March Results Update

Open match.
Canal and ultimate
Saturday 30th March.
The sun was shining and it made everyone cheerful. Nice to be fishing in better conditions for a change.
I drew peg 14 on canal, didn’t really fancy it and made a bit of a mess of it the first half but made amends the second half.
Fishing the margins seemed to be a good idea, plenty of carp there but they didn’t want to feed. But switching to across later and fed it heavy the carp started to show.
Over on ultimate gaz burks was beginning to understand that the idea is to catch some fish. He did this well today and stole the show and a quid from me too.
Well done gaz.
1st. Gaz burks
Peg U11. 95lb 01oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg C14. 86lb
3rd. Scott Gollins
Peg U3. 73lb 02oz
4th. Simon Piggott
Peg U19. 69lb 09oz
5th. Martyn Long
Peg U5. 66lb.
6th. Kev Drury
Peg U9. 65lb 09oz

Thursday 28th March
Feeder only qualifier/open match. The first of the feeder only qualifiers today on gold lake.
A great turnout for the first one, let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.
It started off with warm sunshine but soon clouded over and a bitterly cold wind made most run for extra clothing.
There were fish topping all over the lake so they are starting to wake up now.
Today it was rather hard however, unless your name was Keith Easton.
Keith found plenty of f1s and kept a steady stream of them coming all day.
1st. Keith Easton
Peg 20. 63lb 14oz
2nd. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 11. 37lb 08oz
3rd. Sam smith.
Peg 35. 35lb 09oz
4th. Vince Ulliott
Peg 8. 35lb 05oz
5th. Dennis lee
Peg 16. 31lb 01oz
6th. Dave Daniels
Peg 10. 26lb 06oz.
Keith Easton and Dave Blanchard qualify today.

Open match.
Silver lake.
Wednesday 27th March.
1st. Ryan lidgard.
Peg S26. 116lb 10oz
2nd. Keith Easton.
Peg S36. 100lb 05oz
3rd. Mark Lidgard
Peg S17. 78lb 14oz
4th. Adrian cobb
Peg S31. 67lb 08oz
5th. Carl Williams
Peg S35. 59lb 09oz
6th. Stephen Westerman
Peg S5. 53lb 15oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 26th March
Gold and silver.
Well done ken summersgill, a feather in your cap beating bill marsh off the next peg.
1st. Ken summersgill
Peg S35. 56lb 10oz.
Section 1. Mick duke.
Peg S17. 46lb 03oz
Section 2. Bill marsh.
Peg S36. 41lb 05oz
1st. Dave Robinson
Peg G23. 36lb 04oz
Section 1. Mick Ellison.
Peg G12. 36lb 03oz
Section 2. Rob skelhorn.
Peg G20. 33lb.

Open match.
Silver and canal.
Sunday 24th march.
Another excellent turnout today for the open match.
We held it on silver and canal due to a club booking on gold.
Unfortunately the club did not turn up so they are now in the black book.
The weather was very windy and it was icy cold. This put the fish off a bit but we still had a few.
Well done to mark Rodger he romped home off peg S17 but he had quite a lot of room.
1st. Mark Rodger
Peg S17. 77lb 04oz
2nd. Garry Middleton
Peg S21. 64lb 06oz
3rd. Chris Mack.
Peg C3. 63lb.
4th. Shaun Moss
Peg S6. 54lb 04oz
5th. Mark Critcher
Peg S36. 54lb 01oz
6th. Lewis Ringwood
Peg C2. 53lb.

Open match.
Canal and ultimate
Saturday 23rd March.
With both canal and ultimate in it was set to be an interesting match.
For some reason it didn’t fish as well as expected. Ultimate had been fishing ok up to today and when mark lidgard drew ultimate 10 the peg that won Thursday he was off like a rocket. Mind you it was the £500 golden peg.
Unfortunately for mark dave small had other plans on ultimate.
Over on canal a big fish lost in the dying minutes of the match cost me a win but well done to Luke Morley showing the sceptics there are plenty of fish in those pegs.
1st. Luke Morley.
Peg 14C. 62lb 13oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 22C. 61lb 15oz.
3rd. David Small.
Peg 13U. 55lb 08oz
4th. Stuart Sykes.
Peg 11U. 48lb.
5th. Mick stamp.
Peg 9U. 44lb 08oz
6th. Mark Lidgard
Peg 10U. 40lb.

Open match.
Gold lake
Friday 22nd March.
The carp are starting to show slow but sure. The f1s are still making up the bulk of the weights though but things might change in the next couple of weeks.
Well done mark lidgard today.
I told you that you would win off that peg today.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 13. 79lb 10oz
2nd. Sam Clayton
Peg 21. 62lb 10oz
3rd. Paul Oglesbee
Peg 19. 61lb 04oz.

The first of the pole qualifiers/Thursday opens today.
Good turnout on ultimate
It didn’t fish quite as well as yesterday but still not bad weights, the top weight was better however and now the best weight this year.
The winner if registered goes through to the final later in the year, but I’m going to check what pegs I have available and if possible I may put the top 2 or even top 3 through. I will confirm this soon.
Well done to Karl Maddison today brilliant performance.
Well done Stephen Westerman 3rd and your a finalist.
1st. Karl Maddison
Peg 10. 124lb 05oz
2nd. Simon Curtis.
Peg 4. 66lb 02oz
3rd. Stephen Westerman
Peg 8. 61lb 06oz
4th. Frank Church
Peg 24. 56lb 14oz
5th. Max Gibson.
Peg 2. 45lb 13oz
6th. Chris Marshall
Peg 13. 41lb 97oz.

Open match
Wednesday 20th March.
Today was the first day of spring and yes it looked and felt like it too.
The match was booked for canal but I was asked if I would transfer it to ultimate now the snags had been cleared.
I know we have a pole qualifier and open on there tomorrow but this would if anything get the fish moving about a little.
The conditions were favourable and the fish decided to have a bit of a feed.
I’m glad to see that all my hard work is starting to pay off and I’m sure this lake will be so popular this year and there will be some big weights.
Today was a very close match, I’m just gutted I couldn’t fish it but I had to go for a scan. ☹️
Well done the man of the match frank church. He didn’t fancy the peg at the start but I think I put his mind to rest and he got his head down.
1st. Frank Church.
Peg 23. 110lb 12oz
2nd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 9. 95lb 02oz
3rd. Dennis lee.
Peg 7. 88lb 09oz
4th. Mike Newman
Peg 5. 76lb 05oz
5th. Ting a ling.
peg 12. 74lb 07oz
6th. Ian Marshall
Peg 1. 62lb 11oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver lakes
19th March
Evenly split over the 2 lakes and better weather things are sure to be improving.
It looked that way as many pegs were catching that have been slow recently.
Bill marsh finding his drawing arm and back on form drew peg 32 today. He took the honours and even though he was pestered by liners most of the day they eventually turned up.
Well done also to Paul Quinton over on gold. Someone who listens to advice.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 32. 56lb 11oz
Section 1. Nev Fisher.
Peg 12. 43lb 13oz
Section 2. Robin Skelhorn
Peg 21. 42lb 02oz
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 26. 52lb.
Section 1. Dave Robinson
Peg 18. 49lb 08oz
Section 2. John white.
Peg 22. 51lb 11oz.

Sunday 17th March.
Ultimate lake
This was the last round of the miracle baits winter league today.
I was asked to stand in for Paul Summers as he couldn’t fish.
He was leader at the top of the league and I was worried that i would let him down.
Fortunately for me I did ok and managed to net a few off peg 11.
It was a hard section with mark Critcher in peg 10 and Adrian cobb on 9.
All I can say is well done Paul summers on your victory in the league.
Today’s results first.
1st. Steve Gregory (aka) P. summers
Peg 11. 51lb 05oz
2nd. Mark Critcher
Peg 10. 45lb 01oz
3rd. Adrian cobb.
Peg 9. 43lb 06oz.
4th. Mick Jennings
Peg 1. 39lb 02oz.
5th. Al Wilson.
Peg 7. 33lb 11oz
Jt 6th. Tracey benson
Peg 3. 22lb 02oz
Jt 6th. Geoff Kelwick.
Peg 6. 22lb 02oz
Overall results.
1st. Paul summers. 11 points.
2nd. Dave small. 13 points.
3rd. Mark Critcher. 15 points
4th. Tracey benson. 16 points
5th. Shaun moss. 17 points.
6th. Mick Jennings. 20 points.
Well done to all the guys who fished this league. It started off at rushfield but after being shit on by the landowner they moved over to wold view to finish off.
A challenging but rewarding league.

Open match
Gold and silver
Sunday 17th March.
A decent turnout today with some after the golden peg I would guess.
It fished quite hard from recent form and the wind was biting cold.
It was still quite a fair match with weights similar over both lakes.
Ryan lidgard was on form off peg 5 silver taking the top spot but Chris Mack wasn’t too far away over on gold lake.
1st. Ryan lidgard
Peg 5S. 47lb 02oz
2nd. Chris Mack.
Peg 9G. 45lb 10oz.
3rd. Steve pretty
Peg 16S. 44lb 08oz
4th. Dean Marshall.
Peg 26G. 38lb 11oz
5th. Mark lidgard
Peg 18S. 34lb 02oz.
6th. Jeff Marsh.
Peg 16G. 33lb 12oz.

Saturday open
16th March.
Gold lake.
When will there be a let up in this strong wind.
It’s ruining the fishing and keeping a few away.
Today was on gold lake, the roadside was quite calm but the railway bank and split bank were horrendous.
Drawing peg 18 I thought it would be a good days fishing. But!! The wind made it impossible to fish the pole and I couldn’t even get bites on the tip. I was sat watching Ian sadler on 16 and Keith Birkett on 9 catching steadily all day.
It must have been almost an hour and half before I even got a bite. OUCH!!!!
I just had about 10 small f1s on the tip before deciding in the last hour to risk the pole, risk being the operative word with that wind.
I started catching almost straight away and clawed my way back.
10 minutes earlier would have seen me holding the 1st envelope but it wasn’t to be.
Keith Birkett drew on the golden peg was winning all the way round the lake. With almost £500 to win he was twitching a bit when my net came out, but he managed to beat mine by 4oz. It fell down to Ian sadler to save the golden peg this time, I feel gutted for Keith, a regular and nice bloke.
So the golden peg will continue for now, worth a dabble for anyone.

Open match
Friday 15th March.
Gold lake
Poor turnout again due to high winds but the weather improved throughout the day.
Plenty of f1s showing on pole and feeder with the odd carp too.
Well done to Craig Wynn on his first visit finishing 3rd.
1st. Steve Blanchard.
Peg 17. 58lb 02oz
2nd. Chris Marshall.
Peg 13. 53lb 04oz
3rd. Craig Wynn.
Peg 11. 36lb 10oz.

Open match
Wednesday 13th March.
Silver lake.
With gale force winds we moved the match to silver with some silly idea it would be more sheltered. How wrong can you be.
Before the start my top kits got blown in one sunk in 7 foot of water 8 foot out, I did manage to get it back however.
After struggling at 7m for an hour and half I surrendered and decided to just fish my top kit for skimmers.
They just kept coming and a good stamp too.
I did get a couple of small f1s and the odd ide but my small fish net went 50lb plus and I reckon 45lb were skimmers. That’s the best net of skimmers I’ve seen come out of there.
The bigger f1s turned up later and my bigger fish net went 60lb.
Just 3 carp that’s all, but I really enjoyed the days fishing, not bad for the conditions.
Well done to Stephen Hutchinson on his second place off peg 2. He fished long pole when he could and had a respectable catch.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 32. 111lb 02oz
2nd. Stephen Hutchinson.
Peg 2. 72lb 04oz
3rd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 6. 47lb 11oz.

Open match
Sunday 10th March.
Gold and silver.
I didn’t think it could have got any worse than yesterday’s weather.
Well! Think again.
It was horrendous. Heavy rain, gale force winds then followed by the addition of snow in the freezing cold wind.
You would think it would have totally knocked the fish off the feed. But surprisingly enough, a few fed and it turned out to be a cold but reasonable match.
1st. Mark lidgard.
Peg 19S. 78lb 01oz
2nd. Chris Mack.
Peg 5S. 50lb 09oz
3rd. Mike Newman.
35S. 50lb 04oz
4th. Steve pretty.
Peg 32S. 49lb 01oz.
5th. Jt. Shaun moss.
Peg 12S. 48lb 06oz
5th. Jt. Graham garrod.
Peg 21S. 48lb 06oz.
Best weight on gold was mark Critcher with 48lb 02oz off peg 35 (all small f1s).

Winter league final round/open match
Saturday 9th March.
Ultimate and silver.
I can honestly say that’s about the most wintery match we’ve had to date. No iced lakes but we had gale force freezing cold winds, hail stones and just about as bad as it gets.
Surprisingly enough it didn’t fish too bad. Even though at times it was almost impossible to hold a top kit never mind a long pole.
The anglers were split between ultimate and silver, some had more misfortune than others with the weather.
If it fished like this in these conditions, I’m expecting it to start to improve rapidly from now on.
I will put up the day results top and post the winter league results below.
1st. Nathan young.
Peg 7U. 75lb 07oz
2nd. Steve pretty.
Peg 35S. 61lb 11oz
3rd. Daniel Croft.
Peg 2U. 56lb 09oz
4th. Richard kerridge
Peg 9U. 50lb
5th. Steve Gregory
Peg 36S. 49lb 12oz
6th. Mark lidgard.
Peg 12S. 38lb 11oz.
The winter league results.
1st. Nathan young. 10 points (365)
2nd. Mark Critcher. 10 points (305)
3rd. Mark lidgard. 11 points.
4th. Steve pretty. 14 points
5th. Ian sadler. 15 points
6th. Dave ringwood. 16 points (246)
7th. Paul summers. 16 points. (179)
8th. Dave small. 17 points.
9th. Steve Gregory. 20 points
10th. Tracey benson. 21 points.

Open match.
Friday 9th March
Cold wet and windy not nice conditions today.
Still winter though.
1st. Steve Watson
Peg 16. 50lb 08oz
2nd. Keith Birkett
Peg 10. 42lb 12oz
3rd. Mark lidgard
Peg 18. 37lb 12oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 5th March
Gold and silver.
A very hard frost this morning but it finished quite sunny but cool.
I’ve started putting some pegs in we haven’t used for a while, but now there’s a few fish moving it’s ok.
One person to draw such a peg was Charlie Gerrard. Peg 28 has been a no go area for most anglers but trying to convince them it’s ok is har d work.
I put him right and he not only caught but managed a comfortable win too.
1st. Charlie Gerrard
Peg 28. 54lb 12oz
Section 1. Mick Allen.
Peg 11. 19lb 03oz
Section 2. Mike bavestock
Peg 37. 48lb 05oz
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 30. 34lb 10oz
Section 1. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 20. 32lb 12oz
Section 2. Ting aling
Peg 25. 31lb 12oz.

winter league. Ultimate lake.
Sunday 3rd March.
9th winter league wold view
With a storm on the way a few people shyed away but they were greeted with a fairly okay day with a bit of rain but the high winds stayed away till last 45 mins
1st David Small. 82lb 3oz peg 13
2nd Tracey Benson 51lb15oz peg 9
3rd Adrian Cobb 40lb 8oz peg 11
4th Shaun Moss. 40lb 5oz peg 3
5th Mark Critcher 38lb 8oz peg 24
6th Paul Summers 33lb 4oz peg 7

Open match.
Sunday 3rd March
Gold and silver.
What a change in weather. Cold wet windy and dark.
It wasn’t nice conditions for the guys today. But they got their heads down and caught a few fish.
Top gun today was the old drawbag Daniel Croft. Pegged on silver with loads of room, he made the best of it and scooped top spot once again.
1st. Daniel Croft.
Peg S10. 69lb 04oz
2nd. Lewis Ringwood
Peg G18. 52lb 07oz
3rd. Bill sheppard.
Peg G35. 48lb 03oz
4th. Chris Mack.
Peg G26. 40lb 07oz
5th. Mark lidgard
Peg G21. 40lb 02oz
6th. Luke Conlan
Peg G20. 38lb 02oz.

Open match.
Saturday 2nd March.
Ultimate and canal
A very windy and cool day saw the weights plummet from previous matches.
Ultimate fished better than canal today but the fancied pegs didn’t produce.
I fished today and really struggled with the wind so had to come short. Meanwhile Luke Morley had a cracking last hour to push his way through and take the honours.
1st. Luke Morley
Peg 23U. 77lb 10oz.
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 21U. 72lb 10oz
3rd. Steve Watson.
Peg 7 U. 42lb 14oz
4th. Billy Collins.
Peg 11U. 35lb 08oz
5th. Mark lidgard.
Peg 15C. 34lb 08oz
7th. Beany.
Peg 8C. 29lb 08oz.

Friday open
Silver lake.
1st March.
With fewer fishing this week they had plenty of space. Albeit a lot colder than the week before.
The fishing was slower than I thought but still reasonable weights.
Well done drawbag harty on your win.
1st. Paul Hart.
Peg 36. 88lb.
2nd. Andy saunby
Peg 5. 62lb 11oz
3rd. Mike Newman.
Peg 20. 58lb 01oz.