Wold View August Open Match Results

Open match results:-
1-Bill Shep 88lb 8
Peg 6
2-frank church 59lb 14
Peg 18
3-John Neller 40lb
Peg 12
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who competed.
The weather wasn’t too bad for once – a happy medium which made fishing a bit more pleasurable.
The gold peg was drawn by Bill Shep on peg 6 on-ultimate .Congratulations to Bill, who not only won this open match prize money but also won the gold peg – well done 👍
Today’s open match results on Silver
1-Simon Fields 130lb 9
Peg 36
2-Alan Tuck 103lb 15
Peg 30
3- Frank 81lb 2
Peg 16
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who competed.
A mixed bag with the weather today, and a lot cooler in temperatures compared to recent weather.
Well fished 👍
Today’s open results: Gold
1-Andy Clark 220lb 15
Peg 20
2-Stephen Hutchinson 178lb 1
Peg 35
3-Lee Braithwaite 146lb 15
Peg 18
Well done today in the rain and wind. Very good weights out of Gold today.
Steve Blanchard :139lb 4
Peg 16
Lewis Ringwood 121b5
Peg 12
Well fished and thanks to all who competed
Today’s open match results:
1-Ryan Lidgard 161lb 7
Peg 20
2-Andy Clark 119lb 9
Peg 35
3-Marc Rogers 116lb 13
Peg 5
4-Nathan Watson 109lb 3
Peg 21
Nice to see a good turnout today and congratulations today’s winners.
Some nice weights come out of gold today – well fished .
The weather started bad but faired up in the afternoon.
Veterans match results:Gold
1-Roger Codd 67lb 2
Peg 37
2-Kev Tanner 63lb 4
Peg 9
3-Ray Pooley 63lb 1
Peg 25
Congratulations to the winners on this veterans match, and thanks to all who competed.
Our very brave veteran’s we’re out in a storm! I thought at 6am when I saw the storm outside that no one would turn up.
But.. 11 people turned up. It seems our veterans are made of tuff stuff – whatever the weather. Well done.
open match results: Silver
1-Lewis Ringwood 96lb 2
Peg 32
2-Ryan Lidgard 92lb 11
Peg 30
3-Simon Fields 86lb 10
Peg 25
Well done lads 👍
Not too bad weather really today but we were quite lucky as during the weigh in, the black clouds arrived and the cool wind picked up….. and as the anglers were packing up came along high winds and lashed it down with rain.
Well fished see you soon
Open match results: Gold
1-Mick Ellison 184.13lb
2-James Treadgold 140.12lb
Peg 20
3-Mr S Brom 100.14lb
Peg 35
Well done to the open match winners. A tough day to fish with high winds and rain on occasions – the high winds played havoc for anglers so well fished.
Today’s open match results:
1-Arty 149lb 14
peg 20
2-Carl Braithwaite 118lb 11
Peg 18
3-Jamie Green 83lb 10
Peg 4
Another good turnout on this afternoon’s open match which is always nice to see.
Well done to the winners 👍
Today’s veterans match results: silver lake
1-John white 107lb 14
Peg 8
2-Paul Larthwell 79lb 2
3-Graham North 72llb 13
Peg 12
Well done
Section winners:-
Tim Goldby 71lb 8 peg37
Ray pauley 67lb 2 peg20
Eddie 56lb 14 peg16
Well done
Mixed weather today and muggy at times with showers.
Thanks to all competitors today and hope to see you all next week.
Match results:silver
1-Paul Wright 156lb
Peg 25
2-Simon Fields 134lb 12oz
Peg 19
3-Marc Rodgers 120lb 4oz
Well done to today’s winners.
A different contrast to the weather conditions compared to last weeks heatwave.
Today was blustery with showers and at times a little cold.
Thanks to all who competed today and best of luck on your next match you attend here.
Today’s open match results
Silver lake
1-Simon Fields 139.11
Peg 21
2-Stephen 113.6
Peg 2
3-Bill Shep 78.13
Peg 17
Well done to today’s winners.
Open match on Gold lake
1- Mick Ellison 139lb 6 peg37
2-Simon Todd 95lb 2 peg35
3-Lee Popham 93lb 4 peg12
Congratulations to the winners on Fridays match – the weather was mild and a little cloudy at times.
Thanks for fishing at wold view fisheries
Veteran results on Gold
1-Mick Ellison 65.8oz
Peg 17
2-Bill marsh 61.8oz
Peg 35
3-Sam smith 55.6oz
Peg 22
Section winners:-
Dave Edwards 45.7oz peg 10
John white 52.0oz peg 20
Tim Goldby 44.4oz peg 26
Today’s open match results
Silver Lake
1-Stephen Blanchard 147.11
Peg 18
2-Paul Hart 143.10
Peg 16
3-Lewis Ringwood 131.14
Peg 5
Well done to the winners. Another very warm muggy day today. A good turnout and some new anglers joined the open match today which is always nice to see .
Today’s open match results:
1-Stephen Tuplin 60lb 2
Peg 30
2-Danny Bowskill 57lb 12
Peg 35
3-Tom Cawthorn 50lb 2
Peg 19
Well done to the winners. Much more tolerable weather conditions today – still warm with a lovely cool breeze all day which was very refreshing after yesterday’s stifling heat.
A quick mention to 1st place winner mr Stephen Tuplin who is a newcomer to wold view and he was chuffed not only for his win but his weight is a personal best – well done.
Thanks to all competitors.
Today’s open match results on Gold
1-Lee Popyam 140lb 1oz
Peg 20
2- Adrian Cobb 134lb 7oz
Peg 22
3- Bill Shep 130lb 1oz
Peg 16
4-Lewis Ringwood 112lb 6oz
Peg 36
Congratulations to all four winners on today’s open match.
We all know just how hot it’s been today – so I admire all anglers who competed today sitting in the heat (with sunscreen on I hope).
Today’s open match results:
Gold lake
1-Bill Shep 150lb 7
Peg 7
2-Owen Newman 110lb 8
Peg 37
3-Phil Taylor 100lb 5
Peg 13
4-Alex Mcntyre 82lb 12
Peg 4
Well done to all the winners and thanks to all competitors.
Veterans result
On silver
1- Graham North 87.6
Peg 19
2- Dave Blanchard 70.14
Peg 18
3- Ray Garton 59.15
Peg 31
Section wins:-
Paul Larthwell 55.3
Peg 35
Stewart Read 53.10
Peg 5
Norm 40.13
Peg 17
Congratulations to all the winners on this weeks veterans match.
As always nice to see a good turnout and the weather wasn’t too bad.
Apologies for the late announcement of the results. results – hope to see you all again next Tuesday.
Any newcomers are welcome to fish veterans match on a Tuesday providing you are aged 60+ – just turn up and compete. Thankyou
Saturday – Gold
1-Simon Fields 206lb 1
Peg 35
2- Bill Shep 120lb 120.13
Peg 8
3- mr R Kerridge 82lb 1
Peg 20
Sunday Open match on silver
1- Marc Rodgers 97lb 5
2- Simon Fields 78lb 4
Peg 36
3- Steve Blanchard 74lb 12
Peg 9
Well done to all the weekend match winners and thanks to all match competitors.
From Monday 3 August 2020
ALL Match Draws will be done outside (or under the shelter at the doors if it’s raining)
Can we please remind all anglers face coverings are mandatory when in the cafe and tackle shop unless eating and to please keep 2m distance.
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