Results Update

Saturday open
Gold lake
21st july
With what like seemed all the Carp on the surface today
It was always going to be a struggle.
Well that’s apart from if your name is Simon fields.
The lad is just amazing and finds fish wherever he fishes.
1st. Simon fields
Peg 26. 184lb 03oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 6. 80lb
3rd. Richard kerridge
Peg 2. 72lb 04oz
4th. Dennis lee.
Peg 4. 66lb 03oz
5th. Norman hewis.
Peg 21. 59lb 04oz
6th. Graham saynor.
Peg 10. 58lb 01oz
Open Match.
Gold lake.
18th July
I had a go today just to try a method but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.
Having said that I was probably sat in the worst area on the lake. Jonny James would verify that too.
I switched to paste in the last hour and caught a few lumps which got me out of jail a bit. Maybe a switch earlier may have made all the difference.
There was a battle the other side of the lake between dean Marshall and Carl braithwaite but dean took the bragging rights.
1st. Dean Marshall
Peg 17. 159lb 08oz
2nd. Carl braithwaite
Peg 6. 141lb 03oz
3rd. Steve westerman
Peg 2. 100lb 09oz
4th. Tony booth
Peg 8. 98lb 12oz
5th. Steve Gregory
Peg 27. 81lb 01oz
6th. Nick tullock
Peg 4. 75lb 05oz
Veterans Open
Tuesday 17th July.
Gold and silver Lakes.
With just a few less this week they had plenty of room just 13 on each lake.
I had a few comments saying how fair the pegging was and how they appreciated how I was running it. It’s always nice to feel appreciated.
The water temperature dropped 3 degrees overnight with the rain we had and I wasn’t sure how it would effect the fishing.
The bigger fish really didn’t feed but plenty of smaller ones had a go. A fair Match Over the 2 Lakes once again.
Over on silver, drawbag bill marsh picked up once again, it’s getting a bit regular now.
On gold mike baverstock took the honours with hardly weight difference
1st. Mike baverstock.
Peg 8. 93lb 01oz
2nd. Ken woods.
Peg 24. 73lb 12oz.
Section 1.
Dave Over.
Peg 4. 60lb 10oz
Section 2.
Graham Ellis.
Peg 17. 62lb 15oz
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 22. 92lb 12oz
2nd. Nev Fisher
Peg 27. 90lb 08oz
Section 1.
Mick Ellison.
Peg 17. 89lb.
Section 2.
Stuart read.
Peg 31. 71lb 06oz
Open Match
Gold Lake
Sunday 15th July
A switch back to gold for the Sunday Open.
A slow start to the day but bites improved during the day.
Simon fields the man in form found a few to secure yet another victory.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 19. 168lb 07oz
2nd. Richard mayo.
Peg 3. 125lb 10oz
3rd. Richard kerridge
Peg 9. 119lb 01oz
4th. Nathan young.
Peg 21. 97lb 11oz.
5th. Paul Quinton.
Peg 8. 80lb 11oz
6th. Paul Davies.
Peg 6. 65lb 13oz.
Open Match
Canal lake
Saturday 14th july.
A red hot day with flat calm conditions ruined sport today.
We really need some rain soon too.
Newcomer to wold view, Miracle Baits backed lee parker made sure of victory today but lots of lost fish could have cost him dearly.
1st. Lee parker.
Peg 2. 100lb 02oz
2nd. Chris Phillips
Peg 6. 79lb 06oz
3rd. Paul newsham
Peg 21. 72lb 06oz.