Results Update October/November

Veterans open
Gold lake
6th Nov
25 fished
A hard day today on gold.
But the hardy veterans still keep coming regardless
Well done to stuart read on his win.
1. Stu read.
Peg 9. 26lb 04oz
2nd. Mick Duke.
Peg 21. 24lb 07oz
Section winners.
1. Ken Wood.
Peg 8. 13lb 07oz
2. Mick Ellison
Peg 12. 24lb 05oz
3. Robin Skelhorn
Peg 16. 17lb 15oz
4. Chris mawer
Peg 25. 18lb 12oz
5. Dave Blanchard
Peg 35. 22lb 12oz.
Next week it will be split over silver and canal.

Open match
Canal lake
Sun November 4th.
A good turnout for canal lake today with just one peg left on the lake
A few said it wouldn’t fish with that many on but I was confident it would.
It’s a Great Lake and I love fishing these kind of Lakes, the fish just can’t back off out of reach in winter.
There were a few that struggled a bit but in general it fished really well for the time of year and amount of anglers.
Well done to the drawbag William Sheppard on his win.
One thing to mention, I think shaun moss thought he could weigh squirrels in 🐿 he spent a bit of time in the trees.
1st. Bill sheppard
Peg 2. 52lb 03oz
2nd. Shaun Moss
Peg 7. 50lb 05oz
3rd. Gaz burks.
Peg 5. 49lb 14oz
4th. Wayne Seward
Peg 3. 48lb 08oz
5th. Paul Newsham
Peg 4. 34lb 14oz.
6th. Steve gregory
Peg 11. 34lb 09oz.
I have to admit I had to pay gaz a quid. Think I’m going to sulk for a week.

First match of the winter league
Saturday 3rd Nov.
Silver lake.
22 fished.
With a couple unable to fish this first match the match was just over 1 Lake.
A hard but fair match with half decent weights for the conditions.
Well done to danny Croft on his win today as a stand in for Stu sykes
The next match is next week and depending on numbers will be over 2 Lakes (to be decided)
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg 30. 58lb 02oz
2nd. Nathan Young.
Peg 32. 54lb 01oz
3rd. Steve gregory.
Peg 37. 46lb 11oz
4th. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 5. 39lb 02oz
5th. Mark Critcher
Peg 18. 33lb 06oz
6th. Brian peall
Peg 31. 33lb 04oz.
Gaz burks needs to get printing some more £1 coins. I took another off him today as well as the critter.
Worth more than the envelope.


Veterans open
Silver lake
30th October
Welcome to winter fishing.
A very hard match where bites were few and far between.
Even bill marsh struggled and blanked!!!!!
Well done to Charlie Gerrard on his comfortable win.
1st. Charlie Gerrard
Peg 32. 37lb 12oz
2nd. David Blanchard
Peg 25. 24lb 06oz
3rd. Nev Fisher.
Peg 19. 22lb 08oz
4th. Mick Ellison
Peg 12. 21lb 15oz
5th. Ken Wood.
Peg 36. 21lb 11oz
6th. John hood.
Peg 21. 21lb 07oz


Open match
Canal lake
Sun 28th Oct.
With clubbies on gold and silver we opted to fish the open on canal.
This lake is going to be awesome next year and it proved to be a good decision today.
I decided to fish because I like this kind of fishing.
Even though the weather was extreme, heavy hailstones at times and very cold. It did fish well considering.
A close match and plenty of bites which is what you need in this weather.
1st. Ian Kent.
Peg 7. 73lb 04oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 4. 55lb 15oz
3rd. Bill sheppard
Peg 10. 50lb 14oz
4th. Steve pretty.
Peg 20. 44lb 13oz
5th. Gaz burks.
Peg 6. 43lb 13oz
6th. Stu Sykes.
Peg 22. 39lb 04oz.