Weekend Results Update

Open on Gold Lake

1st Geoff Edwards 53.8lb peg 17. Small banjo with corn on hook . Micros in banjo . Carp to 7lb.

2nd Dave Berry 51.8lb peg 18.

3rd Graham Garrod 16.8lb peg 20.

New Year’s Eve Open on Silver Lake

1st Dave Berry 19lb peg 20. Method with micros. 6m banded pellet. F1s + roach,

2nd Ian Colbeck 15.8lb peg 32.

3rd Brian Peel 9lb peg 24.

Section wins

Graham Garrod peg 12 + Carl Willian’s peg 19 both with 7.12lb

Ivon Mitchell peg 25 + Geoff Edwards peg 28 both with 6.12lb