April Open Match Update


Veterans open
Tuesday 30th April
Gold and silver lakes.
Another hard match let’s hope the weather warms up soon.
1st. Mick duke.
Peg 8G. 58lb 02oz
Section 1. Dave Blanchard
Peg 11. 26lb 14oz
Section 2. Clifford Thornhill
Peg 16. 43lb 13oz
Section 3. Dennis Walden
Peg 22. 25lb 07oz
1st. Nev Fisher.
Peg 12. 51lb 08oz
Section 1. John hood.
Peg 8. 42lb 09oz
Section 2. Barry Osborne
Peg 17. 41lb 09oz
Section 3. Dave Daniels
Peg 36. 38lb 10oz

Open match.
Sunday 28th April.
Gold and bronze lakes.
I decided to put bronze lake in today knowing the fishing would be hard and so give the anglers a bit of room.
It fished better than gold as it happens and I’m looking forward to using it a bit more in the future.
1st. Nathan young.
Peg B3. 80lb 11oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg G4. 63lb 02oz
3rd. Dave ringwood
Peg B10. 56lb 13oz
4th. Shaun moss.
Peg G16. 51lb 15oz
5th. Tom braithwaite
Peg B1. 50lb
6th. Dean Seymour
Peg G6. 44lb 11oz.

Open match.
Saturday 27th April
Gold lake
A shocking day today. Freezing cold. Heavy rain. Very strong wind and even hailstones.
It wasn’t pleasant to be in at all, I’m just glad I wasn’t sat in it.
The fishing suffered as well as the fishermen today.
Well done Richard kerridge a great performance today in those conditions and hard luck gaz burks you nearly got there late on.
1st. Richard kerridge.
Peg 12. 54lb13oz
2nd. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 16. 43lb 11oz.
3rd. Gaz burks.
Peg 28. 40lb 06oz.
4th. Chris graves.
Peg 23a. 32lb 08oz
5th. Norman hewis.
Peg 9. 29lb 11oz
6th. Graham garrod.
Peg 6. 29lb 01oz.

Open match.
Silver lake.
Friday 26th April.
A slow match today it must be the sudden drop in temperature that’s switched them off.
However Keith Easton always manages to snare a few regardless.
Well done Keith.
1st. Keith Easton.
Peg 21. 109lb 14oz.
2nd. Jt. Steve pretty.
Peg 2. 53lb 05oz
2nd. Jt. Ian Marshall.
Peg 17. 53lb 05oz
4th. Martyn short.
Peg 25. 49lb 14oz
5th. Lee braithwaite
Peg 10. 48lb 06oz
6th. C. graves.
Peg 35. 47lb 01oz

Feeder qualifier
Thursday 25th April
Gold lake.
With the fish ready to spawn they switched off today and fishing was hard.
Stuart Gollop managed to find a few off peg 22 and secured his place in the final.
1st. Stu Gollop.
Peg 22. 68lb 13oz
2nd. Darren Gowshall
Peg 16. 40lb 09oz
3rd. Ken summersgill
Peg 35. 33lb 08oz

Open match.
Wednesday 24th April
Gold and silver
With quite a few turning up for the first afternoon match I decided to split it over 2 lakes.
It didn’t fish as well as expected but the temperature had dropped dramatically from previous days.
A massive well done to Adrian cobb on his victory today, well fished mate.
1st. Adrian cobb.
Peg G7. 132lb 14oz
2nd. Carl Williams
Peg S19. 117lb 03oz
3rd. Richard kerridge.
Peg G13. 91lb 11oz
4th. Jamie green.
Peg G30. 91lb 06oz
5th. Stu Sykes
Peg G20. 89lb 06oz.
6th. Mark lidgard
Peg S22. 87lb 15oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 23rd April
Gold and silver.
Another excellent turnout today.
After a couple of months absent Kev Murphy came back in style and battered the field off silver 35. Well done Kev.
1st. Kev Murphy.
Peg 35. 88lb 12oz
Section 1. Bill marsh
Peg 12. 66lb 01oz
Section 2. Stew read.
Peg 18. 50lb 12oz
Section 3. Graham north.
Peg 25. 45lb 01oz
1st. Billy Collins.
Peg 17. 68lb
Section 1. Ken wood.
Peg 13. 52lb 15oz
Section 2. Graham Ellis.
Peg 22. 61lb 06oz
Section 3. Mike baverstock
Peg 26. 63lb 03oz.

Easter festival.
What a great festival and may I say went off without a hitch.
Great atmosphere and banter and good set of lads.
The festival was run over gold silver canal and ultimate.
With the results from each day already posted I will just put the overall results up.
A massive well done to Mark Critcher. He got over his fishcaking the other day and stepped up his game to be a contender from day 1.
It was a very well contested match and some good weights over all the lakes.
The top 6 were paid out with section wins every day too.
The points were close with 5 on 7 for a weight countback including myself but unfortunately I didn’t get the weights.
1st. Mark Critcher.
4 points.
2nd. William Sheppard
4 points.
3rd. Chris Mack
5 points.
4th. Simon fields.
6 points
5th. Mark Rodger.
7 points (count back) 327lb 04oz
6th Adam Swain.
7 points. (count back) 323lb 02oz
The highlight of the last day was the 2 fish Dennis lee weighed in on gold for 31lb 14oz

Day 3 Easter festival.
The last day and all to fish for for some.
The weights were expected to drop but they still were good. It’s uncertain where the winner would come from but today bill sheppard on my favourite peg on silver did the damage and took top spot on the day.
1st. William Sheppard
Peg S14. 134lb 15oz
2nd. Simon fields.
Peg U24. 133lb 12oz
3rd Luke Morley
Peg G13. 124lb 06oz
4th. Mark Critcher
Peg U5. 123lb 07oz
5th. Adam Swain
Peg G8. 117lb 04oz
6th. Mark Rodger
Peg G5. 115lb 13oz

Spring festival day 2
Top 6.
Things are starting to hot up fishing wise. Soon be some double ton weights to be had.
1st. Carl Williams.
U24. 131lb 15oz
2nd. Mark Critcher.
G8. 127lb 01oz
3rd. Mark Rodger.
S35. 118lb 04oz
4th. Max Gibson.
S2. 107lb 06oz
5th. Rick Ablitt.
C2. 98lb 15oz
6th. Chris Mack.
G23. 98lb 06oz

Today saw the first day of the festival. The weather was very kind to us but the fish just want to sunbathe. However still a few good weights and more to come hopefully.
I will put the top 6 weights on each day then a full match report at the end.
1st. Mark Critcher
Peg S5. 165lb 08oz
2nd. Adam Swain.
Peg U9. 133lb 13oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg U11. 133lb 03oz
4th. Chris Mack.
Peg S25. 117lb 02oz
5th. Simon fields.
Peg S32. 105lb.
6th. Bill sheppard
Peg G11. 103lb 12oz.

Open match
Friday 19th April
Silver lake.
A few were practicing for the festival today and it was a good turn out. The fish were all over the lake but mainly basking.
Mark Critcher hot on his fish caking on Wednesday was determined to show maccy and piggy that it was just a one off.
He did just that and in style.
1st. Mark Critcher
Peg 32. 95lb 08oz
2nd. Ian Kent.
Peg 20. 74lb 08oz
3rd. Ian Sadler
Peg 6. 73lb 05oz
4th Nathan young.
Peg 5. 62lb 12oz
5th. Steve Eyre.
Peg 17. 55lb 06oz
6th. Gaz burks
Peg 14. 50lb 02oz.

Pole qualifier / open match
Thursday 18th April
A steady day for silver today. Weight were well down on this match.
1st. Mick Jennings.
Peg 27. 81lb 12oz
2nd. Steve pretty
Peg 32. 65lb 03oz
3rd. Mark lidgard
Peg 22. 64lb 01oz
4th. Sid love.
Peg 18. 61lb

Open match
Gold lake.
Wednesday 17th April
I predicted the person who drew peg 28 would have a great days sport and win the match.
I wasn’t far wrong, mark rodger dropped bang on and nailed it.
The roadside fished rock hard with the cold easterly in their face.
1st. mark rodger.
Peg 28. 130lb 09oz
2nd. Mark lidgard
Peg 23. 75lb 07oz
3rd. Lee Braithwaite
Peg 21. 36lb 11oz
4th. Steve Watson.
Peg 7. 34lb 03oz
5th. Ting ling.
peg 9. 32lb 10oz
6th. Carl braithwaite.
Peg 11. 23lb 14oz.

Veterans open
Silver canal bronze lakes.
With road works around gold I moved the match to the above.
Bronze doesn’t get matched much at all but it’s stuffed with fish.
It turned out to be silver that was best on the day and surprisingly canal didn’t fish that well.
1st. Kev Tanner
Peg 18. 80lb
section 1. Bill marsh.
Peg 19. 59lb 15oz
1st. John white.
Peg 2. 40lb 03oz
Section 1. Billy Collins.
Peg 6. 35lb 06oz
Section 2. Cliff Thornhill
Peg 22. 37lb 01oz
1st. Barry Osborne
Peg 10. 62lb 04oz
Section 1. Ting ling
Peg 3. 38lb.
Section 2. Nev Fisher.
Peg 17. 34lb.

Open match
Sunday 14th April
Gold and silver.
Still bitterly cold winds that divided the lake into 2 different seasons.
Still weights were not too bad.
1st. Chris Mack
Peg 21G. 99lb
2nd. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 36S. 87lb 15oz
3rd. Shaun moss.
Peg 19S. 74lb 06oz
4th. Stephen Pretty
Peg 5S. 69lb 10oz
5th. Carl Williams
Peg 10S. 58lb 06oz
6th. Wayne turner.
Peg 35S. 55lb 11oz

Open match.
Silver lake
Saturday 13th April
Freezing cold wind made short work of a couple of anglers today.
I’m glad I wasn’t sat in it.
Simon fields drew fancied peg 21 and completely demolished the match. Awesome fishing.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 21. 140lb.
2nd. Lewis ringwood.
Peg 36. 52lb 13oz
3rd. Mark lidgard.
Peg 35. 47lb 06oz
4th. Nathan young.
Peg 5. 33lb 08oz
5th. Jason greenwood.
Peg 2. 32lb 11oz
6th. Dave ringwood.
Peg 19. 30lb 15oz.

Open match
Gold lake
Friday 12th April.
Chipper returned today and showed the lads how it’s done. A mainly carp net and some big fish too.
1st. Andy Bryant.
Peg 19. 116lb 05oz
2nd. Paul Hart
Peg 12. 76lb 10oz
3rd. Steve burns.
Peg 9. 73lb 08oz
4th. Adrian cobb.
Peg 37. 72lb 12oz
5th. Dennis lee.
Peg 17. 52lb 03oz.

Feeder qualifier
Thurs 11th April
The carp fed the day before but today they were not interested.
The mainstay of fish were f1s
1st. Darren Gowshall
Peg 17. 52lb 10oz
2nd. Sam smith.
Peg 28. 48lb 05oz
3rd. Martyn short.
Peg 9. 45lb 04oz
4th. Stephen Pretty
Peg 16. 42lb 15oz
5th. Mick duke.
Peg 12. 26lb 10oz
6th. Steve mclochlin.
Peg 22. 23lb 08oz

Open match.
Gold lake.
Wednesday 10th April
Once again a biting cold easterly wind for today’s match.
It certainly didn’t put all the fish off, the f1s shut up shop but the carp fed a bit.
Well done Ryan lidgard today on the warmest peg on the venue.
1st. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 26. 135lb 03oz
2nd. John Moore.
Peg 21. 96lb 07oz
3rd. Dennis lee.
Peg 23. 85lb 03oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver
9th April
A biting cold easterly wind cut through the guys who had it in their face today, but out of the wind it was glorious.
The fishing was generally decent considering and there were some nice fish caught.
1st. Ting aling
Peg 17. 72lb 03oz
Section 1. Mick duke.
Peg 13. 43lb 02oz
Section 2. Bill marsh.
Peg 21. 61lb 08oz
1st. Michael Baverstock
Peg 2. 81lb 04oz
Section 1. Barry lepley
Peg 17. 53lb 06oz
Section. 2. Stuart read.
Peg 21. 70lb 12oz.

Open match
Gold and Silver
Sunday 7th April
A very close match today and when I say close how does 1 oz feel
over on gold, Mark Rodger was stealing the show over on peg 23, and unbelievably I predicted the peg would produce. Mark fished a tidy match but the Chicken Dinner went to Carl Williams over on silver.
The fishing improved from yesterday somewhat and its showing signs of may I say “getting better”
Hopefully the fishing should be bang on for the 3 day easter festival, there’s still time to book on for this if you fancy a bash.
1st Carl Williams
peg 2S 103lb 03oz
2nd Mark Rodger
peg 23G 103lb 02oz
3rd Chris Mack
peg 27S 95lb 10oz
4th Darren Gowshall
peg 21S 71lb 12oz
5th Lewis Ringswood
Peg 12S 70lb
6th Dennis Lee
peg 7G 65lb 02oz

Open match
Canal and Ultimate
Sat 6th April
A strange day today, it looked ok but the fish didn’t feel that way. The cold wind was still killing it but a few managed to net a few.
Well done Charlie, you did well on a hard day.
1st Charlie Young
peg U7 72lb 15oz
2nd Steve Hutchinsoon
peg U9 63lb 03oz
3rd Paul Summers
peg U11 61lb 06oz
4th Dave Small
peg U3 50lb
5th Nathan Young
peg C12 49lb 09oz
6th Dennis Lee
peg C2 45lb 11oz

Open match.
Friday 5th April
Gold lake.
A very close match for the top 2 today. Adrian cobb just sneaked in front by ounces. Well done pal.
1st Adrian cobb
Peg 35. 69lb 13oz
2nd. Jimmy Leary.
Peg 20. 69lb 06oz
3rd. Chris graves
Peg 17. 48lb 09oz.

Pole qualifier/ open match
Thursday 4th April
Ultimate lake.
This cold weather is certainly slowing the fish down a bit.
I fished and drew peg 9, normally a good peg fishing down the right hand margin. Today! Not even a bite there.
I did catch a few early and late fishing 2 plus 2 the middle of the match was Barron.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 9. 63lb12oz
2nd. Dennis lee.
Peg 11. 46lb 12oz
3rd. Martyn Long
Peg 5. 40lb 13oz
4th. Frank Church
Peg 19. 35lb 04oz
5th. Paul Hart
Peg 21. 28lb 08oz
6th. Geoffrey Kelwick
Peg 13. 26lb 01oz.

Open match.
Silver lake.
Wed 3rd April
Sharp overnight frost knocked the fish off a bit.
Still the fish fed better than expected.
Well done Beany a good net of f1s.
1st. Beany.
Peg 5. 92lb 06oz
2nd. Simon Piggott
Peg 21. 86lb 04oz
3rd. Keith Easton.
Peg 27. 60lb 06oz
4th. Paul Hart.
Peg 32. 59lb 09oz
5th. Daniel Croft.
Peg 12. 56lb 11oz
6th. Ting ling
Peg 17. 46lb 11oz

Veterans open 2nd April
Gold lake.
A horrible day with heavy cold rain wind and generally not nice.
The fish felt the same as the fishermen and were not interested.
1st. Dave Blanchard
Peg 21. 31lb 02oz
2nd. John white.
Peg 17. 25lb 01oz
3rd. Mike bavestock
Peg 5. 24lb 15oz
4th. Barry Osborne
Peg 28. 23lb 02oz
5th. Kev Copley.
Peg 8. 19lb 07oz
6th. Mick Ellison.
Peg 26. 16lb 13oz