December Match Update


Miracle Baits/wold view fur and feather match
Sunday 23rd December
With plenty of names booked on I decided to use all the lakes except bronze.
The weather was horrendous, it absolutely bounced it down all night and continued all day.
2 inch of water went into the lakes overnight so it would have a significant effect on the fishing.
How unfortunate it had to happen on this match.
The match was paid out in sections so everyone had a chance to pick some money up. There were also plenty of meat prizes to be won. 1 out of 3 anglers would win one.
Thanks to all who brought prizes for the raffle, we had some great gifts.
Like I said the fishing really suffered but surprisingly the lake we expected to struggle the most did quite well. (Ultimate)
The best weight came from island lake where Tracey (Craig) Benson netted lots of smaller carp.
Top weights from all the lakes.
David small
Peg 21. 52lb 14oz
Tracey Benson
Peg 6. 54lb 10oz
Jonny James.
Peg 6. 47lb 15oz
Pete Jubbs.
Peg 17. 20lb 03oz
Norman hewis
Peg 21. 29lb 06oz
Mark critcher.
Peg 2. 14lb 03oz

Winter league
Saturday 22nd Dec
Silver and canal.
With the weather a little bit better than of late at least it was more comfortable fishing conditions
Over on silver, Tony Booth was managing a few fish and keeping his fingers crossed on the golden peg.
Canal was fishing steady, it’s a transformed lake now and fish to be caught all around the lake.
Mark Critcher started off well and caught steadily throughout the match managing to win canal but the result pushed Tony booth out of the frame for the golden peg.
1st. Tony booth.
Peg 19. 39lb 01oz
2nd. Ian Sadler.
Peg 31. 26lb 12oz
3rd. Tracey Benson
Peg 21. 24lb 01oz
1st. Mark Critcher
Peg 19. 52lb 14oz
2nd. Mick Jennings
Peg 10. 37lb 13oz
3rd. Dennis Lee.
Peg 21. 29lb 15oz

Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 18th Dec
So cold, windy and showery today it wasn’t pleasant fishing.
At the draw billy Collins said it was his birthday and could I allow him to win please.
Well with no help from me he did it all himself. Fishing peg 21 on the bomb he took the honours and some scalps too.
1st. Billy Collins.
Peg 21. 28lb 02oz
2nd. Stu read.
Peg 36. 21lb 03oz
Section 1.
Bill marsh.
Peg 20. 13lb 14oz
Section 2.
Charlie Gerrard
Peg 31. 20lb 15oz.

Open match
Sun 16th Dec
All that freezing cold rain last night really hit the fishing hard.
Bites were few and far between and even the silvers didn’t want to play
It was down to frank church to show how it’s done.
Fishing bomb to the middle was the way to do it. The pole wasn’t working that well.
It was so cold wet and windy yesterday it was on the cards so let’s hope for a bit of settled weather before the fur and feather.
1st. Frank Church
Peg 20. 30lb 06oz
2nd. Ian Sadler
Peg 17. 16lb 05oz
3rd. Gaz burks.
Peg 35. 15lb 15oz

Veterans open.
Tuesday 11th Dec
This weeks Match was on silver.
It has started to struggle a bit with changeable weather and today was no different
There were quite a few on the lake and the ones that fished for silvers seemed to be the ones making the headlines
Well done to graham Ellis fishing whip to hand with maggot and caster.
1st. Graham Ellis.
Peg 20. 17lb 14oz
2nd. Tony booth.
Peg 35. 16lb 02oz
Section 1. Rob skellhorn
Peg 11. 10lb 04oz
Section 2. Trev brewitt.
Peg 18. 12lb 03oz
Section 3. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 36. 11lb 14oz.

Winter league
Saturday 8th Dec
Silver and canal.
Today’s match was held over silver and canal.
Most wanted to draw canal due to its current form.
However I drew silver and on a peg we’ve not used for ages due to its poor recent form.
Peg 14 is behind the island with no throw for the rod so very limited.
After spitting the dummy out I got to my peg and in the first 40 mins had about 4 tiny perch.
Switching over to expander pellet I soon got a few bites and had a few f1s and carp coming steadily.
At lunchtime Tony booth brought me some chips and fish so I had a break and a scrummy lunch.
Just after that things started to go pete tong and I struggled for the last 2 hours.
Over on canal the fish has shut up shop and bites were few and far between.
But on peg 13 (£200 golden peg) max Gibson was catching a few.
Most of the early pegs where the fish had been were struggling so it was game on for Max. Or was it??
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 14. 55lb.
Section 1. Mark lidgard.
Peg 16. 36lb 08oz
Section 2. Brian Tuck
Peg 35. 27lb 15oz
1st. Max Gibson
Peg 13. 32lb 13oz
Section 1. Brian peal.
Peg 1. 13lb 08oz
Section 2. Charlie Young.
Peg 10. 28lb 12oz

Veterans open
Tuesday 4th Dec
With the match on gold today we were expecting it to be a bit of a struggle. But john white managed to find plenty of the new f1s to make it count.
Using similar tactics on the pole was Paul Quinton who wasn’t that far behind.
1st John White
Peg 18. 44lb 07oz
2nd. Paul Quinton
Peg 19. 37lb 07oz
Section 1. Charlie Gerrard.
Peg 11. 15lb 10oz
Section 2. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 21. 10lb 12oz
Section 3. Steve credland
Peg 35. 16lb 09oz.

Open match
Sunday 2nd Dec
Canal lake
14 fished.
Numbers were down this week due to other winter leagues, but still not too bad turn out.
The weather was better than of late and quite mild but the influx of rain water made the fishing a bit slower than normal.
Having said that still decent for winter fishing.
How did we know it was winter? Well we had a visit from Santa.
1st. Steve pretty
Peg 19. 57lb 14oz
2nd. Steve smith.
Peg 9. 41lb 12oz
3rd. Norman hewis
Peg 13. 38lb 02oz
4th. John Holt.
Peg 1. 25lb 12oz
5th. Graham Phyphian
Peg 11. 23lb 01oz
6th. Gaz burks.
Peg 2. 20lb 07oz

Open match
Silver lake
Sat 1st Dec
Not a very good turnout today
However with not as many fishing it was a rover
Bill sheppard wasn’t disappointed as he chose peg 5.
Fishing 13m he had a few carp and f1s to secure a win just in front of Mark lidgard on peg 25/27. (He picked one and fished the other)
1st. William Sheppard
Peg 5. 50lb 01oz
2nd Mark Lidgard
Peg 25. 45lb 13oz
3rd. Norman hewis
Peg 35. 30lb 04oz
4th. Ian Sadler
Peg 32. 22lb 07oz
5th. Steve smith.
Peg 27. 21lb 13oz
6th. Paul Summers
Peg 20. 19lb 12oz