July Open Match Results

Wednesday afternoon match.
Gold lake
31st July.
Torrential rain put a lot of anglers off today, but the ones that turned up enjoyed slightly better sport than of late.
The rain put 4 inches of water in the lake today, that’s phenomenal for such a big lake.
1st. Ting a ling.
peg 28. 129lb 08oz
2nd. Jeff Holmes.
Peg 20. 126lb 15oz
3rd. Mark lidgard.
Peg 4. 123lb 04oz.

Veterans open.
Gold and silver
30th July.
A very tight match, well done Dave Blanchard.
1st. Dave Blanchard.
Peg G7. 76lb 12oz
2nd. Tony burman.
Peg S18. 75lb 14oz
Section 1. Dave renshaw.
Peg G4. 35lb 11oz
Section 2. Paul Quinton
Peg G28. 67lb 09oz
Section 1. Ken dannatt
Peg S13. 71lb 12oz
Silver is starting to steady up a bit now and albeit weight still quite low, they are close. Just waiting for gold to kick in.

Open match
Ultimate lake
Sunday 28th July.
Cold and damp again today, please bring back the sunshine.
1st. Steve Watson.
Peg 9. 66lb 10oz
2nd. Nathan young.
Peg 8. 61lb 03oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 22. 58lb 03oz
4th. Shaun moss.
Peg 24. 42lb 07oz
5th. Josh guest.
Peg 12. 40lb 01oz
6th. Dave small.
Peg 7. 39lb 14oz.

Open match.
Sat 27th July
Silver and canal.
Torrential rain killed sport along with a sudden drop of temperatures. Half what it was yesterday.
It was a hard match but still fishing is all about working it out.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 5S. 83lb 07oz
2nd. Graham garrod.
Peg 31S. 80lb 14oz
3rd. Dave Coleman
Peg 33S. 76lb 05oz
4th. Martin Steele
Peg 14C. 67lb 11oz
5th. Keith Birkett
Peg 17S. 60lb 02oz
6th. Steven Wilton.
Peg 5C. 59lb 07oz

Open match
Silver lake
Friday 26th July.
With a decent turn out today I was hoping for some better weights. It wasn’t too bad I suppose but no where near what it should be.
Well done to the lads from stoke who were fishing it blind. They should have a better idea for tomorrow now.
1st. Russ Parsons.
Peg 14. 114lb 04oz
2nd. Mick need.
Peg 31. 89lb 03oz
3rd. Ben handley
Peg 12. 83lb 05oz
4th. Graham handley.
Peg 33. 75lb 08oz
5th. Clint Williams
Peg 2. 71lb 01oz
6th. Mick Jennings
Peg 35. 70lb 07oz.

Wednesday evening match.
Gold lake
24th July
The fish are struggling a bit with the heat and low oxygen levels.
It was a slow match but still a few fish were caught.
1st. G. Hansford.
Peg 20. 104lb 02oz
2nd. Chipper.
Peg 17. 53lb 91oz
3rd. Ting aling.
Peg 13. 51lb 05oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver.
Tues 23rd July
Scorching weather was the order of the day and it was quite unbearable in some pegs without the breeze.
1st. Mick Jennings
Peg 2S. 109lb 07oz
2nd. Ting a ling.
peg 31S. 69lb 04oz
Section 1. Paul Quinton
Peg 6S. 48lb 06oz
Section 2. Graham Ellis
Peg 19S. 59lb 03oz
Section 3. Ken summersgill.
Peg 33S. 46lb 08oz
Section 1. Steve southern.
Peg 7G. 49lb 03oz
Section 2. Mike bavestock
Peg 20G. 63lb 02oz
Section 3. Kev Copley.
Peg 22G. 46lb 12oz.

Open match
Gold lake
Sun 21st July.
With a very good turnout on gold today we had pegs in we don’t normally use.
It’s still fishing quite hard on there so I knew a few would struggle.
That’s never the case for Simon fields however, this man is something else.
He not only blitzed the match but made it look easy.
It just shows that the fish are there to be caught if you do it right.
Well done master.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 4. 140lb 14oz
2nd. Shaun (Not on an end peg) moss.
Peg 10. 70lb 02oz
3rd. Ian sadler.
Peg 16. 66lb 11oz
4th. Janis Saldaks
Peg 7. 57lb 08oz
5th. Adrian cobb.
Peg 13. 48lb 05oz
6th. Bill sheppard
Peg 22. 45lb 08oz.

Open match.
Silver lake
Saturday 20th July.
Starting to get back to normal a bit now thankfully.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 2. 145lb 12oz
2nd. Mark lidgard
Peg 33. 136lb
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 21. 104lb 04oz
4th. Gaz burks.
Peg 27. 73lb 14oz
5th. Ting a ling.
peg 20. 63lb 14oz
6th. Keith Burkett.
Peg 10. 63lb 02oz

Friday open.
Silver lake.
19th July.
Well it fished a bit better today with the top 3 over a ton.
A close call but well done to Russ
1st. Russ Parsons
Peg 32. 160lb 03oz
2nd. Andy king.
Peg 20. 152lb 08oz
3rd. Rob skelhorn.
Peg 35. 100lb 02oz.

Feeder qualifier open match
Gold lake.
Thursday 18th July
Still struggling a bit for weights on there.
1st. Geoff Overton.
Peg 11. 57lb 04oz
2nd. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 7. 43lb 14oz.
3rd. Graham north.
Peg 5. 43lb 03oz.

Veterans open.
Tue 16th July
Gold and silver lake.
Another tight finish at the top. Paul Quinton is certainly getting to grips with the place now, but the Chris Phillips takes some stopping.
Overall top 2.
1st. Chris Phillips.
Peg 12G. 85lb 07oz
2nd. Paul Quinton
Peg 35S. 84lb 09oz
section 1. Nev Fisher.
Peg 7G. 52lb 14oz
Section 2. Mick Ellison.
Peg 20G. 45lb 06oz
Section 3. Barry Osborne
Peg 35G. 46lb 11oz
Section 1. Graham Barnard.
Peg 8S. 79lb 12oz
Section 2. Mike bavestock
Peg 18S. 75lb 03oz
Section 3. Graham Ellis.
Peg 27S. 67lb 15oz.

Open match
Sunday 14th July.
Silver lake.
There’s no stopping Macky when he draws a decent peg. Mick Jennings wasn’t too far behind on the golden peg either. Maybe next time Mick.
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 2. 133lb 12oz
2nd. Simon piggott.
Peg 17. 119lb 06oz
3rd. Mick Jennings.
Peg 25. 100lb 01oz
4th. Ian coulbeck
Peg 5. 77lb 13oz
5th. Steve pretty.
Peg 35. 74lb 14oz
6th. Graham garrod.
Peg 27. 73lb 07oz.

Open match.
Ultimate lake
Sat 13th July.
A pretty close match today.
1st. Kev drury.
Peg 11. 95lb 11oz
2nd. Nathan young.
Peg 6. 78lb 01oz
3rd. Chris Phillips
Peg 5. 75lb 12oz
4th. Daz prestland.
Peg 10. 72lb 14oz
5th. Mark lidgard
Peg 7. 71lb 09oz
6th. Graham garrod.
Peg 9. 54lb 06oz

Open match.
Bronze lake.
Friday12th July
Chris Phillips showed the regulars the way to do it today. Chris always does well when he stays here.
Today was no exception, he managed to steal the show once again.
1st. Chris Phillips
Peg 5. 145lb 04oz
2nd. Nathan young.
Peg 3. 82lb 14oz
3rd. Frank church.
Peg 11. 61lb 08oz.

Pole qualifier / open match.
Silver lake.
11th July.
Cream always rises to the top and today was no exception.
When Ryan drew peg 33, I thought he would do very well if not win it.
I wasn’t far wrong but he blitzed the field with stunning up in the water fishing.
1st. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 33. 209lb 01oz
2nd. Frank Church
Peg 36. 148lb 10oz
3rd. Steve miles.
Peg 21. 148lb 04oz
4th. Ivan Mitchell
Peg 25. 122lb 12oz
5th. Rob skelhorn.
Peg 19. 110lb 13oz
6th. Keith Easton.
Peg 14. 77lb 10oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 9th July.
Gold and bronze.
A very close call at the end saw the top 3 battle it out with just ounces between them.
Well done Quinny it was a close call but just enough.
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 3B. 66lb 08oz
2nd. Barry Osborne
Peg 11B. 66lb 07oz
1. Mick Ellison
Peg 1. 47lb 15oz
2. Ian whittles.
Peg 16. 47lb 15oz
1. Tony burman.
Peg 9. 62lb 03oz
2. Bill marsh.
Peg 19. 66lb 02oz
3. Ting ling.
peg 21. 38lb 09oz
4. Mike baverstock
Peg 37. 31lb 14oz.

Open match.
Canal lake.
Sun 7th July.
A very busy day today down here at wold view. Not seen as many anglers here before.
The open was again on canal for the second day running and the winning weight was almost identical to yesterday.
Well done mark Rodger on winning.
1st. Mark Rodger.
Peg 8. 105lb 09oz
2nd. Mark lidgard.
Peg 3. 90lb 03oz
3rd. Shaun moss.
Peg 2. 71lb 05oz
4th. Mick Jennings.
Peg 20. 54lb
5th. Ivan Mitchell
Peg 4. 47lb.
6th. Bill sheppard
Peg 11. 45lb 15oz.

Open match
Saturday 6th July.
Canal lake.
Well done Jason. Nice to get a win when your here on holiday in the lodges.
There were a lot of big fish lost today that could have changed the outcome but you can’t weigh lost fish.
1st. Jason smith.
Peg 5. 105lb 05oz
2nd. Dave small.
Peg 2. 73lb 04oz
3rd. Graham garrod
Peg 18. 67lb.
4th. Mark lidgard.
Peg 14. 58lb 12oz
5th. Steve pretty.
Peg 22. 52lb 96oz
6th. Paul newsham.
Peg 11. 48lb 05oz.

Open match.
Bronze lake.
Fri 5th July.
A very close match but weights low for the lake.
1st. Steve Watson.
Peg 5. 88lb 07oz
2nd. Mark lidgard
Peg 10. 87lb 06oz
3rd. Adrian cobb.
Peg 12. 86lb 07oz
4th. Tom Patricle
Peg 3. 75lb 11oz
5th. Ivan Mitchell
Peg 9. 63lb 06oz
6th. Trev stokes.
Peg 1. 56lb 11oz.

Feeder qualifier
Thursday. 4th July.
Silver lake.
Well done to lee and Dave Daniels for qualifying today.
1st. Lee braithwaite
Peg 33. 101lb 06oz
2nd. Simon piggott
Peg 12. 95lb 12oz
3rd. Dave Daniels.
Peg 21. 70lb 07oz

Veterans open
Tuesday 2nd July.
Silver and canal.
A change to using canal proved to be a good choice for some. It’s been rested quite a lot and needs anglers on it to improve.
Paul Quinton wasn’t disappointed on this well attended match, for his efforts which scooped him top spot off peg 12 canal albeit a low weight for on there.
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 12C. 71lb 07oz
2nd. J fellows.
Peg 9C 58lb 01oz
1C. Mick Allen.
Peg 5C. 33lb 13oz
2C andy green.
Peg 7C. 31lb 14oz
3C. M toole.
Peg 17C. 41lb
1S. Mick duke.
Peg 2S. 52lb.
2S. Kev Murphy.
Peg 17S. 53lb 04oz
3S. Barry Osborne
Peg 21S. 51lb 04oz
4S. Ken wood.
Peg 30S. 42lb 04oz.