Dec / Jan Results

Veterans open
Silver lake
22nd jan.
The veterans are a hardy bunch. Even the bad weather doesn’t keep them away.
A hard match but still a few fish caught.
1st. Stu read.
Peg 17. 28lb 02oz
2nd. Steve credland.
Peg 19. 21lb 08oz
3rd. Kev Copley.
Peg 20. 17lb 01oz.
4th. Barry Osborne
Peg 35. 12lb
5th. John white.
Peg 21. 11lb.
6th. Trev brewitt
Peg 33. 7lb 07oz.

Open match
We are at an all time low now. The ice has taken its toll, bites are few and far between.
Still it’s winter fishing and we should expect it.
Just 1 section on gold and 2 on silver
1st. Bill sheppard
Peg 21S. 17lb.
2nd. Steve pretty
Peg 32S. 10lb 06oz
3rd. Jeff Marsh.
Peg 18S. 9lb 10oz.
4th. Beany.
Peg 30S. 7lb 08oz
5th. Kenny Kenyon.
Peg 36S. 6lb 05oz
6th. Kev drury.
Peg 10G. 5lb 08oz.

Open match.
Gold lake
Sat 19th jan.
At least it was ice free, but was it cold.
A real struggle as expected but Nathan young drawing peg 17 was buzzing. It’s won the last couple of opens so there were a few fish to be caught there.
He didn’t disappoint either, not a bad days fishing for the depths of winter.
1st. Nathan young.
Peg 17. 45lb 14oz
2nd. Dave ringwood.
Peg 35. 30lb 05oz
3rd. Bill sheppard
Peg 36. 20lb 15oz
4th. Ian Sadler
Peg 19. 14lb 12oz
5th. Paul summers.
Peg 20. 14lb 05oz
6th. Dave small.
Peg 18. 13lb 09oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 15th jan
A bit of a winters match today. Bites were few and far between but it fell down to the size that made all the difference.
One man that’s standing out recently is trev brewitt.
He seems to be doing it right and drawing well too. Today he found some good sized fish of gold peg 11.
Fishing bread on the bomb did the damage.
Over on ultimate things were a bit slower, a bit different from just a couple of weeks ago.
1st. Trev brewitt.
Peg 11. 52lb.
Section 1. Barry Osborne
Peg 10. 10lb.
Section 2. Graham Ellis
Peg 19. 23lb 03oz
1st. Mick duke.
Peg 17. 17lb 09oz
Section 1. Bill forrington
Peg 9. 13lb 12oz
Section 2. Paul Quinton.
Peg 15. 12lb 15oz.

Open match
Sunday 13th Jan
Silver and canal.
A very windy day, the temperature was higher than normal but it still felt cold in the strong wind.
We are starting to see quite a few new faces now, some are friends of mine that have moved over from rushfield. It may turn out to be a good year for matches on here this year.
I paid put winner and 2 sections on each lake today.
1st. Mick Allen
Peg 16. 26lb 15oz
Section 1. Paul Quinton.
Peg 21. 19lb 15oz
Section 2. Paul Summers
Peg 35. 19lb 07oz
1st. Adrian cobb
Peg 2. 38lb 15oz
Section 1. Kev drury.
Peg 6. 33lb 14oz
Section 2. David Ringwood
Peg 22. 35lb.

Winter league/open match
Saturday 12 jan.
gold and ultimate.
Split over 2 lakes, most fancied ultimate but I had suspicions gold would be better today and I was right.
Top honours went to Danny Croft today, mind you if he doesn’t draw one of those few pegs he might not know what to do.
But he got it right and held off the challenge from billy bagger sheppard
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg G17. 48lb.
2nd. William Sheppard
Peg G12. 43lb 08oz
3rd. Ian Sadler
Peg U15. 36lb 03oz
4th. Nathan young.
Peg U9. 35lb 15oz
5th. Ryan lidgard
Peg G19. 31lb 08oz
6th. Adam Swain
Peg U21. 29lb 11oz

Veterans open
8th jan
Gold and silver.
It’s not very often recently that you could say gold out fished silver, but today it happened.
Albeit a hard match there were still a few fish caught.
Today’s victor was stu read on peg 9 on gold. He didn’t fancy it at all but I told him he would get a few there and it put his mind at rest.
1st. Stu Read.
Peg 9. 31lb 11oz
Section 1. David Blanchard
Peg 11. 24lb 02oz
Section 2. Graham Ellis.
Peg 19. 16lb 08oz
1st. Trev Brewitt
Peg 32. 20lb 08oz
Section 1. Barry Osborne
Peg 20. 17lb 10oz
Section 2. John white.
Peg 30. 8lb 10oz.

Open match
Sunday 6th jan.
canal and ultimate
With a good turnout today we had to use 2 lakes.
Not knowing which lake would perform better I couldn’t pick the winning lake.
It turns out it was pretty even on the top 2 weights.
Ultimate had the edge and it was Ian sadler who took the honours over Chris Charles who was on canal.
It was a little patchy in places but only to be expected in winter. But with 31 anglers fishing the lakes were pretty full.
1st. Ian Sadler
Peg U8. 75lb 13oz
2nd. Chris Charles.
Peg C8. 72lb 06oz
3rd. Jeff marsh.
Peg U9. 42lb 03oz
4th. Steve pretty
Peg U11. 41lb 06oz
5th. Rob Thompson
Peg U14. 39lb 02oz
6th. Jonny James.
Peg U20. 33lb 09oz.

Saturday open
5th jan
It’s always a struggle on gold in the winter. All the fish ball up in the middle as far away from anglers as possible, probably because it’s so shallow.
But draw on them and you can catch a few.
Danny managed that today and made it look easy,
Well done mate.
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg 18. 71lb 13oz
2nd. William Sheppard
Peg 35. 50lb 01oz
3rd. David Ringwood
Peg 10. 32lb 08oz
4th. Brian peall
Peg 26. 20lb.
5th. Mark lidgard
Peg 17. 15lb 13oz
6th. Tony Booth
Peg 20. 14lb 08oz.

Veterans open
Silver lake
3rd jan.
A rock hard match where the water temperature dropped to under 5 degrees.
Cold cold water.
The guys struggled today but trev brewit managed a few off in form 21
To secure a well earned victory.
1st. Trev Brewit.
Peg 21. 26lb 10oz
2nd. Billy Collins.
Peg 30. 15lb 06oz
Section 1. Brian tuck.
Peg 20. 9lb 01oz
Section 2. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 35. 7lb 02oz

Open match
New Year’s Day 2019
Canal and ultimate
Putting these two in would split the match a bit with the outlook of it fishing hard.
A good choice as it did fish very hard, but we only have 3 months of winter left now.
1st. Mark Critcher
Peg 21U. 43lb 05oz
2nd. Ian Sadler
Peg 10U. 39lb 14oz
3rd. Jt. Nathan young.
3rd. Jt. Dennis lee.
Peg 6C. 4C. 33lb
5th. Matt Malia.
Peg 20C. 32lb 02oz
6th. Chris Mack
Peg 14C. 29lb.

Open match.
Saturday 29th dec
Ultimate lake.
After a bit of sorting out I decided to put the first match on here for a while.
A little bit more water and a few more fish seemed to work.
Next week will see the water to its top level and a lot more fish in it so should be back to its previous form.
Well done to the guys today it fished pretty well considering it’s winter.
1st. Paul hart
Peg 21. 73lb 02oz
2nd. Nathan young.
Peg 7. 65lb 02oz
3rd. Daniel Croft.
Peg 24. 60lb 01oz
4th. Ian sadler.
Peg 11. 46lb 15oz
5th. Richard Kinnersley
Peg 4. 46lb 11oz
6th. Steve pretty.
Peg 9. 32lb 10oz