Results Update

Open Match.
Silver lake.
Sunday 10 June.
23 fished
When Carl Williams drew golden peg 35 today. It was always going to be in danger. Well that’s if he could keep himself out of the water that is.
But with the Lakes Fishing quite hard at the moment anything could happen.
But he didn’t disappoint and secured a well deserved victory and an extra packet at the end.
1st. Carl Williams
Peg 35. 109lb 04oz
2nd. Simon fields.
Peg 20. 86lb 14oz
3rd. Bill sheppard.
Peg 13. 78lb
4th. Lee popham
Peg 28. 72lb 01oz
5th. Lewis ringwood
Peg 21. 63lb 12oz
6th. Gaz Burks
Peg 35. 59lb 02oz
Please book on for next week
Next Saturday is on silver
Next Sunday on ruby due to all Lakes booked for club matches.
I will make room for residents and day tickets on some of the Lakes.