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April Open Match Update

  Veterans open Tuesday 30th April Gold and silver lakes. Another hard match let’s hope the weather warms up soon. Gold. 1st. Mick duke. Peg 8G. 58lb 02oz Section 1. Dave Blanchard Peg 11. 26lb 14oz Section 2. Clifford Thornhill Peg 16. 43lb 13oz Section 3. Dennis Walden Peg 22. 25lb 07oz Silver. 1st. Nev […]

March Results Update

Open match. Canal and ultimate Saturday 30th March. The sun was shining and it made everyone cheerful. Nice to be fishing in better conditions for a change. I drew peg 14 on canal, didn’t really fancy it and made a bit of a mess of it the first half but made amends the second half. […]

Results Update Febuary

  Wednesday open match Gold lake 27th feb. Another lovely day today for the second Wednesday open. I got talked into fishing it today and I’m glad I did really. When I drew peg 26, where no one wants to be, I was confident in catching a few fish and proving a point to a […]

Dec / Jan Results

Veterans open Silver lake 22nd jan. The veterans are a hardy bunch. Even the bad weather doesn’t keep them away. A hard match but still a few fish caught. 1st. Stu read. Peg 17. 28lb 02oz 2nd. Steve credland. Peg 19. 21lb 08oz 3rd. Kev Copley. Peg 20. 17lb 01oz. 4th. Barry Osborne Peg 35. […]

December Match Update

  Miracle Baits/wold view fur and feather match Sunday 23rd December With plenty of names booked on I decided to use all the lakes except bronze. The weather was horrendous, it absolutely bounced it down all night and continued all day. 2 inch of water went into the lakes overnight so it would have a […]

Results Update November

Veterans open silver lake Tue 27 Nov 18 fished The fishing is at its lowest at the moment and weights are well down. The match was close even though it was hard. Well done brian tuck on a well deserved win. 1st brian tuck Peg 19. 26lb 15oz 2nd. Stu read Peg 20. 19lb 11oz […]

Results Update October/November

Veterans open Gold lake 6th Nov 25 fished A hard day today on gold. But the hardy veterans still keep coming regardless Well done to stuart read on his win. 1. Stu read. Peg 9. 26lb 04oz 2nd. Mick Duke. Peg 21. 24lb 07oz Section winners. 1. Ken Wood. Peg 8. 13lb 07oz 2. Mick […]

Shayne Briggs Chairty Match

Shayne Briggs charity match. Sat 27th Oct Gold, silver and canal lakes. What a dreadful start to the day. Icy, bitterly cold northerly wind and heavy rain forecast. The draw took place over the 3 lakes and 47 brave souls battled the elements on what was the coldest October day for over a decade. Just […]

Results Update

Veterans open Tuesday 23 October Gold and silver lakes. I was planning on just using just gold lake today but when 32 turned up I had second thoughts It did fish extremely hard today but the very strong cold wind may have been to blame. We need the weather to settle now before the fish […]

Miracle Baits/wold View 2 Day festival 20/21 October

Miracle Baits/wold View 2 Day festival 20/21 October Well yet another successful festival. 36 anglers took part and were split over gold and silver. The Fishing was a bit slower than normal but that didn’t damper the spirits. Such a great bunch of guys and we had some good banter. It was a very tight […]

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