Wold View December Match Results

Veterans open
Silver lake
30th dec.
Graham Ellis took the right approach today fishing for silvers on a very calm day.
There were just a few carp caught but silvers saved the day.
I paid 3 sections only today to make the match a bit fairer knowing it would be hard.
Sec 1. Geoff Overton.
Peg 18. 12lb 03oz
Sec 2. Graham Ellis
Peg 21. 20lb 12oz
Sec 3. Norman hewis.
Peg 31. 14lb 02oz.

Open match.
Ultimate lake
Sunday 29th dec
Freezing cold winds made fishing the pole very hard. Some really struggled and just had a few silvers but there were a few pockets of feeding fish if you could find them.
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg 9. 32lb 03oz
2nd Stephen Pretty
Peg 11. 28lb 06oz
3rd. Shaun Moss
Peg 20. 27lb 03oz
4th. Ian sadler.
Peg 8. 27lb 02oz
5th. Adrian cobb.
Peg 21. 9lb 14oz
6th. Paul newsham.
Peg 10. 8lb 11oz

Open match
Ruby lake
Saturday 28th dec.
Although the match was a bit Peggy there were plenty of fish caught.
Nathan Young was smiling when I told him he would do well off the peg he drew and he didn’t disappoint.
Not a bad days fishing for the time of year.
1st. Nathan Young.
Peg 4. 77lb
2nd. Keith Birkett
Peg 7. 52lb.
3rd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 3. 23lb.

Veterans open
Monday 23rd dec
A very slow match with only a few carp getting caught. Silvers would have done the damage today.
Well done Norman making it 2 out of 3 now.
1st. Norman hewis.
Peg 30. 23lb 07oz
Sec 1. Eric altoft.
Peg 18. 19lb 06oz
Sec 2. Graham Ellis.
Peg 35. 19lb 08oz.

Open match.
Sunday 22nd dec.
It looks like the fish have moved back into the corner. Bill sheppard had a convincing win from peg 5 today.
It’s been a bit slow there for weeks so I’ve left it out and it looks like the rest has done it good.
Well done bill.
1st. William Sheppard
Peg 5. 75lb 12oz
2nd. Chris Mack.
Peg 21. 42lb 08oz
3rd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 19. 29lb 06oz
4th. Graham garrod.
Peg 26. 23lb 05oz
5th. Brian peall
Peg 35. 21lb 08oz
6th. Ian sadler.
Peg 17. 19lb 13oz.

Open match
Sat 21st dec
I was going to peg it out but a certain person insisted that we had a rover. I think after 20 mins he was regretting it.
No names mentioned. But you may guess from the pic.
Well done to Norman today, he had our pants down fishing the reeds in the margins
1st. Norman hewis.
Peg 9. 46lb 06oz
2nd. Steve Gregory
Peg 6. 28lb 12oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 2. 5lb 07oz.

Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 17th dec.
A freezing cold day today. Cat ice on the lakes this morning.
Well that’s winter fishing for you.
Well done ken hill on a hard match.
1st. Ken hill
Peg 32. 25lb 01oz
Section 1. Dave Daniels.
Peg 2. 6lb 05oz
Section 2. Steve credland.
Peg 26. 11lb 12oz
Section 3. Eric altoft.
Peg 34. 20lb 10oz

Open match
Sunday 15th dec
Low turnout today so we had a rover.
Only 2 bothered the scales.
1st. Nathan Young.
Peg 5. 20lb 05oz
2nd. Ray Pauley.
Peg 12. 10lb 05oz

Open match
Saturday 14th dec
With fishing getting harder I decided to put it on ruby knowing there would only be a few fishing.
At least a few bites could be expected albeit small fish.
Even these were reluctant but we managed a few between us.
1st. Steve Gregory
Peg 2. 23lb 05oz
2nd. Steve pretty.
Peg 6. 19lb 09oz
3rd. Matt Bradley
Peg 3. 17lb 05oz

Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 10th dec.
Gale force winds met the few who turned out today. It wasn’t fishing weather but the guys stuck it out.
The weights were low but spirits high.
1st. Eric altoft
Peg 18. 18lb 13oz
2nd. Bill marsh.
Peg 36. 16lb 15oz
3rd. Dave Edwards.
Peg 32. 16lb 13oz.

Open match
Sunday 8th dec
Silver lake.
I was going to fish today but after Julie decided to break her little toe I had to don the apron and duster. (I want to break free moment)
As it happens it fished quite hard and a bitterly cold wind blew after all that heavy rain
Well done pretty boy, same peg same result as last week.
1st. Steve pretty.
Peg 26. 27lb 12oz
2nd. Norman hewis.
Peg 30. 22lb 09oz
3rd. Shaun moss.
Peg 20. 16lb 08oz
4th. Ian sadler.
Peg 22. 16lb 06oz
5th. Graham garrod.
Peg 32. 13lb 01oz
6th. Brian peall.
Peg 35. 11lb 08oz

Open match.
Canal lake.
Saturday 7th dec.
A dry day for a change and the first fishing I’ve done for ages.
I didn’t really fancy the peg but to be fair it was just nice to get out fishing regardless.
It did fish quite even and better than expected.
1st. Keith Birkett
Peg 22. 46lb 06oz
2nd. Brian peall.
Peg 13. 35lb 11oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 19. 30lb 04oz
4th. Matt Bradley
Peg 8. 25lb 02oz
5th. Graham garrod.
Peg 2. 22lb 06oz
6th. Steve pretty.
Peg 16. 16lb 06oz.

Veterans open
Bronze lake
Tue 3rd dec.
After the lakes being half frozen yesterday I knew it would be hard going. I wasn’t far wrong either. There were a few dnw among the ranks but Dave Edwards found a few in peg 1 to claim victory and leave graham north to claim the section with just 1oz.
1st. Dave Edwards
Peg 1. 46lb 02oz
Section 1. Graham North.
Peg 4. 1oz
Section 2. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 10. 32lb.
Section 3. Barry Osborne
Peg 16. 27lb.

Open match.
Sunday 1st dec
Silver lake.
Everyone were slipping and sliding on the roads this morning and a couple almost reached the railway when breaking for the gate.
Yes it was extremely icy and cold.
Yesterday’s results must have put some off today but Shaun moss showed that it’s still possible to catch a few in the cold.
1st. Shaun Moss
Peg 22. 53lb 12oz
2nd. M Bradley.
Peg 18. 25lb 07oz
3rd. K Mcquiston.
Peg 32. 23lb 13oz
4th. Graham garrod.
Peg 35. 17lb 11oz
5th. Brian peall.
Peg 26. 15lb 02oz
6th. Ian sadler.
Peg 6. 14lb.