Results Update Febuary


Wednesday open match
Gold lake
27th feb.
Another lovely day today for the second Wednesday open.
I got talked into fishing it today and I’m glad I did really.
When I drew peg 26, where no one wants to be, I was confident in catching a few fish and proving a point to a few.
With Ryan lidgard on peg 35, there could only be one winner today but I gave him a run for his money, and a 14lber lost at the net in the last 5 minutes could have made all the difference. It was the only fish I lost so can’t complain.
I had quite a few f1s at 13m before switching to the margins later to catch a few carp.
Great days fishing and in feb it’s amazing.
Well done Ryan on your win and also Adrian cobb In his all f1 net of 97 fish for 50lb.
1st. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 35. 92lb 03oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 26. 85lb 15oz
3rd. Adrian Cobb
Peg 18. 50lb 08oz.
4th. Tony booth.
Peg 20. 34lb 15oz
5th. Ian Marshall.
Peg 28. 33lb 12oz
6th. Carl Williams.
Peg 10. 30lb 09oz.

Open match
Gold and silver lakes
Sunday 24th feb.
A great turnout today for the latest open match. The lakes used were gold and silver.
The sun was shining but it was flat calm and no movement on the water which didn’t help.
However there were a few fish caught.
I wanted to draw gold but finished up on silver, albeit not too bad a peg but not much form recently.
I spent the first half of the match watching frank church emptying it on peg 25 fishing into the corner. It looked like it was all over after 2 hours but, I had a bit of luck and the f1s turned up for me.
They were the better stamp ones too so easy to build a weight.
It goes to show that even though you think it’s all over it seldom is until the final whistle.
Well done to Lewis Ringwood on gold peg 28 who won the lake. It’s a peg that’s underestimated and seldom used.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg S27. 77lb 15oz
2nd Frank Church
Peg S25. 53lb.
3rd. Stephen Pretty
Peg S5. 42lb 05oz
4th. William Sheppard
Peg S19. 39lb 04oz
5th. Simon gale.
Peg S14. 39lb.
6th. Lewis ringwood.
Peg G28. 38lb 10oz.

Winter league/open match
Canal and ultimate
Sat 23rd feb.
A cold foggy start to the day today. The sun didn’t break through until after dinner time.
Ultimate lake fished the best out of the 2 with newcomer Carl Morris dominating on canal and Dave small on ultimate.
Still not too bad weights for the time of year.
1st. David Small
Peg 9U. 65lb 15oz
2nd. Daniel Croft
Peg 11U. 64lb 12oz
3rd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 1U. 59lb 09oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 7U. 57lb 04oz
5th. Kev drury.
Peg 13U. 54lb 07oz
6th. Carl Morris.
Peg 4C. 47lb.

First of the weekly Friday opens today. The match was held on gold lake.
It was a lovely day and the fish are now moving all around the lake. The carp are just starting to show but the f1s fed well.
I drew peg 37 on the island and fished pole at 13m all day. Using expander pellet I had spells where I caught and also plenty of quiet spells too.
With just 2 small carp and the rest f1s I was sure that Paul hart had won from in form 18 peg and maybe Jamie creed second off 9 with the 5 margin fish he caught late on.
I was surprised and delighted to be wrong and took the honours myself.
A good even match with fish all over.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 37. 56lb 14oz
2nd. Paul Hart.
Peg 18. 54lb 02oz
3rd. Adrian Cobb
Peg 13. 46lb 12oz
4th. Jamie creed
Peg 9. 45lb 02oz
5th. Tony booth.
Peg 35. 40lb 14oz
6th. Mark Critcher
Peg 26. 40lb 13oz.

Open match
Wednesday 20th feb
Ultimate lake.
The really strong winds hampered fishing today. It was almost impossible to hold the pole on many pegs.
It fished steady but not as good as last weekend but I put that down to the wind.
1st. Stephen Blanchard
Peg 13. 55lb 06oz
2nd. Daniel Croft
Peg 23. 45lb 04oz
3rd. Kev drury.
Peg 11. 44lb 03oz
4th. Steve Watson.
Peg 5. 41lb 12oz
5th. Mick Jennings.
Peg 7. 40lb 04oz
6th. Kev Tanner
Peg 9. 35lb 02oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver lakes
Tuesday 19th feb.
A real struggle today. It was hard fishing across both the lakes.
Weights were down drastically on previous matches. This week is supposed to get much warmer so fingers crossed the fish react.
1st. Trev brewitt
Peg 10. 19lb 12oz
Section 1. Mike bavestock
Peg 16. 15lb 06oz
Section 2. Matt hackfath
Peg22. 19lb 04oz
1st. Mick duke.
Peg 35. 17lb 06oz
Section 1. Ken summersgill
Peg 10. 9lb 15oz
Section 2. Fred dobbs
Peg 37. 13lb 03oz.

Open match
Gold and silver.
Sunday 17th feb.
A good turn out today saw the match over gold and silver.
It was a bit of a surprise when silver fished a bit better than gold. After all the f1s had been feeding on gold.
But that’s winter fishing for you.
Well done to Paul Quinton on the overall win off silver 5, and also to gaz burks catching some fish.
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 5S. 49lb.
2nd. Gaz burks.
Peg 26S 44lb 01oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 30S. 41lb.
4th. Chris Mack.
Peg 20S. 38lb.
5th. Steve Eyre.
Peg 9G. 35lb 07oz
6th. Graham garrod.
Peg 37 G. 33lb 14oz.

Open match
Canal lake
Saturday 16th feb
We think that because the sun shines the fish should feel it like us and have a feed.
It’s still early days yet and the water is still very cold. The fish are starting to have a chomp occasionally but not every day.
Today was a bit slow compared to Friday but the cold weather is getting less and less so it won’t be long now.
1st. Steve pretty.
Peg 8. 53lb 12oz
2nd. Adrian cobb.
Peg 19. 31lb 06oz
3rd. Paul newsham
Peg 10. 27lb 07oz
4th. Kev drury.
Peg 6. 17lb 06oz
5th. Norman hewis
Peg 22. 13lb 11oz
6th. Dave small.
Peg 12. 12lb 12oz.

Open match.
Ultimate lake.
Friday 15th feb.
A last minute match but turned out ok actually.
It was sunny but a biting cold wind making it feel much colder than it was.
At the end it turned out to be a good fair match with a good mixture of fish in the nets.
Well done harty, that lad can draw.
1st. Paul Hart
Peg 4. 65lb 13oz
2nd. Daniel Croft
Peg 11. 63lb 08oz.
3rd. Brian peall.
Peg 22. 58lb 15oz.
I took a picture of Danny with his net thinking he would win but he let me down.

Open match
Wednesday 13th feb.
The first of the Wednesday matches today.
We held it on gold hoping the f1s would feed.
They didn’t disappoint even though the carp refused to feed.
The f1s are still bunched up and on the feeder line but it’s a fish a bung when your on them.
It turned out to be a very close match with just 4lb between the top 3.
With it warming up this week I’m hoping they will split up more and come on the pole line.
1st. Daniel Croft.
Peg 20. 47lb 11oz
2nd. Craig Panton
Peg 10. 46lb 08oz
3rd. Richard kerridge
Peg 11. 43lb 04oz.

Veterans open
12th feb
Gold and silver
The last couple of days saw the fish starting to feed but over night air pressure change soon put it back.
It was a hard match and weights were low.
Section 1.
1st. Graham Ellis
Peg 30S. 16lb 06oz
2nd. Ken hill.
Peg 21S. 12lb 10oz
Section 2.
1st. Paul Quinton
Peg 11G. 12lb 13oz
2nd. Mick Allen.
Peg 10G. 12lb 08oz
Section 3.
1st. Brian tuck.
Peg 26G. 11lb 01oz
2nd. Billy Collins.
Peg 21G. 10lb 02oz.

Open match
Sunday 10th feb
Gold and ultimate
It’s slowly improving and with warmer weather forecast this coming week it might pick up.
The f1s fed a bit today and ian sadler was getting one a bung on the method. The tip never stayed still.
But it was down to the maestro Chris Mack to show the way from peg 36 gold.
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 36G. 54lb 05oz
2nd. Ian sadler.
Peg 11G 47lb 03oz
3rd. Jeff Marsh.
Peg 17G. 34lb 07oz
4th. Joe green.
Peg 20G. 28lb 14oz
5th. Graham Garrod.
Peg 9G. 22lb 03oz
6th. Brian peall.
Peg 9U. 21lb 15oz.

Winter league/open match.
Saturday 9th feb
Gold and silver.
Split over 2 lakes knowing it would be hard. The very strong winds hampered fishing to say the least.
If people could have used poles then the weights could have been much better.
On the day the f1s fed on gold but the carp didn’t and silver was just the odd carp with few silvers or f1s.
Tomorrow will be on gold seeing as the f1s have started to feed a bit.
1st. Daniel Croft.
Peg 20. 28lb.
Section 1. Steve pretty.
Peg 5. 25lb.
Section 2. Brian peall
Peg 32. 17lb.
1st. Nathan young.
Peg 36. 32lb 06oz
Section 1. Tracey benson.
Peg 10. 19lb 09oz
Section 2. Mark Critcher.
Peg 19. 23lb 15oz.