Results Update 253

Afternoon Match.
Gold lake.
Wed 6th June.
13 turned up today to battle it out on Gold.
It fished strange but signs of it picking a little. Let’s hope it warms up soon and the fish will finish spawning and get back to normal.
1st. Andy Clark.
Peg 12. 121lb 08oz
2nd. Carl braithwaite.
Peg 18. 106lb 02oz
3rd. Simon piggott.
Peg 31. 101lb 07oz
I think we will try silver next Wednesday that should throw some weights up.Veterans Open Match


5th June
Gold lake.
27 fished
All that heavy rain took its toll. The water was up 2 inches and coloured.
It had a big effect on the weights, let’s hope it picks up for today’s afternoon open.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 36. 42lb 02oz
2nd. Dave Over
Peg 19. 37lb 11oz
3rd. Mick Allen.
Peg 35. 37lb 07oz
4th. Barry Osborne
Peg 10. 33lb 09oz
5th. Paul Quinton
Peg 25. 33lb 01oz
6th. Steve southern
Peg 20. 32lb 01oz