Wold View February Open Matches

Open match results:-
1st place Kev drury on ultimate peg 1 weight 48lb 5oz
2nd place Simon piggot on silver on peg 35 weight 40lb
3rd place Steve pretty on bronze peg 12 weight 29lb 5oz
Weather was windy and chilly and odd snow showers. Well done to all the winners on today’s match and thanks to all anglers fishing the match


Veterans match results on silver:
1st section place Rob peg 5
Weight 28lb 2oz
2nd section place David Daniels peg 26
Weight 14lb 6oz
3rd section place Eric Altoft peg 33
Weight 19lb 1oz
An overcast mixed weather concoction today, seemed like all four seasons came in a single day.
Well done to all the veteran anglers who won in the match, and all who joined in.


Today’s open match results:-
1st place Mr I Sadler on bronze peg 11 weight 77lb 5oz
2nd place Keith Burkett on silver peg 27 weight 73lb 2oz
3rd place Mr Curtis on ultimate peg 11 weight 49lb 7oz
4th place Paul Hart on silver peg 5 weight 38lb 7oz
5th place Mr N York on ultimate peg 7 weight 38lb 1oz
6th place Mr M Bradley on silver peg 19 weight 37lb 4oz
A superb turnout today of 19 anglers for the open match rover- more than anticipated for a chilly and cloudy Sunday – thanks for coming and I hope you all enjoyed your match 😁

Open match results:
1st place Steve Stephen Pretty on Bronze peg 4 weighing in at 80lb 2oz
2nd place Matt Bradley on Bronze peg 19 weighing in at 59lb 8oz
3rd place Norman Hewiss on Bronze peg 6 weighing in at 50lb 3oz
Well done to the winners today.
Windy and heavy downpours at times. Nice to see some good weights for this time of year.

Open Veterans Match
1st section win – Stewart Read on Silver, peg 21 with a weight of 27lb 5oz.
2nd section win – Kevin Copley on Silver, peg 35 with a weight of 18lb 7oz.
Good turn out for the match on a nice cold breezy day.


Today’s open match results:-
1st place – Matt York on silver Peg 5. Weight 114lb 4oz
2nd place – Bill Shep on bronze Peg 19. Weight 103lb 5oz
3rd place – Chris Mack on bronze Peg 5.
Weight 100lb 5oz
A great match today with brilliant weights considering the weather conditions, wind, rain and hailstones. Well done lads 👍


Today’s open match results:-
1st place – Steve Pretty on bronze on peg 12
weight 84lb 7oz
2nd place – Matt Bradley on silver on peg 5
Weight 57lb 5oz
3rd place – Norman Hewiss on bronze on peg 18
Weight 56lb
Another blustery day – well done to all who once again , braved the elements and fished the match…. proving that the anglers are a lot tougher than storm “Dennis the menace”

1th February 2020
Veterans open match on silver:-
1st place section win was Cliff Thornhill on peg 20 weighing in at 14lb 1oz
2nd place section win was Dave Blanchard on peg 21 weighing in at 10lb 2oz
Well done and thanks to all anglers for fishing on a chilly and breezy day with a flutter of snow.

9th February 2020
Open match on Bronze
1st Stephen Pretty on Peg 11 90lb 6oz
2nd Stephen Hutchinson on Peg 2 45lb 7oz
3rd Mark Wakefield on Peg 19 24lb 1oz
Thanks to all the brave anglers who fished the match in 60mph winds 💨 and torrential rain 🌧

Saturday 8th February
Open Match Results
1st Dave Ringwood Bronze Lake Peg 2 96lb 12oz.
2nd Ian Marshall Bronze Lake Peg 11 75lb 1oz.
3rd Bill Shep Ultimate Lake Peg 24 30lb 1oz.
4th Stephen Hutchinson Silver Lake Peg 2 20lb 1oz.
Another fantastic turnout, fair weather with a bit of cloud.
Bronze being a popular choice after being restocked with plenty of new fish in it. Thanks and well done to all anglers for fishing today.

Sunday 2nd February
Open rover
1st Paul Hart Peg 9 Ultimate Lake 44lb 6oz.
2nd Bill Shep Peg 24 Ultimate Lake 44lb 5oz.
3rd Danny Croft Peg 12 Ultimate Lake 37lb 2oz.
Despite the morning rain a good turnout for the match and also for the day tickets. Rain not stopping play for serious anglers. Thanks to all who came and fished today.

Saturday 1st February
Open Match Results
1st Brian peall Ultimate Lake Peg 9 42lb 12oz.
2nd Stephen Blanchard Silver Lake Peg 5 34lb 7oz. 3rd Carl Braithwaite Gold Lake Peg 11 28lb 1oz.