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Wold View December Match Results

Veterans open Silver lake 30th dec. Graham Ellis took the right approach today fishing for silvers on a very calm day. There were just a few carp caught but silvers saved the day. I paid 3 sections only today to make the match a bit fairer knowing it would be hard. Sec 1. Geoff Overton. […]

Wold View November Open Match Results

  Open match/veterans open. Silver lake. Sat 30th nov. A low turnout so I combined the 2 and did a rover and put them on silver. It fished very hard due to the heavy frosts this morning. Steve pretty was late just for a change so I had to pick him a peg. I think […]

Wold View October Open Match Results

  Veterans open Silver lake Tue 29th October A very hard match today with very little caught. What a great performance by graham Ellis though. He loves his silver fish and will just fish for these regardless just for an enjoyable days fishing. Today was one of those days where the plan worked. With 35lb […]

Wold View September Open Match Results

Open match Canal lake Sun 29th sept. Would you want to fish in this weather??? ☔️ 🌧 💨 🌬 I think not, and most anglers were in the same mind. Few and far today and there were just 4 who braved the elements for the open. You could almost see the water coming up on […]

Wold View August Open Match Results

pen match. Gold lake 31st August Well done Simon the master once again. 1st. Simon fields Peg 10. 90lb 10oz 2nd. Steve alderson Peg 37. 65lb 10oz 3rd. Russ Parsons. Peg 7. 58lb 08oz 4th. Lewis Ringwood Peg 24. 56lb 05oz 5th. Steve Watson. Peg19. 54lb 08oz 6th. Eric. Peg 9. 47lb 07oz Veterans open […]

July Open Match Results

Wednesday afternoon match. Gold lake 31st July. Torrential rain put a lot of anglers off today, but the ones that turned up enjoyed slightly better sport than of late. The rain put 4 inches of water in the lake today, that’s phenomenal for such a big lake. 1st. Ting a ling. peg 28. 129lb 08oz […]

June Open Match Results Update

Open match Sunday 30th June. Gold lake A good turnout for today’s match saw them battle it out on quite a breezy day. Ryan lidgard took the honours from peg 20 mainly shallow fish. 1st Ryan lidgard Peg 20. 145lb 2nd. Russ Parsons. Peg 25. 108lb 02oz 3rd. Mark Critcher. Peg 11. 103lb 02oz 4th. […]

May Open Match Results

  Pole qualifier Silver lake. 30th may. Knowing this would be the last time fishing for a while I decided to jump on it. Drawing peg 33 I was quite happy. With dozens of foul hooked fish lost, 3 elastics snapped and 10 rigs trashed it was a mare. 1st. Steve gregory Peg 33. 73lb […]

April Open Match Update

  Veterans open Tuesday 30th April Gold and silver lakes. Another hard match let’s hope the weather warms up soon. Gold. 1st. Mick duke. Peg 8G. 58lb 02oz Section 1. Dave Blanchard Peg 11. 26lb 14oz Section 2. Clifford Thornhill Peg 16. 43lb 13oz Section 3. Dennis Walden Peg 22. 25lb 07oz Silver. 1st. Nev […]

March Results Update

Open match. Canal and ultimate Saturday 30th March. The sun was shining and it made everyone cheerful. Nice to be fishing in better conditions for a change. I drew peg 14 on canal, didn’t really fancy it and made a bit of a mess of it the first half but made amends the second half. […]

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