Miracle Baits/wold View 2 Day festival 20/21 October

Miracle Baits/wold View 2 Day festival 20/21 October
Well yet another successful festival.
36 anglers took part and were split over gold and silver.
The Fishing was a bit slower than normal but that didn’t damper the spirits.
Such a great bunch of guys and we had some good banter.
It was a very tight match at the end and a fish or two could have made all the difference in the end.
I paid out sections of 6, this would also be the sections for points and then the top 4 overall.
I will try and get a bit of sponsorship for next years event and hopefully boost the numbers Fishing.
Well done all that fished and especially to the guys who framed.
1. Mark Rodger. 15. 61-01
2. Dave ringwood. 19. 57-03
3. Rich kerridge. 36. 54-03
1. Charlie young. 5. 64-07
2. John lavender. 19. 48-00
3. Simon gale. 27. 75-10
1. Max Gibson. 10. 45-09
2. Gary hansford. 21. 61-01
3. Stuart Sykes. 36. 51-04
1. Jonny James. 5. 64-13
2. Bill sheppard. 22. 96-06
3. Mark Rodger. 37. 69-10
1st. Mark Rodger.
2 points. 130lb 11oz
2nd. Jonny James.
3 points. 115lb 14oz
3rd. John lavender.
3 points. 94lb 02oz
4th. Max Gibson.
3 points. 92lb 06oz
5th. William Sheppard
4 points. 126lb
6th. Richard kerridge.
4 points. 107lb 06oz
7th. Tony wood.
4 points. 85lb 08oz
8th. David Ringwood
4 points. 80lb 06oz.
9th. Steve Gregory
5 points. 107lb 01oz
10th. Gary handsforth
5 points. 87lb 01oz.
I didn’t win much but taking a £1 off gaz burks was worth the hard work.