Results Update


Wednesday open
Gold lake
15 Aug
Ryan lidgard takes some stopping. He caught steadily most of the match
Unlike myself. I made a mess of the first half before redeeming myself late on.
1st. Ryan lidgard
Peg 10. 165lb 04oz
2nd Carl braithwaite
Peg 18. 133lb 10oz
3rd. Matt Pillay
Peg 29. 125lb 07oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 7. 117lb 14oz
5th. Frank church.
Peg 20. 106lb 09oz
6th. Richard kerridge
Peg 26. 91lb 13oz.

Veterans Open
Gold and silver lake
14th August.
34 fished
A funny overcast muggy day with an air pressure change that stopped the f1s feeding properly
It came down mainly to Carp for the weights especially on silver lake.
Tony booth was the man in touch with the situation.
Feeding miracle Baits f1 groundbait in the edge and Fishing corn over the top he managed to keep bill marsh from stealing the show again.
1st. Tony booth
Peg 25. 105lb 05oz
2nd. Bill marsh.
Peg 13. 86lb 02oz
Section 1.
Graham Ellis.
Peg 2. 57lb
Section 2.
Tony Burman.
Peg 27. 77lb 15oz
1st. Mike bavestock
Peg 5. 64lb 07oz
2nd. Barry lepley.
Peg 8. 63lb 14oz
Section 1.
Dennis Walden.
Peg 10. 52lb 12oz
Section 2. Trev Thompson.
Peg 19. 61lb 03oz.

Open Match
Sunday 12th Aug
Canal is looking impressive now and all the overgrown vegetation has been removed. Much easier to fish margins and across.
Today saw Carl Williams take top spot with mainly margin fish from peg 4.
1st. Carl Williams
Peg 4. 125lb 12oz
2nd. Simon piggott
Peg 18. 100lb 07oz
3rd. Kev drury
Peg 2. 99lb 05oz
4th. Gaz burks
Peg 15. 79lb 02oz
5th. Dennis vause
Peg 10. 73lb 09oz
6th. Mark Wakefield
Peg 6. 65lb 14oz.

Open Match
Silver lake.
Saturday 11th Aug
Generally a bit slower today but it dropped really cold last night.
It didn’t stop the maestro Simon fields though.
Drawn on peg 20 he still managed to scoop top spot.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 20. 150lb 13oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 13. 133lb 09oz
3rd. Chris mack.
Peg 25. 99lb 01oz
Section 1.
Nathan young.
Peg 5. 98lb 10oz
Section 2.
Dennis Vause.
Peg 37. 97lb 07oz.

Friday open
Silver lake
10 Aug
Not many today probably due to the forecast thunderstorm.
However it was decent fishing to say the least.
Simon piggott taking top spot today with a double ton plus.
1st. Simon piggott. 217lb 04oz
2nd. Keith Easton. 191lb 11oz
3rd. Chris mack. 188lb 03oz.
4th. Mick Jennings. 114lb.
Awesome. Well done all.

Veterans Open
Gold and silver
7th August.
32 fished.
Another well attended Match today. Both Lakes fished steady but no big weights. Well done to mick Ellison on the overall top weight.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 4. 110lb 12oz
2nd. Barry lepley
Peg 26. 78lb 10oz
Section 1.
Colin blendell
Peg 5. 71lb 02oz
Section 2.
Steve Credland.
Peg 20. 75lb 10oz
1st. Mick Ellison.
Peg 36. 121lb 01oz
2nd. Tony booth
Peg 8. 96lb 05oz
Section 1.
Paul Quinton.
Peg 5. 89lb 15oz
Section 2
Joint. Bob Byrne
Joint. Trev Thompson
62lb 09oz

Sunday open
Canal lake
5th August.
Canal is not used to big matches on it but today we had little option due to club matches.
Flat calm red hot day with fish just mulling about, but Ryan lidgard managed to steal the show with a good margin.
1st. Ryan lidgard
Peg 10. 135lb 11oz
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 9. 59lb 05oz
3rd. Mark critcher.
Peg 14. 58lb 03oz.
Section 1
Nathan young
Peg 3. 46lb 12oz
Section 2.
Kev drury.
Peg 20. 44lb 10oz.

Friday open.
Silver lake
3rd August
Not as good as expected today but the air pressure dropped quickly, the sky got cloudy and we had a spot of rain at the end.
Still the weights were respectable
1st. Simon piggott
Peg 36. 146lb 13oz
2nd. Andy Geldart
Peg 18. 134lb 10oz
3rd. Keith Easton
Peg 25. 108lb 05oz
4th. Chris mack.
Peg 12. 102lb 08oz
5th. Bill sheppard
Peg 22. 97lb 12oz
6th. Dean Marshall
Peg 30. 96lb 11oz

Veterans Open
Gold and silver
31st july.
Well this just gets busier. Even though we had a few regulars not Fishing this week, there were 37 Fishing.
Everyone seems to enjoy it and even though the weights were down on recent matches, everyone had a few fish.
Why not book a place and give it a whirl.
Gold lake.
1st. Andrew green.
Peg 5. 70lb 04oz
2nd. Dennis Walden.
Peg 26. 61lb 08oz
Section 1.
Peg 7. 46lb 06oz
Section 2.
Mike baverstock
Peg 10. 54lb 03oz
Section 3.
Nev Fisher.
Peg 20. 58lb 13oz
Silver lake.
1st. Dave renshaw.
Peg 35. 68lb 04oz
2nd. Rob Osgodby
Peg 36. 59lb 13oz.
Section 1.
Mick Ellison.
Peg 12. 55lb 01oz
Section 2.
Chris mawer.
Peg 16. 56lb 12oz
Section 3.
Rob skellhorn
Peg 30. 58lb 14oz.