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2017 THANK YOU Match – Results

Wold View Fisheries had added £1000 to the pot for this Match as a small way of saying Thank You to all the fishermen who come and fish our lakes.

84 competitors fished Silver, Gold , Ultimate + Canal Lake.

Including pools money, that made a total of £2008 in overall prize money. The money was awarded by giving £200 for first place on each lake. An additional £200 for the overall winner and the rest paid out in pools.

Silver lake

1st – Marc Rodger 53lb peg 19

2nd – Carl Thompson 42.8lb peg 32

3rd – Carl Williams 36.8lb peg 33

4th – Jason Dunworth 22.8lb peg 24

Section wins

Nathan young 20lb peg 8 & Norman Hewiss 17lb peg 21


Gold lake

1st – Carl Braithewaite 36.12lb peg 19

2nd – Steve Credland 24lb peg 36

3rd – Dean Marshall 23lb peg 17

4th – Rob Andrews 22.4lb peg 35

Section wins

Colin Blendal 13.4lb peg 13 & Mick Dukes 19.8lb peg 37


Canal lake

1st – Andrew Stanley 27.8lb peg 22

2nd – Charlie Fox 26.8lb peg 2

3rd – Blythe Taylor 24lb peg 3

Section wins

Barry Osbourne 20.4lb peg 5 & Stuart Sykes 17.8lb peg 20


Ultimate lake

1st – Simon Gale 25.12lb peg 9

Joint 2nd – Owen Skipsey 24.8lb peg 12 & Richard Keridge peg 5

Section wins

Jeff Edwards 16lb peg 8 & Ryan Lidguard 23lb peg 15

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Wold View Winter League

This exciting Winter League will be played on alternate lake using Gold lake first and then Silver lake and so on.

The league is limited to 30 places. Based on 30 anglers prize money up to £600 will be split between the top three catches

There will be 13 matches in all – Your best 8 catches count towards your total.


Dates for matches

19th /26th





£20 entry for league

£20 Normal pools on the day. Again based on 30 anglers that means £360 possible pools prize for each match

Decided on Section points

If there is a tie there will be a count back on weight .

To book please contact Terry on : 07742220204

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