Wold View June Open Match Results

Today’s veterans results on Gold
1st Ray Garton 65lb 8oz
Peg 10
2nd Tim Goldby 65lb 3oz
Peg 22
3rd John White 55lb 7oz
Peg 25
Section Winners:
Terry Leonard 48lb 10oz
Peg 5
Ken Wood 44lb 1oz
Peg 18
Mr M Baverstock 40lb
Peg 31
Well done to all the winners and section winners. A good turnout and the weather was fair today.


Open match on canal
1st Mark Rodgers 80lb 6
Peg 13
2nd Stephen Hutchinson
49lb. Peg 22
Well done

Open match on silver lake
1st place Andy Clark 138lb 11oz
Peg 36
2nd Chris Phillips 109lb 10oz
Peg 10
Well done to the winners on today’s match. The weather today was mix n match, sunny then heavy winds and rain – then fine again.
A special congratulations to Mr Andy Clark who not only won today’s open match but also drew the golden peg,and won the £305.00 in the pot!! Well done Andy.

Friday Open Match on Gold
1st Ryan Lidgard 171lb 9oz
Peg 7
2nd Carl Braithwaite 100lb 12oz
Peg 18
3rd Russ Parsons 86lb 8oz
Peg 2
Section winners:-
Andy Clark 85lb 8oz Peg 13
Lee Braithwaite 81lb 10oz Peg 25
Well done lads, good weights despite the hot weather, well fished.
The weather was stifling in blistering heat and humidity.
Then came the thunder and torrential downpours, including hail stones as well….crazy weather today.
The weather did not deter anglers who stuck it out until the end. Well done
People Reached

Today’s midweek open match results:- Silver
1st Andy Clark peg16
Weight 145lb 1oz
2nd Paul Hart peg 8
Weight 109lb 8oz
3rd Mark Wakefield peg 2
Weight 94lb 12oz
Well done to the three winners. A very hot day here today and still a good turnout on the match.
Anglers are happy that the midweek and Friday afternoon matches are now back on and we look forward to seeing keen new anglers who may want to give an open match a good go in the future.

Veteran’s Open on Silver Lake
1st Ian Whittles Peg 5 81lb 13oz
2nd T Goldby Peg 12 69lb 07oz
3rd D Simmons Peg 4 60lb 01oz
Section winners
Cliff Thornhill 50lb 7oz
Terry Leonard 54lb 11oz
John White 52lb 6oz
C Blendall 46lb 3oz
Red hot day and a very good turnout with 30 anglers

Match results on Gold.
1st place was Nathan Watson on peg 38 with an overall weight of 128lb 13oz.
2nd place was Simon Fields on peg 21 with an overall weight of 108lb 9oz.
3rd place was Ian Sadler on peg 19 with an overall weight of 71lb 1oz.
4th place was Marc Rodger on peg 20 with an overall weight of 68lb 12oz.

Open match on Silver Lake
1st Simon Fields 105.9
Peg 37
2nd Dean Marshall 100.5
Peg 25
3rd Paul Mountford 71.8
Peg 7
4th Stuart Parkin 67.7
Peg 8
Well done to today’s winners – well fished lads.

Open on Silver
1st place was Andy Clark with an overall weight of 140lb 11oz on peg 10.
2nd place was Barry Osbourne with an overall weight of 129lb 14oz on peg 18.
3rd place was Bill Sheppard with an overall weight of 116lb 15oz on peg 16.

Wednesday Open Match results
Gold Lake
1st Marc Rodger peg 37
Weight 176.8
2nd Karl Braithwaite peg 28
Weight 171.9
3rd Keith Easton peg 20
Weight 124.6
4th Andy Clark peg 22
Weight 114.11

Veterans results
16/6/20 Gold
1st Colin Blendall 80.8oz
Peg 26
2nd Sam Smith 79.7oz
Peg 17
3rd Stewart Read 68lb
Peg 27
Section winners:
Mike Baverstock peg7 63.5
Barry Osborne peg16 35.7
Bill Marsh peg 23 50lb 1
Dave Blanchard peg 35 41.12oz

Today’s open on Ultimate:
1st Marc Rogers 141lb 1oz
Peg 10
2nd Ryan Lidgard 130lb 11oz
Peg 12
3rd Mathew York 50lb 2oz
Peg 20
Well done to the winners and thanks to all who competed, good weights coming out of ultimate today.

Today’s open match on Silver:
1st Simon Fields on peg 21
Weight: 164lb 5oz
2nd Bill Shep peg 35
Weight: 161lb 5oz
3rd Steve Pritty on peg 13
Weight: 94lb 5oz
Another good match with good weights on silver – Well fished and all anglers enjoyed warm weather .

Fridays open match results:
On silver lake
1st Matt Pilley on peg 10
Weight: 223lb 15oz
2nd Paul Hart on peg 8
Weight: 146lb 11oz
3rd Mark on peg 22
Weight: 85lb 6oz
wow – superb weights out of silver on this match. Well done to our winners and thanks to all competitors.

Wednesday midweek match:
On Gold lake
1st Mark 153.6lb Peg 5
2nd M Wakefield 107.8lb Peg 35
3rd Paul Hart 98.6lb Peg 16
Well done to the winners and nice to see a good turnout for the midweek matches.
Battling the persistent rain and breeze, most anglers came well prepared with brollies and it just shows, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us – dedicated anglers are not put off by the weather.

Veterans match results: silver
1st Steve Baker 98.7lb
2nd Paul Larthwell 56.13lb
3rd T Stokes 54.7lb
Section winners:
Colin Taylor 42.5lb
Stuart Read 52lb
Colin Blendall 42.2lb
Billy Collins 52.3lb
Thanks and well done to all who fished today and good results for the winners.
The weather was lovely today and another good turnout. Very pleased to see familiar faces back on the matches and new anglers ready to compete.

Today’s open match results on gold lake are:
1st Dave Berry peg 16 166lb 4oz
2nd Dean Marshall peg 17
3rd John Thompson peg 13
92lb 2oz
Section wins:
Matty York peg 4 with 77lb 12oz
Mark Rogers peg 12 with 69lb 7oz
Ryan Lidgard peg 36 with 85lb 9oz
Good turnout today with some cracking weights. Well done to the winners and nice to see the anglers enjoy their match.

Today’s open results on Gold
1st R Parson 130lb 9oz
2nd Ryan Lidgard 111lb 12oz
3rd dean Marshall 111lb 5oz
4th lee Braithwaite 86lb 5oz
Fantastic turnout for our first afternoon match, 17 anglers, battled through the rain and colder temperatures .
Well done to the winners and everyone who fished today. We also welcome new anglers to wold View Fisheries.


1st Martin Gray peg 19
Weight 62lb 1oz
2nd place Bill March peg 11
Weight 54lb 6oz
3rd place Ray Garton peg 2
Weight 53lb 2oz
Section wins:
C Blendall peg 12 weight 42.5
M duke peg 16 weight 51.3
A well turned out match and nice to see everyone well and enthusiastic about matches being back on.