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15/11/2016 Open on Silver Lake

20 Fished. 1st Charlie Gerard 41.4lb Peg 33.bomb popped up bread loose fed 6m pellets . F1s. 2nd Trevor Brewitt 28.4lb Peg 17. 3rd Dave Ruffle 24.12lb Peg 35. Please follow and like us:

13/11/2016 Open winners Match, Gold and silver Lake

32 Fished Gold 1st Dave Mountford 47.4lb Peg 26.pole @ 14mtrs 6m expander over micro carp to 4lb. 2nd Ian Marshall 42.12lb Peg 16. 3rd Danny Croft 37.12lb Peg 11. Section Wins Ash Jackson 26.8lb Peg 9 Alex Ward 28.12lb Peg 35. Silver 1st Chris Mack 54.4lb Peg 20. Pole @ 13mtrs 4m expander over […]

08/11/2016 Veterans Open on Gold Lake

21 Fished 1st Ken Wood Peg 19 32.12lb. Bomb poped up bread loose fed 8mil pellet. 2nd Nev Fisher Peg 18 30.4lb. 3rd Charlie Gerrod Peg 36 27.12lb. Please follow and like us:

06/11/2016 Open on Gold Lake

10 Fished. 1st Mark Critcher 35.5lb Peg 17. Pole @ 11mtrs 6m banded over micro. Carp to 3lb. 2nd Jordan Mizer Peg 35. 3rd Chris Mack 17.4lb Peg 37. Please follow and like us:

05/11/2016 Open on Silver Lake

11 Fished 1st Simon Piggott 53.4lb. Peg 27. Bomb pellet cone 12inch pop up yellow pellet. F1s. 2nd Danny Croft 39.12lb Peg 21. 3rd Jordan Mizer 29.4lb Peg 31. Please follow and like us:

02/11/2016 Open on Silver Lake

13 fished. 1st Ryan Lidguard 75lb Peg 21.pole@ 13 mtrs 6m banded loose fed 6m. F1s+ carp. 2nd Paul Hart 65.4lb Peg 35. 3rd Graham Garrod 58.4lb Peg 36. Please follow and like us:

01/11/2016 Veterans Open on Silver Lake

23 Fished 1st Ken Wood 48.4lb Peg 35. Pole @ 8mtrs 6m banded loose fed 6m .f1s + stockies 2nd Trevor Thompson 40lb Peg 31 3rd Trevor Brewitt 33.4lb Peg 36 4th Steve Southern 22.12lb Peg 25 Section Wins Mick Ellison 14lb Peg 12 Nev Fisher 22.8lb Peg 21 Please follow and like us:

30/10/2016 Open on Gold Lake

20 Fished 1st Lee Popham 98.8lb Peg 19. Pole@ 13mtrs 6m banded over micro . Carp to 8lb. 2nd Mark Rogers 91.12lb Peg 21. 3rd Norman Hewiss 62.8lb Peg 17. Please follow and like us:

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