Results Update

Open Match
Silver lake
Sunday 3rd June
A good turn out for the open today on silver.
Flat calm muggy conditions made the Fishing a bit of a struggle but Ryan lidgard made the most of his peg. Fishing tight to the island on pole he almost did the damage if it wasn’t for the mackster on peg 36 sneaking another Match win.
1st. Chris mack.
Peg 36. 109lb 05oz
2nd. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 15. 89lb 02oz
3rd. Gaz Burks
Peg 13. 57lb 04oz
4th. Simon fields.
Peg 11. 54lb 02oz
5th. Paul may.
Peg 2. 49lb.
6th. Mark critcher.
Peg 30. 46lb 09oz