Lodges & Hot Tubs in Lincolnshire

Hot Tubs at Wold View Fisheries

Hot Tubs at Wold View Fisheries

Hot Tubs

At Wold View we are very proud of the fact that all our lodges have hot tubs. Nothing better than sitting in the hot tub with a glass of wine after a hard day’s fishing on the lakes.

The tubs are cleaned and filled with fresh water ready for your arrival. That clear sparking water is irresistible in the sun. Each hot tub has user settings that can turn on water jets, outside lights and bubbles. The tubs are serviced regularly to make sure they are in working order for your visit.

Each tub can take 4 comfortably seated in the built in ergonomic seating. We provide towels in the lodges for the bathroom but please remember to bring your own towels for use around the tubs.

Our disability lodge with special wheelchair access has a hot tub. Our wheelchair friendly lodge has a ramp and wider doorways to accommodate easy use of a chair. The living quarters are also arranged slightly differently and there is a wetroom rather than a bathroom, again to make it easier for wheelchair use. Please enquire for more details of our allowances for disability access to the lakes and lodges. To find out more about our wheelchair friendly lodge please click here.