Shayne Briggs Chairty Match

Shayne Briggs charity match.
Sat 27th Oct
Gold, silver and canal lakes.
What a dreadful start to the day. Icy, bitterly cold northerly wind and heavy rain forecast.
The draw took place over the 3 lakes and 47 brave souls battled the elements on what was the coldest October day for over a decade.
Just after the start it began to snow, soon turning to sleet and then icy rain.
The fish must have thought “sod this for a lark” and they shut up shop.
Nevertheless the anglers battled away in arctic conditions but some fell by the wayside.
Even so the match was a great success and with quite a bit of money raised too.
I was predicting canal to throw the best weight up and I was bang on the ball.
The weights were well down to normal but in those conditions it’s no wonder.
1st. Chris Marshall.
Peg 6. 71lb 10oz
2nd. Lee popham
Peg 13. 55lb.
3rd. Graham garrod
Peg 8. 34lb
1st. Gaz burks.
Peg 8. 22lb
2nd. Jonny James.
Peg 30. 20lb 08oz
3rd. Dave ringwood
Peg 21. 19lb 08oz
1st. Richard kerridge
Peg 21. 55lb 14oz
2nd. Steve pretty
Peg 35. 21lb 02oz
3rd. Kev popham
Peg 17. 20lb 14oz.
A good fishing send off for Shayne. Thank you all for attending and your support.