Results Update


Veterans Open Match.
26th June.
Gold and silver
I spilt the vets match over gold and silver today to hopefully make it a better match.
I think it worked ok and although the Carp are not feeding properly a few got caught having a bit of room on the Lakes.
A red hot day with blistering heat is not the ideal weather but I’m not complaining about the summer.
Silver lake.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 5. 92lb 03oz
2nd. Mick Elson.
18. 65lb 11oz
3rd. John hood.
Peg 12. 61lb 08oz.
Gold lake.
1st. Kenny summersgill
Peg 24. 89lb 14oz
2nd. Trev brewitt
Peg 6. 58lb 06oz
3rd. Barry Osborne
Peg 20. 45lb 07oz.
If you fancy Fishing the veterans Match why not pop down or give me a call. You must be over 60 to qualify however.

Sunday open.
Canal lake
24th June.
Welcome to summer. Eventually
Well the sun shone it was scorching and not the best conditions but still a few fish had a play.
Well done Richard kerridge on a great performance
1st Richard kerridge.
Peg 3. 102lb 15oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 21. 64lb 12oz
3rd. Keith Easton.
Peg 19. 63lb09oz
4th. Norman hewis
Peg 22. 55lb 04oz
5th. Ian sadler.
Peg 9. 46lb 15oz
6th. Jamie coppock.
Peg 14. 44lb 13oz.


Saturday open Match.
23rd June.
Ultimate lake.
19 fished.
We half expected it to be slow with the fish just cruising round in pairs. It was to be honest but there were a few fish caught.
It was nice to see some of my old buddies turn up from my old club and great to catch up.
There was no mistaking who was the king today. Chris mack takes some stopping on any lake but he always does well on here.
Again the victor.
1st chris mack.
Peg 7. 94lb 08oz
2nd. Nathan Young
Peg 10. 58lb 04oz
3rd. Gaz burks
Peg 8. 54lb 09oz
4th. Dennis lee.
Peg 25. 33lb 12 oz
5th. Jonny James.
Peg 5. 32lb 11oz
6th. Alan kitson
Peg 13. 22lb 11oz.