Results Update 256

Wednesday open
Silver lake
20th June
A switch from gold to silver gave the guys a few hours sport on the f1s
Simon piggott said there were too many fish in his peg and made a bit of a cock up on the day Fishing too many lines.
Andy saunby broke his pole too, so it was like a comedy of errors
1st Simon piggott.
Peg 26. 120lb 06oz
2nd. Paul hart.
Peg 10. 99lb 15oz
3rd. Andy saunby.
Peg 16. 83lb 04oz.


Veterans Open Match.
Tuesday 19th June
Gold lake.
32 fished.
Hit and miss today. The Carp are ready to spawn so I’ve took the initiative to move tomorrow’s match onto silver.
A few fish caught today late on but quite a lot of foul hooked fish from the margins, hence the move.
The road bank fished the best and kenny summersgill banked the top prize.
1st. Kenny Summersgill.
Peg 7. 81lb 15oz
2nd. Bill marsh.
Peg 17. 64lb 14oz
3rd. Graham Ellis.
Peg 4. 54lb 08oz
4th. Mick Allen.
Peg 11. 46lb 09oz
5th. Paul Quinton
Peg 2. 44lb 10oz.
6th. Tony Birman
Peg 22. 43lb.