Results Update


Open Match
Gold lake
Friday 13th july
Gold Lake has now started to pick up a little and the weights show that.
Resident holiday maker chris Phillips is always on the ball and after 2 hours without anything at all he let them know who was boss.
1st. Chris Phillips
Peg 21. 205lb
2nd. Martin young.
Peg 12. 136lb 12oz
3rd. Carl braithwaite
Peg 19. 106lb 12oz
4th. Richard kerridge
Peg 10. 96lb 11oz
5th. Chris Marshall.
Peg 26. 91lb 93oz
6th. Andy saunby
Peg 17. 73lb 08oz.

Open Match
Silver lake
11th july
Poor turnout today due to football but the fish didn’t mind.
Adam Swain fished a cracking match off peg 14 to secure a win and a great weight too.
1st. Adam Swain
Peg 14. 204lb 01oz
2nd. Simon piggott.
Peg 32. 176lb 11oz
3rd. Carl braithwaite
Peg 35. 102lb.

Veterans open
Gold and silver lakes
10th july.
A cool start to the day but temperatures got better as the day progressed.
It was gold that threw up the more consistent weights today. That’s a good sign that the fish are starting to have a feed at last.
1st. Nev Fisher.
Peg 19. 121lb 09oz
2nd. Gez.
Peg 21. 73lb 01oz
Section 1. Graham tuxworth.
Peg 12. 69lb 13oz
Section 2. Alan Mallkin.
Peg 37. 60lb 14oz
1st. Chris Phillips
Peg 27. 99lb 09oz
2nd. Trev brewitt
Peg 12. 53lb 14oz
Section 1. Mick Ellison.
Peg 5. 49lb 01oz
Section 2. Bill marsh.
Peg 37. 45lb 13oz.

Sunday open
Ultimate lake
8th july.
A very hard match today leaving guys getting sunburnt rather than bagging.
The guy who made it count was bill sheppard. Fishing mainly margins he managed to scrape a few in between watching our resident swimmer Barry Osborne retrieving his pole once again.
1st. Bill Sheppard
Peg 12. 71lb 10oz
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 8. 67lb 03oz
3rd. Glen Hansyz
Peg 13. 54lb 09oz
4th. Dean Marshall
Peg 7. 43lb 04oz
5th. Norman hewis
Peg 9. 37lb 25oz
6th. Barry Osborne
Peg 6. 21lb 06oz

Saturday open.
Canal lake
8th july
With it being very quiet due to the football, I decided to have a go at the Match.
I’ve never fished canal before and I’m totally loving it.
What a Great Lake it is. Loads of big fish in there.
I wasn’t prepared for it and all my rigs and gear wasn’t really up to the job. This caused me some pain and lots of trashed rigs and hooks gone.
They are animals in there, but be assured I won’t make that mistake again.
I must have lost as many as I landed and some huge fish too.
Well done rich on your win today the conditions were far from perfect being scorching and flat calm.
1st. Richard kerridge
Peg 11. 112lb 11oz
2nd. Jt. Steve Gregory
Peg 18. 76lb 04oz
2nd. Jt. Steve Conlan
Peg 5. 76lb 04oz.
Looking forward to fishing on there again soon.

Open Match.
Silver lake
6th July.
Blistering heat once again and with water temperature really high it’s getting a bit worrying for the fish.
However they seem to be still feeding quite well.
Simon piggott thought he may have been in with a chance today at the weigh in but the mackster had other plans.
1st chris mack.
Peg 21. 221lb 15oz
2nd. Simon piggott.
Peg 26. 168lb 02oz
3rd. Andy saunby.
Peg 35. 129lb 15oz
All good back up weights too.
Just part of the top 2 weights

Wednesday Open Match
Gold lake
4th July.
I decided to fish my first match since taking over here.
I started really well catching a few nice Carp.
That was before we had a problem.
And old guy with dementia was walking his dog and went missing. We had the police with drones off road vehicles etc.
Loads of fishermen and women and guests in the lodge were helping out to try and find him.
I had an hour and half driving miles looking for him to no avail.
The police told us to leave it to them so I eventually went back to my Fishing and unfortunately though I was probably well ahead before I stopped they had disappeared when I returned.
Unfortunate but needs must.
The old guy was found some 4 hours later in some bushes near the equestrian centre dazed and confused but was generally ok.
As for the Fishing, after missing an hour and half I managed to get 4th but just under 11lb behind second so was quite pleased.
There was no stopping recent miracle Baits signing Jonny James who moved to us from Burt Baits the other day.
Jonny fished a very tidy match with plenty to spare at the weigh in.
1st Jonny James.
Peg 8. 165lb 08oz
2nd. Dave small
Peg 26. 96lb 07oz
3rd. Carl braithwaite.
Peg 11. 94lb 10oz.

Veterans Open Match
Tuesday 3rd July
Gold and silver lake.
With 28 here today I deciddd to use both Lakes again as it seemed to work last time.
Again I think it proved popular (for 99.99%) of the anglers.
It fished pretty hard but very fair and the weights were close on both Lakes.
Well done to all the guys that framed today.
Gold lake.
1st. Graham eblet
Peg 10 87lb 15oz
2nd. Tony burman
Peg 12. 66lb 15oz
Section 1. Dave Over.
Peg 4. 46lb 04oz
Section 2. Cliff thornhill
Peg 15. 64lb 11oz
Section 3. Kev Murphy
Peg 35. 64lb 11oz
Silver lake.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 32. 75lb 10oz
2nd. Tiny booth
Peg 2. 65lb 06oz
Section 1. Barry Osborne
Peg 6. 53lb 04oz
Section 2. Ken summersgill
Peg 22. 48lb 08oz
Section 3. Paul Quinton.
Peg 35. 53lb 08oz.