Wold View August Open Match Results

pen match.
Gold lake
31st August
Well done Simon the master once again.
1st. Simon fields
Peg 10. 90lb 10oz
2nd. Steve alderson
Peg 37. 65lb 10oz
3rd. Russ Parsons.
Peg 7. 58lb 08oz
4th. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 24. 56lb 05oz
5th. Steve Watson.
Peg19. 54lb 08oz
6th. Eric.
Peg 9. 47lb 07oz

Veterans open
Gold and silver.
27th August.
Well done Dave Daniels on a super win.
1st. David Daniels
Peg 2S. 108lb 04oz.
2nd. Nev Fisher.
Peg 18G. 100lb 03oz
Section 1. Mick Ellison.
Peg 8G. 64lb 15oz
Section 2. Tony booth.
Peg 28G. 93lb 08oz
Section 1. Tony Burman.
Peg 9S. 71lb 08oz
Section 2. Bill marsh.
Peg 20G. 77lb 02oz

Bank holiday Monday
Teams of 3.
Gold/silver/ ultimate
What a great match and without flaw. When Maccy drew peg 25S and it was the golden peg I thought it was all over. But his team mate fieldsy on 37G wasn’t obliging. Such a good result for their team but anglers like these on pegs as good as these are hard to beat.
Well done everyone in that heat today.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 37G. 229lb 01oz
2nd. Russ parson.
Peg 18G. 173lb 06oz
3rd. Mark Wakefield
Peg 35G. 152lb 14oz
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 25G. 221lb 11oz
2nd. Jonny James.
Peg 2S. 180lb 04oz
3rd. Mark lidgard
Peg 6S. 137lb 04oz
1st. Mark Critcher.
Peg 24U. 112lb 15oz
2nd. Kev drury.
Peg 8S. 89lb 10oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 13U. 80lb 08oz
1st. 3 points.
Mark Critcher.
Chris Mack.
Simon fields.
2nd. 7 points
Kev drury.
Mark Wakefield
Jonny James.
3rd. 11 points
Russ Parsons.
Luke Morley.

Sat 24th August
Open match.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 6. 114lb
2nd. Steve conlan
Peg 11. 88lb 13oz
3rd. Norm hewis.
Peg 2. 64lb 08oz.

Veterans open.
Gold and silver.
20th August
A very close match on silver but bill the bagger marsh took the honours off gold today.
1st. Bill Marsh.
Peg 13G. 90lb 03oz
2nd. Nev Fisher.
Peg 32S. 78lb 10oz.
Section 1. Mick duke.
Peg 12S. 61lb 13oz
Section 2. Tony booth.
Peg 20S. 77lb 08oz
Section 3. Graham Ellis.
Peg 25S. 77lb 06oz.
Section 1. Dave Blanchard
Peg 7G. 40lb 12oz
Section 2. Steve southern
Peg 10G. 48lb 11oz
Section 3. Mike bavestock
Peg 23G. 67lb 06oz

Open match.
Silver lake
Sun 18th Aug
Well attended match
1st. Chris Mack
Peg 15. 93lb 11oz
2nd. Ian coulbeck
Peg 2. 87lb 08oz
3rd. Andy king.
Peg 36. 79lb 06oz
4th. Simon Todd
Peg 21. 75lb 07oz
5th. Russ Parsons.
Peg 26. 69lb 06oz
6th. Steve pretty.
Peg 7. 68lb 10oz.

Saturday open match.
17th August.
Silver lake.
Over 3 inch of water topped the lakes up from the downpours this week.
It was always going to slow sport a little but didn’t slow down in form angler Mark Lidgard.
Drawing peg 7 he was a bit disappointed but to be fair those pegs are doing ok.
He went on to win and I almost saw a 😊.
1st. Mark lidgard.
Peg 7. 146lb
2nd. Daniel Croft
Peg 25. 119lb 04oz
3rd. Nathan young.
Peg 36. 93lb 13oz
4th. Russ Parsons.
Peg 27. 93lb 11oz
5th. Gaz burks.
Peg 30. 79lb 10oz
6th steve wilford.
Peg 32. 79lb 05oz.

Thursday feeder qualifier
Gold lake.
15th Aug.
Not a very good start to the day but it brightened up later.
What a great summer!
1st. Keith Birkett
Peg 17. 99lb 03oz
2nd. Trev Thompson
Peg 8. 87lb 02oz
3rd. Andy westhead
Peg 20. 79lb 13oz.

Open match.
Wednesday 14th August
Gold lake
The afternoon matches generally have better weights. Today was torrential rain and cold though.
Russ Parsons has asked for his mail to delivered to peg 18 seeing as he was on it again but he’s got it sussed on here now.
Well done again Russ.
1st. Russ Parsons.
Peg 18. 156lb 10oz
2nd. Richard kerridge
Peg 20. 133lb 12oz.
3rd. Mike Newman.
Peg 9. 114lb 03oz
4th. Jamie coppock.
Peg 26. 95lb 13oz
5th. Martyn short.
Peg 22. 87lb 13oz.
6th. Owen Newman
Peg 3. 72lb 01oz.

Veterans open.
Gold and ultimate lakes.
Tue 13th Aug.
1st. Chris Phillips
Peg 10G. 145lb 13oz
2nd. Graham Ellis.
Peg 11G. 111lb 07oz
Section 1. Graham barnard.
Peg 2G. 63lb 08oz
Section 2. John hood
Peg 13G. 57lb 09oz
Section 3. David Blanchard
Peg 19G. 99lb 01oz
Section 4. Paul Quinton
Peg 35G. 80lb 03 oz.
Section 1. Tony booth.
Peg 3U. 85lb 12oz
Section 2. Mick Ellison
Peg 22U. 101lb 08oz.

Sunday open
Ultimate lake
11th August
It may seem like the summer has never arrived this year compared to last years constant heat wave
But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a time when things improve and it’s about to get much better I reckon.
The fishing has been patchy to say the least but recent weights have started to improve. I wish everything was that simple.
Fish will only feed when they are ready and I think it’s about time.
Today was a bit hit and miss but Shaun moss definitely got it right and blitzed the field.
With a few years of fishing with me he knows how determined I am and never gives up just like me.
He started as he meant to go on, positive and with a good state of mind.
Well done Shaun
1st. Shaun Moss
Peg 13. 131lb 04oz
2nd. Steve pretty.
Peg 7. 82lb.
3rd. Steve Watson.
Peg 9. 77lb 04oz.

Saturday open match.
Silver lake
10th August.
Gale force winds were the order of the day.
It was not the best fishing weather but it’s calming down for tomorrow.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 30. 123lb 01oz
2nd. Ian sadler.
Peg 36. 96lb 05oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 5. 84lb 06oz
4th. Daniel Croft.
Peg 32. 82lb 02oz.
5th. Ken swyer.
Peg 18. 68lb 08oz
6th. Graham garrod.
Peg 20. 65lb 04oz.

Pole qualifier / open match
Silver lake
Thursday 8th August
There’s no mistaking Simon Piggott can catch a few fish. He just rubbed it in a little today with a stunning victory dominating the rest albeit a low turnout.
1st. Simon Piggott.
Peg 22. 236lb.
2nd. Nathan young.
Peg 30. 145lb 04oz
3rd. Paul Mountford
Peg 27. 77lb 07oz.

Wednesday afternoon match
Gold lake
Aug 7th.
My first match for a few weeks and I must be a bit rusty. Loosing loads of big fish was very costly but happy with the result off the peg.
1st. Mark lidgard.
Peg 7. 113lb 02oz
2nd. Andy saunby.
Peg 20. 105lb 10oz
3rd. Graham garrod.
Peg 13. 99lb 14oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 30. 94lb 08oz
5th. Tony booth.
Peg 5. 90lb 04oz
6th. James young.
Peg 26. 76lb 14oz.

Veterans open.
Gold and silver
6th August
A close match again today but ken wood took the honours off gold.
I said at the draw the winner could come from anywhere and would be a close call.
1st. Ken wood.
Peg 9G. 87lb 14oz
2nd. John white.
Peg 18S. 87lb 03oz
Section 1. Trev Thompson
Peg 16G. 55lb 10oz
Section 2. Stewart read.
Peg 22G. 80lb 03oz
Section 1. Alan Malkin.
Peg 2S. 83lb 09oz
Section 2. Dave Blanchard
Peg 32S. 83lb 11 oz.

Open match
Sunday 4th August
Silver lake.
Things are starting to improve now on silver, not before time.
The recent rain has cooled the water a bit and the fish are now more willing to feed.
Nathan Watson brick his duck on here and finally got a win.
Well done.
1st. Nathan Watson.
Peg 31. 139lb 15oz
2nd. Mark Critcher.
Peg 5. 130lb 08oz
3rd. Russ Parsons.
Peg 2. 118lb 04oz
4th Chris Mack.
Peg 16. 98lb 10oz.
5th. Paul Brocklebank
Peg 35. 95lb 12oz
6th. Bill sheppard
Peg 36. 90lb 04oz.

Open match. gold lake
Saturday 3rd August
That Russ Parsons has only gone and done it again.
He’s on fire at the moment and to be honest it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
1st. Russ Parsons.
Peg 18. 195lb 12oz
2nd. Luke Morley
Peg 16. 108lb 03oz
3rd. Chris Phillips
Peg 2. 103lb 11oz.
4th. Mark Rodger.
Peg 20. 84lb 03oz
5th. Kev drury.
Peg 26. 74lb 06oz
6th. Mark Lidgard
Peg 28. 63lb 07oz.

Open match.
Friday 2nd Aug
Gold lake.
That Russ Parsons is getting to be hard to beat recently.
He’s done it again today in style. Well done mate.
1st. Russ Parsons.
Peg 18. 191lb 12oz
2nd. Dave small.
Peg 7. 93lb 05oz
3rd. Martyn short.
Peg 16. 86lb 14oz
4th. Trev stokes.
Peg 22. 85lb 12oz
5th. Tom Patrick.
Peg 13. 72lb 06oz
6th. Paul Bates.
Peg 9. 43lb 01oz.