Fishing Rules

The only rules we have are to ensure fish safety and to ensure anglers enjoy their time with us.

Pleasure fishing pegs are always available but please check before starting to fish that the lake is not in use for a match.

Please help us by reading the rules carefully.

  • Up to size 10 Barbless hooks only.
  • No braided lines or hook lengths.
  • In matches a minimum of 2 keepnets must be used, 2lb and under in 1 net, 2lb and over in the other and a net limit of 50lb.
  • All feeders and bombs must be free running – no elasticated method feeders.
  • No dog/cat meat or meat balls.
  • No floating baits.
  • All fish to be returned to lake after the match.
  • All litter including tins to be removed from the grounds of the fishery.
  • Match anglers must lay out nets to dry and only put in the water 10 minutes before the start of the match.
  • Only 1 rod to be used unless agreed with the manager.
  • Maximum 16 elastic / Red Hydro.
  • ‘’Mugging Rules’’ All anglers must be sat on their box , no standing and float must be in the water a minimum of 8inches deep.
  • All pluming up must be done from your peg, no walking to the next peg etc.
  • When weighing in do not roll fish down the net.

Thank you for respecting the health of our fish.

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