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Wold View October Open match results

30/10/21 Saturday open match results- Gold 1 Graham Garrod 90.04 Peg 9 2 Andy saunby 88 02 Peg 26. Congratulations on your wins today lads and thanks to everyone who competed today. 29/10/21 Friday open match results- Gold 1-Stephen Hutchinson 125.3 peg 18 canal 2-josh Revell 83.4 gold peg 37 Congratulations on your wins today […]

Wold View September open match results

29/09/2021 Today’s open match results- 1-Matt Benwell 125.14 Peg 35 gold 2-Andy Saunby 94.6 Peg 22 gold Well done to the winners on today’s match. Thanks to all who competed too. Matt Benwell fished with dynamite baits/feeder land and wanted to let other anglers know how good it is and is worth giving it a […]

Wold View August Open Match Results

31/08/2021 Today’s veterans open match results silver/gold Section wins silver John Marsdon 75.9 peg 18 Colin Blendell 42.13 peg 2 Dave Daniels 51.12 peg 26 Dave Edwards 74.8 peg 37 Section win on Gold Tim Goldby 142.2 peg 8 Congratulations on your wins today and good weights. Thanks for a good turnout and thanks for […]

Wold View July Open Match Results

31/07/2021 Saturdays open match results Silver 1- Frank Church 181 lb 8oz Congratulations Frank on your win. Thanks to everyone who competed in this match. 30/07/2021 Yesterday’s open match results: gold 1- Andrew stone 261lb 13 Peg 21 2- Wayne Bell 124lb 15 Peg 9 Superb weights from gold lake – well done to all […]

Wold View June Open Match Results

. 30/06/2021 Today’s open match results- Silver 1-Carl Braithwaite 134.5 Peg 37 2-Stephen Hutchinson 131.8 Peg 27 3-Steve Westerman 128.7 Peg 18 Good weights coming out of silver today- congratulations to all the winners on today’s match. Thanks to everyone who competed – 5 anglers on today’s match weighed in with over 100lb. – so […]

Wold View May Open Match Results

31/05/2021 Today’s open match results Silver 1-Mark Rogers 279.5 Peg 17 2- Stephen Hutchinson 67.6 Peg 11 3-Kevin mcQuiston 55.2 Peg 7 Well done to the winners on today’s match and what a warm day it has been. Thanks to everyone who competed 30/05/2021 Today’s open match results Gold 1- Nathan Watson 176.14 Peg 17 […]

Wold View April Open Match Results

The final results for the top 3 pairs match tournament winners this weekend are:- 1- Simon Fields paired with Andy Geldart Combined weight: 290lb 5 2-Danny Bowskill paired with Tom Cawthorne Combined weight: 184lb 13 3-Alan Tuck paired with Anthony Baker Combined weight: 120lb 15 Well done to all the winners across these past two […]

Wold View October Open Match Results

Friday 30 Oct – open match Gold 1-Andy Bryant 82.10 Peg 32 2-Dean Marshall 69.4 Peg 18 3-Gary Hanstord 67.7 Peg 19 Congratulations to all the winners on this match and thanks for competing everyone. Saturday 31 October:- Silver 1-Steve Hutchinson 63.2 Peg 26 2-Graham Garrod 58.6 Peg 35 3-Norm 42.17 Peg 33 Well fished […]

Wold View September Open Matches

30/09/2020 open match results:- Gold lake 1-Steve Blanchard 127lb 11 Peg 19 2-Matt Bradley 71lb 15 Peg 36 Congratulations on today’s open match to the winners. Thanks to all who competed today. The weather was a mixed bag of rain and wind and a mixture of varying temperatures. I would like to take this opportunity […]

Wold View August Open Match Results

30/08/2020 Open match results:- Ultimate 1-Bill Shep 88lb 8 Peg 6 2-frank church 59lb 14 Peg 18 3-John Neller 40lb Peg 12 Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who competed. The weather wasn’t too bad for once – a happy medium which made fishing a bit more pleasurable. GOLD PEG UPDATE:- The gold […]