Results Update

Open Match
Sunday 1st July
Canal lake.
The open today was on canal lake.
With 2 local clubs Fishing, a lot of the Open lads were members of them so our numbers were down.
Another blistering hot day, and Fishing not at its best
But Ian Marshall found a few nice fish to secure a victory
1st. Ian Marshall
Peg 7. 57lb 06oz
2nd. Kev drury.
Peg 3. 57lb 02oz
3rd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 1. 53lb 06oz
4th. Mark Critcher
Peg 15. 53lb 02oz
5th. Gaz burks
Peg 5. 49lb 14oz
6th. Bill Burnett.
Peg 11. 42lb 06oz.
Next Saturday is on canal
Next Sunday is on ultimate
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Open match
Silver Lake
30th June
Todays open was again on Silver, it didn’t fish quite as well as fridays match but all the same quite a good match.
I predicted peg 14 to win today with Simon Fields sat on it. I wasn’t far wrong either but Chris mack made it hard going for him with just a pound separating the two at the end.
1st Simon Fields
peg 14. 148lb 02oz
2nd. Chris Mack
peg 35. 147lb 02oz
3rd. Dennis Vause
peg 32. 125lb 15oz
4th. Gaz Burks
peg 20. 93lb 11oz
5th. Bill Sheppard
peg 18. 79lb
6th. Wayne Turner.
peg 6. 64lb 01oz


Friday open
Silver lake
29th June.
Some might say that it’s better the Carp are not feeding.
It’s certainly let the f1s have a proper go this last couple of weeks.
Today it was chris Macks turn to plunder what is now becoming the new ”in peg” 6
Fishing shallow towards the lillies to his right he only got the smaller stamp f1s but plenty of them.
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 6. 237lb 04oz
2nd. Keith Easton
Peg 32. 154lb 06oz
3rd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 14. 144lb 07oz.
That’s proper Fishing in my books.

Wednesday open
27th June.
Silver lake.
Still no signs of spawning but who cares when the f1s feed like this.
I put peg 6 in as a trial, it’s not usually pegged on matches but it certainly worked a treat.
There were good weights all around the lake and all the top 6 were over a ton.
1st. Steve westerman.
Peg 6. 154lb 11oz
2nd. Jonny James.
Peg 32. 145lb 11oz
3rd. Simon piggott.
Peg 14. 144lb 15oz
4th. Keith Easton.
Peg 30. 115lb 02oz
5th. Paul hart
Peg 37. 108lb 04oz
6th. Gibbo.
Peg 18. 107lb 04oz
Friday afternoon Match is on silver. Get down for some good sport, draw at 1 fish 2-8
Just like to congratulate Ryan lidgard on his qualifying for Fisho at Lindholme today.