Results Update

Veterans open
Gold and silver Lakes
21 Aug
30 fished
There seems to be no stopping that bill marsh.
He’s drawing and Fishing well at the moment. Another victory today, will his bubble burst? We shall have to see.
There was a nice fish weighed in on gold. A 17lb 14oz beauty landed by Dave Over.
Gold lake
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 2. 88lb 04oz
2nd. Tony booth.
Peg 24. 59lb 10oz
Section 1. Steve southern.
Peg 10. 58lb 14oz
Section 2. Trev brewitt.
Peg 26. 48lb 06oz.
1st. Mick Jennings.
Peg 36. 84lb 11oz
2nd. Rob Osgodby
Peg 20. 78lb 11oz
Section 1. John grant.
Peg 12. 54lb 08oz
Section 2. Nev Fisher.
Peg 30. 69lb 15oz.

Open Match
Sunday 19th August
Silver lake.
The golden peg was always going to be under threat when andy Geldard drew it especially when it was peg 35.
He didn’t disappoint even though it fished pretty hard
Well done andy.
1st. Andy Geldart
Peg 35 152lb 09oz
2nd. Bill sheppard
Peg 37 107lb 12oz
3rd. Simon fields
Peg 36. 103lb 10oz
Section 1.
Norman hewis.
Peg 6. 65lb 09oz
Section 2.
Gaz burks.
Peg 27. 74lb 01oz

Saturday open
Gold lake
18th Aug
A bit of a funny day. Some pegs fished and others not so good.
However mark Rodger found a few off peg 9 and just held of the young gun Ryan off.
1st. Mark Rodger
Peg 9. 124lb 10oz
2nd. Ryan lidgard
Peg 20. 121lb 02oz
3rd. Jonny James.
Peg 17. 99lb 03oz
Section 1.
Jason dunnorty
Peg 13. 57lb 14oz
Section 2.
Gaz burks.
Peg 19. 74lb 05oz.

Friday open
Silver lake
17 Aug.
Some good weights had by all.
Things looking good for the future.
Dean Marshall topped the list on the rover with an impressive double ton. These are now becoming a regular thing on here.
1st. Dean Marshall 214lb 09oz
2nd. Paul hart. 199lb 06oz
3rd. Frank church. 193lb 03oz
4th. Daniel Croft. 117lb 04oz
5th. Chris Marshall. 110lb 03oz.