Results Update 255

Sunday Open Match
17th June
I can’t understand why a lot of the guys don’t like this Lake.
I think it’s superb and will definitely be one to watch out for soon.
There are so many carp in here and when all the stockies grow it will be amazing.
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg 2. 86lb 07oz
2nd. Nathan young
Peg 6. 78lb 15oz
3rd. Gaz Burks.
Peg 21. 74lb 12oz
4th. Norman hewis
Peg 15. 58lb 10oz
5th. Dennis Lee
Peg 17. 57lb
6th. Mike hosgood
Peg 8. 40lb 11oz.

Friday open
Silver lake
16th June.
Sorry for the late report. I was a bit busy yesterday.
A hard match this one with weights down from the previous day. Strong cold winds didn’t help.
But, ryan lidgard found a few bonus fish late on in the margins to secure victory
1st Ryan Lidgard
Peg 12. 83lb 01oz
2nd. Simon fields
Peg 15. 75lb 13oz
3rd. Simon piggott
Peg 35. 74lb 02oz
4th. Chris mack.
Peg 33. 69lb 15oz.
5th. Ian Sadler.
Peg 5. 66lb 10oz
6th. Lewis ringwood.
Peg 28. 64lb 15oz.

Open Match
silver lake
15th June.
Steve miles paid me a visit today and fished the Open Match.
He still has the hand of Madonna, drawing peg 5. Having said that with little knowledge of the place and a few wise words he was on the ball and took full advantage of the peg.
They all said it was a bit slow but it got better later on. Mind you these weights are all f1s so make your own minds up, top 5 all over a ton.
1st. Steve miles.
Peg 5. 146lb 12oz
2nd. Chris mack.
Peg 27. 117lb 04oz
3rd. Paul hart.
Peg 16. 115lb 05oz.
Don’t forget tomorrow’s match is on silver again so book on if you can.
Sundays Match is on canal, this has been fishing really well the last couple of weeks.
Just one more thing.
My philosophy on weights of fish on nets.
50lb is enough and what I would prefer to see. It’s not a big ask to respect the fish. I will not be hard and fast on this but I don’t want to see any more than 70lb in a net

Wednesday open.
13th June.
Silver lake.
The Carp didn’t feed once again but there were signs of spawning on Gold so let’s hope they will get on with it.
However the f1s had a bit of a go and it fell to Jonny James to show them how it’s done.
1st Jonny James.
Peg 16. 129lb.
2nd. Andy saunby.
Peg 12. 118lb 11oz
3rd. Jamie Whitman.
Peg 25. 107lb 04oz.
Good f1 Fishing if nothing else.

Silver Lake 12 June
32 fished
With 32 fishing today another record attendance, there were not many free pegs on the lake. It didn’t put these guys off and never does.
I wish all match anglers were as easily pleased and in good spirit.
I decided to pay top 3 and 4 sections today which gives everyone a chance at a bite of the cherry.
It was down to the wire at the end for the first 2 but Dave Over managed to clinch a victory over Pip by a fish.
1st Dave Over.
Peg 19. 64lb 10oz
2nd. Philip Anderson .
27. 60lb
3rd. Trev Thompson
Peg 2. 48lb 06oz
4th. John Hood.
Peg 32. 47lb 02oz
5th. Mick Ellison.
Peg 17. 42lb 03oz
6th. Bill Marsh.
Peg 7. 40lb 07oz