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Sunday 14th October
76 fished.
A lot of no shows today due to the heavy rain but that didn’t stop the high spirits of the ones that came.
A rolling draw was done today and I reckon it worked very well as everything went sweet as a nut.
The Match was over 4 Lakes, gold, silver, ultimate and canal.
Tony flint had boosted the match winnings by adding £1000 to the pot so plenty to fish for.
Unfortunately the cold heavy rain did expectedly knock the fish off the feed somewhat and the weights were much lower than of late.
Such a great bunch of guys Fishing and no problems at all.
The Lake to be on today was my baby, canal. I vowed to make this the jewel and by next year it will be awesome for club bookings.
The guy who set all the bench marks today was Adam Swain.
I told Adam to fish it like he would skylark at westwood his local Lake. This he did and took no prisoners.
Drawn on end peg 10 he caught both f1s and Carp with an impressive net for the conditions.
The one that fished the worst was ultimate. Due to the very low water levels the cold rain had a bigger impact than the others.
Names are now being taken for next years match.
All you need to do is finish in the top 3 from any club or Open Match to qualify. You must come and let me know and put your name on the list in the cafe and also confirm you will be fishing at least 2 weeks before the match.
Lake winner.
Adam Swain. Peg 10. 118lb 05oz
Section 1.
Tony wood. Peg 3. 98lb
Section 2.
Luke Morley. Peg 16. 94lb 02oz
Section 3.
Al Wilson. Peg 20. 80lb 06oz
Lake win.
Chris mack. Peg 7. 89lb 02oz
Section 1.
Dean Marshall. Peg 6. 35lb 01oz
Section 2.
Mick Ellison. Peg 9. 33lb 09oz
Section 3.
Zak Warby. Peg 18. 16lb 09oz
Lake winner.
Mark Rodger. Peg 13. 84lb 07oz
Section 1.
Kev drury. Peg 4. 62lb 05oz
Section 2.
Rich kerridge. Peg 18. 42lb 03oz
Section 3.
Si piggott. Peg 25. 82lb 08oz.
Lake winner.
Andy Bryant. Peg 8. 81lb 02oz
Section 1.
Paul hart. Peg 1. 32lb 15oz
Section 2.
Mark Lidgard. Peg 24. 39lb 14oz
Section 3.
Dennis lee. Peg 37. 53lb 12oz
One more person to thank is my hardworking wife Julie.
She was up at 4.30am and in the cafe at 5 to do all the food prep etc for today. 💖
Thanks everyone for making the day special.