Results Update 265

Open Match
Silver lake
9th sept
Much colder now and the fish always let you know it.
The island pegs again dominated the match with Simon piggott taking the honours.
1st. Simon piggott.
Peg 35. 87lb 14oz
2nd. Simon fields.
Peg 2. 86lb 03oz
3rd. Chris mack.
Peg 36. 81lb 07oz
4th. Daniels Croft.
Peg 33. 74lb 08oz
5th. Ian coulbeck.
Peg 37. 66lb 02oz
6th. Gaz burks.
Peg 21. 57lb 06oz.

Open Match
Sat 8th sept.
After yesterday’s weights it would be hard to imagine it not Fishing today.
However with heavy rain all day it dampened the spirits a bit and fish closed ranks.
The good part of it is we got our old Gaz Burks back.
He’s been in the doldrums of late and his heads been scrambled not being able to catch.
But after drawing peg 35 he moved up a gear to gain his first win for ages. Pity Dennis lee wasn’t here for him to get a pound back from him.
1st. Gaz Burks
Peg 35. 92lb 09oz
2nd. Ken Sawyer.
Peg 32. 92lb 05oz
3rd. Paul hart.
Peg 37. 89lb 07oz
4th. Simon fields
Peg 27. 66lb 03oz
5th. Barry Scott.
Peg 21. 61lb 06oz
6th. Frank church.
Peg 19. 44lb 09oz

Wednesday Open Match.
Gold lake.
5th sept
A better turn out this week saw 19 turn up for a hard fought match.
Some hard fishing but it will improve when the fish acclimatise to the change.
1st. Bill sheppard
Peg 20. 97lb 12oz
2nd. Matty Pillay
Peg 10. 86lb 02oz
3rd. Adam Swain.
Peg 35. 75lb 02oz.
4th. Frank church.
Peg 21. 74lb 01oz
5th. Dave ringwood.
Peg 26. 59lb 11oz
6th. Carl Williams
Peg 17. 53lb 01oz

Veterans open
Gold and silver
4th sept.
The fish have started to feel the change in the weather and have slowed down quite a bit.
I reckon it will take a couple of weeks for them to adapt to the change before they start to feed well again.
The weights showed it today, significantly lower than normal but still they enjoyed it.
Well done to billy Collins and ken wood today on their Lake wins.
1st. Billy Collins
Peg 36. 69lb 08oz
2nd. Andy green.
Peg 6. 46lb 07oz
Section 1. Bob Byrne
Peg 16. 39lb.
Section 2. Cliff thornhill
Peg 27. 45lb 10oz
1st. Ken wood
Peg 29. 62lb 10oz
2nd. Steve Credland.
Peg 19. 37lb 93oz
Section 1. Paul Quinton.
Peg 6. 31lb 15oz
Section 2. John hood.
Peg 21. 35lb 08oz.

Open Match
Gold lake
Sun 2nd sept
A really hard match today for some reason.
The fish just were not interested
A big well done to mick Jennings though winning off an un fancied peg 26.
1st. Mick Jennings
Peg 26. 88lb 11oz
2nd. Simon fields
Peg 39. 84lb 15oz.
3rd. Mark Rodger
Peg 19. 74lb 13oz
4th. Kev drury.
Peg 35. 69lb 05oz
5th. Daniel Croft
Peg. 13. 55lb 04oz
6th. N Turner.
Peg 7. 49lb 01oz

Wednesday open
Gold lake
29th Aug
A very strange match, fish were balled up a bit and some pegs struggled to start.
It seemed to be a head to head with Keith Easton and Carl braithwaite but at the end Carl managed to sneak ahead.
1st. Carl braithwaite
Peg 7. 134lb 08oz
2nd. Keith Easton.
Peg 2. 119lb
3rd. Jonny James.
Peg 20. 103lb 02oz
4th. Ryan lidgard
Peg 16. 100lb 12oz
5th. Dan Reynolds
Peg 26. 80lb 07oz
6th. Paul hart.
Peg 11. 76lb 11oz