Fishing Rules

Fishing Matches

Wold View Fisheries have very few rules, and the only rules we have are to ensure fish safety and anglers enjoy their time with us.  So you can concentrate on your match and not have to worry about complicated rules!

Wold View Fisheries Match Rules
Please help us by reading the rules carefully.

Match Rules as follows:

  • Barbless hooks only
  • No braided lines or hook lengths
  • 2 keepnets must be used at all times
  • All feeders and bombs must be free running
  • No dog or cat meat
  • No feeding halibut or high oil content pellets
  • No floating baits
  • All fish to be returned to lake after the match
  • All litter including tins to be removed from the grounds of the fishery
  • Can all anglers (match and pleasure) please lay out there keep nets as soon as they get to their pegs . This is important as there is a carp virus at some fisheries and we want to avoid it here at Wold View.
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