Results Update November

Veterans open
silver lake
Tue 27 Nov
18 fished
The fishing is at its lowest at the moment and weights are well down.
The match was close even though it was hard.
Well done brian tuck on a well deserved win.
1st brian tuck
Peg 19. 26lb 15oz
2nd. Stu read
Peg 20. 19lb 11oz
Section 1.
Dave Blanchard.
Peg 6. 18lb 06oz
Section 2.
Barry lepley
Peg 22. 11lb 04oz
Section 3.
Tony booth
Peg 32. 19lb.

Open match
Canal lake
Sunday 25th Nov
With the better fishing on the opposite side of the lake for a change, it was game on.
The early pegs usually dominate but with more matches being held on here this is pushing fish all around the lake.
One thing is for sure, it fished hard but thats to be expected it is now winter.
I had the benefit of drawing peg 5, next to Gaz Burk on peg 4. was I in for a spanking? well with his current form on there maybe.
BUT!!! it wasn’t to be, gaz spent most of his time writing his new book, (how to fish canal lake) instead of fishing and only had a couple of small f1s. I didn’t do that well with 4 carp, but lost a few big uns though, but managed to win my bank and my section.
Well done to Paul Summers on his win off unfanced peg 13 and also to Maccy on 21 for second.
1st Paul Summers
Peg 13. 43lb 14oz
2nd Chris Mack
peg 21. 34lb 02oz
3rd. Gary Middleton
peg 19. 31lb 09oz
4th. Mark Storey
peg 15. 29lb 10oz
5th Steve Gregory
peg 5. 26lb 10oz
6th Mick Allen
peg 7. 20lb 14oz

Winter league
Sat 24th Nov
Gold and silver.
27 fished.
A very hard match with bites at a premium. Split over 2 Lakes, I was asked to put in gold and silver.
The weights were low but that’s winter for you.
1st. Bill sheppard
Peg 9. 32lb 12oz
Section 1.
Ian Sadler.
Peg 10. 25lb
Section 2.
Steve Watson.
Peg 18. 19lb 10oz
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 19. 43lb 08oz
Section 1.
Nathan Young.
Peg 5. 34lb 05oz
Section 2.
Mark critcher.
Peg 32. 31lb 02oz.
The next winter league is in 2 weeks and will be on silver and canal.

Open match.
Canal lake
Sunday 18th Nov
20 fished.
With almost all the pegs taken it was set to be a good match.
The banter was high as usual.
The fish seemed to have balled up more towards the early pegs again but still a fair match.
Well done to Jamie coppock on his win off peg 1.
1st. Jamie coppock.
Peg 1. 76lb 09oz
2nd. Gary Middleton
Peg 5. 50lb 09oz
3rd. Kye hill.
Peg 2. 47lb 05oz
4th. Steve pretty
Peg 9. 44lb 14oz
5th. Dave small.
Peg 6. 43lb 09oz
6th. Paul summers.
Peg 3. 40lb 11oz.

Open match.
Silver lake
Sat 17th Nov.
Bright but cold day today where the fishing was quite hard.
Mark westerman turned up to messingham for the match but when he was the only one he set off here to fish. I bet he was glad as he took the honours.
1st mark westerman
Peg 17. 54lb 07oz
2nd. Tony booth.
Peg 35. 33lb 11oz
3rd. Dave small.
Peg 30. 25lb 08oz
4th. Gaz burks.
Peg 21. 18lb 11oz
5th. Norman hewis
Peg 19. 18lb 11oz
6th. Dave ringwood.
Peg 5. 17lb 12oz

Wednesday open
Gold lake
14th Nov
the F1s are starting to show a bit now, slowly but Im sure they will get their heads down soon.
Well done to carl on his narrow victory
1st Carl Braithwaite.
peg 18. 30lb 12oz
2nd Mark Wakefield.
peg 36. 30lb 07oz
3rd. Roger Codd.
peg 10. 21lb 08oz
Next week we will have another affordable rover on Gold.
£15 all in Draw at 9am

Veterans open.
Tuesday 13th Nov
Silver and canal lake.
31 fished.
This week saw the match over silver and canal.
A hard match as the water temperature dropped fast the last couple of days.
A birthday today however.
Kev Murphy I believe was 82.
Happy birthday from us all.
1st. Alec ward.
Peg 6. 35lb 14oz
Section 1. Trev brewitt
Peg 3. 31lb 10oz
Section 2. Ken Wood.
Peg 11. 17lb
1st. Barry lepley.
Peg 32. 33lb
Section 1. Nev Fisher
Peg 12. 26lb 10oz
Section 2. Brian tuck.
Peg 22. 20lb 12oz
Section 3. Rob skellhorn.
Peg 27. 32lb 15oz.
Next week will be over gold and silver.

Open match
Sunday 11th November
Canal lake.
With canal still fishing ok hopes were high for today’s open. The water temperature had dropped to 9 degrees though and the wind was quite bad.
I decided to fish and encouraged the old draw bag gaz burks to draw my peg.
He drew me peg 5. Quite happy with that and he drew 21.
I pegged it as fairly as possible, 2 and miss 1 on the railway bank and 1 and miss 2 on the road bank.
My main lines of attack were tight across at 14.5m with bread punch and 2 plus 2 down the track with 6mm expander.
It was pretty slow starting and all I could see was gaz burks bagging on 21. Not another quid to him surely.
The fish were on and off all day and I did manage to loose a few munters getting broke on one of them.
At the weigh in gaz was on for his second win on canal in 2 days after winning yesterday with a ton plus.
But as we got round to me I managed to ounce him out into second by 15oz. Oops. Must have been that last fish 7lb in the dying seconds.
Well done gaz though off that peg you fished a blinder.
But I got my quid back from yesterday.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 5. 91lb 12oz
2nd. Gaz burks.
Peg 21. 90lb 13oz
3rd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 18. 44lb 05oz.
4th. Luke Morley
Peg 8. 43lb 10oz
5th. Mick Allen.
Peg 9. 30lb 12oz
6th. Barry Osborne
Peg 2. 30lb 11oz.
What a cracking lake this is.

Winter league
Saturday 10th Nov
27 fished
With 27 Fishing I put 2 sections on canal and 3 on silver.
I was hoping for canal but ended up not where I wanted to be.
Canal is fishing steady and the better Fishing was to be had on there.
We found out later that our one and only hobbit, gaz burks had done the business today.
Not only picking up the big envelope but also a pocket full of £1 coins from us suckers.
Well done gaz.
1st. Gaz burks.
Peg 3c. 102lb 14oz
2nd. Daniel Croft
Peg 32s. 52lb 06oz
3rd. Mark Critcher
Peg 9c. 50lb 14oz
Sec 1c. Max Gibson.
Peg 8c. 44lb 07oz
Sec 2c. Chris Marshall.
Peg 14c. 44lb 13oz
Sec 1s. Paul summers.
Peg 5s. 40lb 05oz
Sec 2s. Dave ringwood
Peg 21s. 37lb 05oz
Sec 3s. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 35s. 39lb 07oz.
Get a wheel barrow for the next match gaz.