Results Update


Veterans open
28th Aug
Gold and silver Lakes.
After a hammering at the weekend it was no wonder the Fishing was a bit slower.
Well done to chris mawer who took top spot overall from gold lake peg 2.
1st. Chris mawer.
Peg 2. 90lb
2nd. Nev Fisher
Peg 8. 48lb 02oz
Section 1.
Mick Jennings.
Peg 10. 39lb 05oz
Section 2.
Rob Osgodby
Peg 17. 43lb 08oz
1st. Trev brewitt.
Peg 18. 75lb
2nd. Bill marsh.
Peg 17. 71lb 02oz
Section 1.
Barry Osborne
Peg 9. 53lb 02oz
Section 2.
Alan Malkin
Peg 36. 61lb 13oz.

Open Match
Ultimate lake
27th Aug
With just a few Fishing I decided to put the Open on ultimate.
It’s still very low on water but fishable.
Paul Quinton took the honours from peg 4.
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 4. 89lb 05oz
2nd. Ian Sadler
Peg 10. 65lb 03oz
3rd. Kev drury.
Peg 14. 57lb 01oz

Open Match
Ruby Lake
Sat 25th Aug.
As predicted, the weights were much lower today
It’s unbelievable everyone didn’t have over a ton.
Well done to Jonny James on a well earned victory
1st. Jonny James.
Peg 8. 94lb
2nd. Steve conlan
Peg 1. 74lb 08oz
3rd. Lee James.
Peg 6. 34lb 03oz.

Open Match
Silver lake
Friday 24th Aug
Not many turned up for this due to the weather forecast.
However even though it was wet cold and windy the fish didn’t seem to care.
Well done to steve miles.
He took an easy victory with 70lb to spare.
1st. Steve miles.
peg 19. 207lb
2nd. Max Gibson
Peg 10. 137lb 07oz
3rd. Lee braithwaite
Peg 26. 113lb 13oz
4th. Frank church
Peg 14. 112lb
5th. Charlie young.
Peg 36. 92lb 09oz
6th. Daniel Croft.
Peg 5. 74lb 04oz.

Wednesday open.
Gold lake.
22 aug
When I put peg one in and Ryan lidgard drew it, his lip was dragging the gravel on the way to his peg.
I know the lake now so I know I can put people on fish.
However he soon perked up when he started to Catch and after we surgically removed the gravel he went on to secure another victory.
Not so bad after all ryan.
1st. Ryan lidgard
Peg 1. 137lb 11oz
2nd. Carl braithwaite
Peg 5. 131lb 10oz
3rd. Paul hart.
Peg 20. 131lb 05oz
4th. Jamie green.
Peg 17. 129lb 15oz
5th. Adam Swain.
Peg 37. 127lb 11oz
6th. Keith Easton
Peg 11. 91lb 11oz
Another good fish weighed in today at 21lb