Results Update


Sunday open
Gold lake
29th july
More rain and very strong winds hampered sport on some pegs today.
I got talked into Fishing it but wasn’t prepared so I was using the wrong rigs elastics etc.
After loosing 20 plus Carp I realised I will need to do some prep before the next time I fish.
1st. Mark Wakefield
Peg 26. 139lb 10oz
2nd. Ian Sadler.
Peg 2. 112lb.
3rd. Simon fields
Peg 16. 109lb 04oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 20. 96lb 12oz
5th. Zak worby.
Peg 5. 90lb 01oz
6th. Ian coulbeck.
Peg 35. 64lb 08oz.

Saturday open
Silver lake
28th july.
A miserable day after such lovely weather. It was windy rainy and cold and it put the fish off a little.
A battle for top spot was very close between chris mack and Simon fields but the mackster took honours.
1st. Chris mack.
Peg 25. 143lb 14oz
2nd. Simon fields.
Peg 18. 133lb 04oz
3rd. Bill sheppard
Peg 35. 85lb 07oz.
4th Simon piggott
Peg 12. 80lb 12oz
5th. Mark storey.
Peg 36. 75lb 02oz
6th. Mickey Hawkes.
Peg 8. 65lb 12oz

Friday open Match
Silver lake
27th july
The thunderstorm and lightning took its toll today and there were just a few left at the weigh in.
That didn’t stop young gun Zak worby even though he had an hour break during the worst of it.
Zak is a future star and shouldn’t be taken lightly as the guys found out. Even though he missed an hour of fishing he did enough to win with a decent weight.
1st. Zak worby
Peg 6. 197lb 04oz
2nd. Dr Keith Easton
Peg 10. 176lb 08oz
3rd. Lee popham.
Peg 35. 143lb 03oz.

Wednesday Open Match
Gold lake
Surprisingly good weights considering the temperature
Carl Williams is always the man to beat when he turns up and today was no exception.
Carl fished his usual paste tactics, struggled for 2 hours then bagged up to secure a victory.
A few big fish caught today too with the biggest of 17lb 08oz falling to regular angler Richard kerridge.
Well done to young Zak worby on his first visit securing third place.
1st. Carl Williams
Peg 16. 212lb 12oz
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 6. 142lb 05oz
3rd. Zak worby
Peg 18. 120lb 09oz
4th. Dennis lee
Peg 12. 99lb 07oz
5th. Tony booth.
Peg 20. 98lb 02oz
6th. Carl braithwaite
Peg 4. 83lb 07oz

Veterans Open
24th july
Gold and silver Lakes.
27 fished.
Yet another scorching day, ok for sunbathing but not for Fishing.
The two Lakes fished pretty evenly however and top gun today was Trev brewitt.
Gold lake.
1st. Dennis Walden
Peg 2. 86lb 09oz
2nd. Colin blendell
Peg 20. 64lb 03oz
Section 1.
Nev fisher.
Peg 6. 63lb 12oz
Section 2.
Barry Osborne.
Peg 28. 55lb 04oz
1st. Trev brewitt
Peg 32. 87lb 04oz
2nd. Billy Collins.
Peg 17. 79lb 13oz
Section 1.
Cliff thornhill
Peg 6. 67lb 14oz
Section 2.
Graham Ellis.
Peg 25. 65lb 07oz.

Sunday open
Gold Lake
22nd july
24 fished
There’s no let up with this weather so weights still struggling a bit.
But he’s only gone and done it again. The maestro Simon fields made it 2 on the trot by securing another victory on a very hard day.
There were so many fish on the surface but unwilling to feed.
1st. Simon fields
Peg 4. 116lb
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 16. 76lb 11oz
3rd. Bill marsh.
Peg 18. 73lb 05oz
4th. Bill sheppard
Peg 6. 67lb 09oz
5th. Carl braithwaite
Peg 26. 54lb 07oz
6th. Paul Brocklebank
Peg 31. 47lb 14oz