Wold View November Open Match Results


Open match/veterans open.
Silver lake.
Sat 30th nov.
A low turnout so I combined the 2 and did a rover and put them on silver.
It fished very hard due to the heavy frosts this morning.
Steve pretty was late just for a change so I had to pick him a peg. I think we should have shared the winnings.
1st. Stephen Pretty
Peg 26. 18lb 02oz
2nd. Geoff Overton.
Peg 7. 11lb 07oz
3rd. Keith Birkett
Peg 5. 11lb.

Veterans open
Gold lake
26th nov.
With this being the first match on here for weeks due to the water levels, I think they wished it was still on silver.
The weights were terrible and a lot of the fish were silvers.
1st. Dave Blanchard
Peg 8. 10lb 06oz
Section 1. John white.
Peg 7. 9lb 14oz
Section 2. Ken wood
Peg 16. 8lb 05oz
Section 3. Graham Ellis.
Peg 20. 8lb.

Open match
Silver lake
Sunday 24th November
A better day for fishing pity the fish didn’t feel that way. It was however very calm and flat which didn’t help.
Maccy found a few though, alternating methods he put together an impressive victory.
1st. Chris Mack
Peg 18. 72lb 04oz
2nd. Danny Croft.
Peg 35. 36lb 07oz
3rd. Keith Birkett
Peg 20. 35lb 06oz
4th. Adrian cobb
Peg 21. 35lb.
5th. Norman hewis
Peg 30. 30lb 12oz
6th. Barry Osborne
Peg 6. 17lb 06oz

Open match/veterans open
Bronze lake
Sat 23rd nov.
With hardly any takers today we combined the open and veterans open (7) and put it on bronze.
It fished hard and the fish were at the shallow end which is unusual.
The end 2 pegs got 1st and second, the only other person to catch was Brian peall who decided to catch a few silvers.
1st. Mark storey
Peg 4. 35lb 15oz
2nd. Norman hewis
Peg 12. 32lb 09oz
3rd. Brian peall
Peg 11. 7lb 06oz.

Veterans open
Silver lake
19th nov.
After the coldest night this year. -5 deg
The fish were a little less willing to feed.
Ken wood did the damage today away from the usual 21.
1st ken wood.
Peg 19. 30lb 03oz
Section 1.
Jt. Stu read
Peg 12. 12lb
Jt. Ken hill.
Peg 17. 12lb.
Section 2. Eric altoft
Peg 21. 27lb 08oz
Section 3. Dave Daniels.
Peg 31. 19lb 10oz.

Open match.
Silver lake.
Sunday 17 nov.
Well even though the rain still fell the fish were still biting. Dave ringwood was happy when he drew in form 21 and made the most of his draw to secure an easy victory.
It didn’t fish too bad to be honest.
1st. David Ringwood
Peg 22. 85lb 02oz
2nd. Chris Mack.
Peg 17. 65lb 04oz
3rd. Nathan Watson.
Peg 26. 59lb 08oz
4th. Bill sheppard
Peg 35. 59lb 06oz
5th. Steve Watson.
Peg 30. 20lb 14oz
6th. Brian peall.
Peg 18. 26lb 01oz

Open match
Silver lake
Sat 16 nov
The fish are still feeding in pockets and Barry Osborne found a few to go at on peg 21 on the was shallow.
1st. Barry Osborne.
Peg 21. 92lb 06oz
2nd. Dave ringwood.
Peg 17. 64lb 01oz.
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 6. 35lb 10oz.

Veterans open.
Bronze lake
Sat 16 nov.
Guess who!
Yes yet again bagger bill strikes but on a different lake today.
Bill with his bomb and pellet approach doing some damage but stu read not too far behind.
There’s some great fish in bronze and such a nice lake.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 10. 70lb 14oz
2nd. Stu read
Peg 4. 54lb 12oz
3rd. Steve credland.
Peg 7. 40lb 01oz

Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 12th nov
A cold wet and very hard days fishing today.
But bagger bill never fails to take advantage. It’s becoming a bit embarrassing but he’s done it again.
1st bill marsh.
Peg 17. 30lb 05oz
Section 1. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 12. 11lb 03oz
Section 2. Graham Ellis.
Peg 18. 22lb 13oz
Section 3. Stu read.
Peg 32. 27lb.

Open match
Silver lake
Sun 10th November
A much better day today with pleasant sun shine for a change.
Steve Watson found himself on a shed load of f1s on peg 26. Fishing waggler shallow he caught steadily all day. A good days fishing for this time of year.
1st. Steve Watson.
Peg 26. 103lb 08oz
2nd. Steve Gregory.
Peg 22. 66lb 05oz
3rd. Nathan Watson.
Peg 20. 58lb 03oz
4th. Chris Mack.
Peg 6. 52lb 01oz
5th. Shaun moss.
Peg 18. 42lb 09oz
6th. Steve pretty.
Peg 30. 40lb 13oz.

Veterans open/ open match
Due to poor turnout we combined the 2 matches. But it fished hard with Dave ringwood doing the damage.
1st. David Ringwood
Peg 18. 53lb 08oz
2nd. Barry Osborne
Peg 30. 28lb 01oz
3rd. Keith Birkett
Peg 26. 26lb 03oz
4th. Steve pretty.
Peg 22. 25lb
5th. Kev Copley.
Peg 20. 20lb 08oz
6th. Norman hewis
Peg 32. 18lb 02oz

Veterans open
Silver lake
5th nov.
They tipped showers today…………
……..torrential rain more like.
Bagger bill scored well today leaving the field in his wake.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 32. 76lb 01oz
Section 1. Ray Pauley
Peg 10. 20lb 03oz
Section 2. Steve credland.
Peg 22. 36lb 10oz
Section 3. Kev Copley.
Peg 35. 37lb 08oz.

Open match.
Sunday 3rd nov
At least the weather was slightly better today, even a few of the new f1s had a chew.
Well done Steve carter on the win.
1st. Steve Carter.
Peg 8. 52lb 12oz
2nd. Ian sadler.
Peg 24. 40lb 12oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 16. 38lb 12oz
4th. Keith Easton.
Peg 22. 37lb 06oz
5th. Jeff marsh.
Peg 6. 33lb 12oz
6th. Shaun moss.
Peg 10. 32lb 01oz.

Open match.
Ultimate lake.
2nd November
Only a few takers up today, I gather the weather put a lot off. Hard work with all the extra water too.
1st. Norman hewis
Peg 8. 33lb 04oz
2nd. Graham garrod.
Peg 10. 25lb 10oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 12. 17lb.

Veterans Saturday open
Silver lake
2nd November
Heavy rain all day made the fishing hard work. The fish didn’t feed that well either but that didn’t dampen spirits.
It fell to bagger bill to lead the way once again.
Well done all for sticking it out on such a horrible day.
1st bill marsh.
Peg 26. 26lb 07oz
2nd. Eric altoft.
Peg 17. 22lb 13oz
3rd. Cliff thornhill
Peg 19. 21lb 05oz