans open.
Most just sat on the tip as it was so strong.
1st. Steve Credland
Peg 36. 46lb 04oz
2nd kev Copley
Peg 16. 45lb 09oz
3rd. Paul Quinton
Peg 35. 41lb 14oz
4th. Alan Malkin
Peg 20. 41lb 02oz
5th. Mick Ellison.
Peg 28. 31lb 07oz
6th. Jes.
Peg 8. 31lb 01oz

Open Match
Gold lake
30th sept.
When I drew the same peg as yesterday I was a bit excited. I could now put into play the plan I had without compromising the f1s.
Well that was the plan.
Unfortunately the f1s has decided that they didn’t like those pegs, something the rest of the Carp had already discovered.
In a nut shell, they just were not there, not many Carp either.
But plenty got caught the rest of the lake.
All I could was watch dave ringwood on peg 37 catching all day.
But with more going in this week I reckon it was even it out a bit.
1st. Dave ringwood
Peg 37. 119lb 14oz
2nd. Simon fields.
Peg 24. 101lb 10oz
3rd. Nathan young
Peg 7. 87lb 09oz
4th. Norman hewis.
Peg 8. 83lb 13oz
5th. Danny Clarke
Peg 11. 74lb 07oz
6th. Gaz burks.
Peg 2. 74lb 01oz.

Wednesday open
Silver lake
26th September
A good strong field of anglers today.
The master Keith Easton sorted it out after a couple of hours. Switching Baits saw him start catching well and what a great mixed bag too.
I fished today and had a bash Fishing shallow with caster for the ide.
I managed to catch a few before switching to the margins for the Carp. A little bit too late however.
1st. Keith Easton.
Peg 2. 119lb 07oz
2nd. Adam Swain.
Peg 25. 92lb 13oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 11. 85lb 10oz
4th. Paul Brocklebank
Peg 21. 68lb 04oz
5th. Stephen Hutchinson.
Peg 31. 65lb 02oz
6th. Colin Hyde’s.
Peg 17. 62lb 15oz.

Sunday open
Gold lake
23rd sept
With a low turn out and it being quiet I decided to have a bash today.
I must start fishing a bit more as I’m now starting to fall into the “it’ll do” category
I had a bad bad start messing my poke line up by overfeeding. Nothing on the method and just a couple on the bomb.
All I could think about was how poor I was Fishing and how I need to get a grip and get my gear sorted.
This was set to be an embarrassing day until I pulled my finger out in the last hour and caught a few. This included a lovely fish of 18lb 14oz in my sad net of just 63lb. Having said that I had about 50lb in the last hour and another half hour could have seen me up at the top as I wasn’t that far behind in the end. MUST TRY HARDER
Well done to frank church on his win and stealing the show from Simon fields.
1st. Frank church.
Peg 35. 84lb 07oz
2nd Simon fields
Peg 10. 82lb 08oz
3rd. Carl Williams
Peg 2. 70lb 10oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 17. 63lb 15oz
5th. Ian Sadler.
Peg 5. 54lb 02oz
6th. Norman hewis
Peg 20. 50lb 02oz

Open Match
Silver lake
Wed 19th sept.
Not many braved the gale force winds today and it was horrendous.
It was almost impossible conditions and even though I pegged it as best I could the wind was so bad it was swirling in all directions.
Phil beak drew on peg 21, the only peg on that bank and he took full advantage of all the room he had and went on to secure a victory.
1st. Phil beak.
Peg 21. 83lb 04oz
2nd. Carl braithwaite
Peg 25. 74lb 02oz
3rd. Frank church.
Peg 35. 71lb 07oz

Veterans Open
Tuesday 18th sept
24 fished
With almost gale force winds I’m not surprised the fishermen stayed away today.
Even the hardy veterans were well down in numbers this week.
It was a struggle on some pegs with the wind but there were still a few fish caught.
Mike bavestock had it straight in his teeth on gold peg 19 but it didn’t hold him back from scoring the best weight of the day.
1st. Mike bavestock
Peg 19. 105lb 11oz
Section 1. Bill marsh.
Peg 5. 80lb 12oz
Section 2. Dave ruffles.
Peg 26. 63lb 15oz
1st. Steve southern.
Peg 21. 79lb 14oz
Section 1. Jes
Peg 19. 50lb 12oz
Section 2. Trev brewitt
Peg 37. 47lb 04oz

Open Match
Silver lake
Sunday 16th sept
My first time Fishing silver and I picked the wrong day to draw the island.
Bad cross winds made it hard to hold the long pole and that’s the only place I could get bites.
I struggled the first and last third of the match and caught a few in the middle before they disappeared.
Down at the bottom end of the lake Simon fields was the only man on that bank and he made it pay once again.
There was an unfortunate incident though
Dennis lee decided he was getting warm and thought falling in the water with all his tackle was the way to cool down.
I think he will be needing a trip to the tackle shop as lots of his gear went in and some not recovered.
1st. Simon fields
Peg 26. 155lb 10oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 10. 94lb 14oz
3rd. Phil beak
Peg 2. 94lb 12oz
4th. Dean Marshall
Peg 20. 81lb 14oz
5th. Steve Gregory
Peg 36. 63lb 13oz
6th. Gaz burks.
Peg 12. 62lb 04oz.

Saturday open
Silver lake.
15th sept.
I predicted a couple of tons today even though it was cold this morning. Not far wrong either.
There’s no stopping Simon fields lately, and today was no exception.
Fishing peg 32 he just managed to keep Bill sheppard at arms length and squeeze out another win.
1st. Simon fields
Peg 32. 110lb 02oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 18. 101lb.
3rd. Mick Jennings
Peg 22. 86lb 15oz
4th. Carl Williams
Peg 35. 62lb 05oz
5th. Chris Marshall
Peg 37. 60lb 06oz
6th. Norman hewis.
Peg 16. 49lb 12oz

Friday open
Gold lake
14th September
Paul hard was nipping his bum cheeks today after watching Jackie Thomas clawing her way closer to him in the last hour.
Jackie started catching well down the margins late on and if she had found them a little earlier it could have been curtains for Paul on peg 37.
Another one of the ladies Jane hollins had a nice barbel as well today. These are now getting to be a good size.
1st. Paul hart.
Peg 37. 104lb 06oz
2nd. Jackie Thomas.
Peg 17. 67lb 01oz
3rd. Mike Nolan.
Peg 26. 53lb 10oz
4th. Mike bavestock.
Peg 2. 53lb
5th. Eric Thomas.
Peg 19. 43lb 09oz
6th. Mark hollins
Peg 35. 41lb 04oz

Wednesday open
12th sept
Gold lake.
Not a very good turn out but I was trying an earlier draw.
I may re consider for next week.
The Fishing is going down a slippery slope now as the weather is starting to turn but still they keep a few fish coming.
However come mid October there will be a massive boost to the stocks with a lot of ghost f1s coming.
That will make such a huge difference.
1st. Mark Wakefield
Peg 26. 123lb 07oz
2nd. Simon piggott.
Peg 21. 110lb 14oz
3rd. Daniel Croft.
Peg 13. 102lb 14oz
4th. Barry Scott.
Peg 2. 100lb
5th. Paul smith.
Peg 8. 45lb 14oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver
11th sept
The numbers were down today so they had loads of room but it fished hard.
Lowest weights for some time but reckon it’s just a hiccup.
The weights over both Lakes were very even and close.
1st. Mick Duke
Peg 26. 51lb 10oz
2nd. Barry lepley
Peg 16. 47lb 03oz
3rd. Tony booth.
Peg 11. 42lb 10oz
1st. Steve southern
Peg 11. 52lb 06oz
2nd. Trev brewitt.
Peg 36. 49lb 10oz
3rd. John hood.
Peg 19. 39lb 03oz