Steve Gregory takes over as Lakes Manager at Wold View Fisheries.

Steve Gregory has always been a keen angler. He may already be known to you by breaking the British match record 3 times. firstly at Drayton reservoir in 1997 but then again a few weeks later at Drayton and shortly after again at Earlswood reservoir with 414lb 14oz

Steve also started a company called Miracle Baits which is still going strong today.

Steve has had a lot of influence in some of the biggest and best fisheries in the country advising and helping to build up stock and notoriety.

Steve said “I was approached by an old friend of mine, Tony Flint, who offered me the chance of running his place, Wold View Fishery at Claxby after the manager Terry had decided to retire.  It seemed like an opportunity that would give me a new challenge, which is what really motivates me.

I was a bit reluctant at first but having a couple of good friends that could manage Rushfield Lakes for me, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it a go.

So I sit here waiting to take the place over in a couple of days 28th May.

My ambitions are, I would like to build up the fishery and achieve a place that would be a pleasure for all types of anglers to visit. I would like to see more smaller fish introduced into some of the lakes, i.e F1s, Chub, Ide, Barbel etc. There are a lot of fish in the lakes already but I feel that the lakes are dominated by bigger fish. There are different types of anglers and they all like to fish in different ways, if you ignore this then you will only achieve a small portion of your goals.

I will listen to the anglers, take in what they say and try to work with them and not against them.

My goals are to increase the turn around of anglers and put Wold View higher on the fishing map, I’m sure that I can do this with the help and support of Tony and especially my wife Julie.”

We are really looking forward to having Steve and Julie around so please help us make the feel very welcome.

Wold View Fisheries.

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