Wold View January Open Match Results

Open match.
Gold lake
Saturday 4th Jan.
Not been fished for a while due to water levels. It fished hard but well done to Matt Bradley on his victory.
1st. Matt Bradley
Peg 20. 30lb 12oz
2nd. Andy saunby.
Peg 18. 9lb 07oz
3rd. Norman hewis
Peg 16. 9lb 06oz
4th. Jt. Bri peall.
Peg 12. 8lb 06oz
4th. Jt. Ian sadler
Peg 35. 8lb 06oz
6th. Billy Collins.
Peg 36. 4lb 03oz

Open match.
Sunday 5th Jan
Silver lake.
There’s no stopping that macky, he must be a fish in disguise.
1st Chris Mack.
Peg 35. 43lb 04oz
2nd. Barry Osborne
Peg 5. 33lb 08oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 20. 33lb 07oz
4th. Norman hewis.
Peg 21. 19lb 04oz
5th. Darren Gowshall
Peg 32. 15lb 01oz.
6th. Brian peall.
Peg 17. 13lb.

Veterans open
Tuesday 7th Jan
Silver lake.
Section 1. Billy Collins.
Peg 5. 19lb 01oz
Section 2. Graham Ellis.
Peg 20. 27lb 07oz
Section 3. John white.
Peg 36. 21lb 07oz

Sunday 12th January
Open match silver Lake
Mark Critter peg 21 weighed in at 34lb 2oz
Chris Mack peg 35 22lb 7.
Bill shep peg 10 weight 22lb 5

Thursday Jan 14th
Veterans Open
Silver Lake
Good turnout despite the conditions!
1st Dave Daniels Peg 32 22lb 7oz
2nd Graham Ellis Peg 30 20lb 4oz
3rd Kevin Copley Peg 21 17lb 3oz
4th Ken Wood Peg 22 16lb 1oz

Sunday 19th January
Rover match across all the lakes
1st Bill Sheppard Peg 9 Island 90lb 2oz
2nd Ian Sadler Peg 8 Ultimate 60lb
3rd Chris Mack Peg 5 Silver 47lb 3oz

Tuesday 21st January
Veterans Open Match on Silver Lake
1st Barry Osbourne 41.1lb Peg 31 (Section Winner)
2nd Eric Altoft 34.5lb Peg 19
3rd Roger Codd 16.1lb Peg 32 (Section Winner)

Open Rover match results
1st Bill Shep Island Lake 43.5lb Peg 9
2nd Ian Sadler Ultimate Lake 38.4lb Peg 11
3rd Norman Hughes Bronze Lake 35.1lb Peg 3

Saturday 26th January
Open Match Rover
1st Chris Mack Ultimate Peg 9 123lb 14oz
2nd Mark Critter Ultimate Lake Peg 12 51lb 6oz
3rd Norman Hewiss Bronze Lake Peg 2 35lb 4oz

Tuesday 28th January
Open Veterans Match on Silver Lake
1st Dave Blanchard Peg 20 19lb 4oz
2nd Stewart Read Peg 30 18lb
3rd Roger Codd Peg 12 3lb 7oz