Results Update 266


Open Match.
Silver lake.
10th October
I need some practice before the winter league starts so decided to fish today with it being quiet.
There would be no stopping Keith Easton on peg 2 today. He’s got that peg sussed.
Myself, well all I can say is I made a mess of it.
I really thought I would catch on the wag and bomb today. How wrong I was. Not only could I not catch but couldn’t get bites on them.
So I tried a few things knowing I was out of the running. I did start to catch in the last hour and well. Nearly enough to catch harty who had caught steadily all day.
One more fish.
1st. Keith Easton.
Peg 2. 139lb 08oz
2nd. Paul hart.
Peg 25. 71lb 08oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 19. 69lb 12oz
4th. Lee Stenhouse
Peg 12. 67lb 06oz
5th. Luke Conlan
Peg 35. 65lb 10oz
6th. Jonny James.
Peg 27. 61lb.

Veterans Open
Gold lake.
9th October
24 fished.
After a week away bill marsh let them know he was back.
Drawing 36 on the island he was bang on the big fish which suits him just fine.
Fishing his usual bomb and pellet approach he secured yet another win.
Not far behind him was rob Skellhorn, rob struggling in the first two hours switched to fish for the f1s and almost caught bill up.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 36. 76lb 11oz
2nd. Rob skellhorn.
Peg 37. 61lb 12oz
3rd. Mick Duke.
Peg 9. 52lb 09oz
4th. Graham Ellis
Peg 11. 49lb 06oz
5th. Dave ruffles.
Peg 13. 46lb 03oz
6th. Mick Allen.
Peg 21. 40lb 06oz
Well done on a close match guys.

Sunday open.
Gold lake.
7th October
21 fished.
With a severe frost this morning and yesterday’s rain it could only mean one thing.
So I decided to have a go, I love a challenge.
I would just fish for the f1s and get my head down.
A terrible first hour and half before I remembered that this was winter fishing now.
A few adjustments to Bait and rigs and then I was instantly into fish. I did fish too strong laggy however but that was just in case I caught some of the munters.
Steady away until the end in a hard day for third in the match and a respectable 66lb of the new fish. Happy with that on a hard day.
Well done to danny Croft on his all Carp win with some huge fish in his bag.
1st. Daniel Croft.
Peg 9. 89lb 02oz.
2nd. Dennis lee.
Peg 10. 73lb.
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 24. 66lb 05oz
4th. Paul hart.
Peg 19. 60lb 12oz
5th. Lewis ringwood
Peg 35. 57lb 05oz
6th. Mark Critcher
Peg 16. 52lb 09oz.