Results Update 267

Open Match
Gold lake
Wed 17th Oct.
A bit of a grueller today.
So many Carp jumping is was unreal. All I can think is it was a massive air pressure change.
I drew peg 35 and really fancied it. But no matter what I did those Carp were not interested. With that amount of Carp around me I had to try for them instead of my usual f1 approach.
Big mistake.
After spending most of the match trying to catch the Carp I changed tactics and caught steadily the rest of the match just missing out on framing.
1st. Steve pretty.
Peg 11. 62lb 06oz
2nd. Keith Birkett
Peg 37. 51lb 10oz
3rd. Tony wood.
Peg 17. 50lb 03oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 35. 42lb 12oz
5th. Carl Williams
Peg 5. 27lb
6th. Carl braithwaite
Peg 26. 22lb 14oz