A Typical Day’s Fishing At Wold View Fisheries

Arrive first thing in the morning and check the wind direction, sunlight conditions and cloud cover. We have 7 lakes here at Wold View, as well as our Wold View Lodges for accommodation should you need it. Work out where the best spot on any of the lakes is for that day’s fishing.

Unpack the gear and set up on the bank. In a lot of places you can drive the car to within a few feet of the lakes. Some of the quieter, out of the way spots are a little further. We only use barbless hooks at wold view so check your gear. We have some really talented fishermen here who have designed and made their own gear. The photos below on our Gold Lake show one of our regulars Marc, who is a sponsored fisherman. He has written many articles about fishing at Wold View Fisheries.

It’s a good idea to attract a bit of attention in the water with a bit of bait. Please no oils baits or cat meat etc. We stock good bait in the tackleshop here on the site. Choose your float and have a go with a few different bits of gear too. All the experience learned can be used another day.