Wold View October Open Match Results


Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 29th October
A very hard match today with very little caught. What a great performance by graham Ellis though. He loves his silver fish and will just fish for these regardless just for an enjoyable days fishing. Today was one of those days where the plan worked.
With 35lb 03oz of silvers, mainly small roach he had hundreds of fish. What a catch.
1st. Graham Ellis.
Peg 30. 35lb 03oz
Section 1. John white.
Peg 10. 16lb 06oz
Section 2. John Watson.
Peg 16. 18lb 05oz
Section 3. Bill marsh.
Peg 22. 25lb 02oz
Section 4. Graham north.
Peg 32. 23lb 08oz.

Open match
Silver lake
Sun 27th October
A completely different day today.
A frosty start with lots of water running in from yesterday but the Sun was shining.
It was still very cold in the shade but compared to yesterday it was tropical.
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 11. 64lb 02oz
2nd. Jt. Simon fields peg 20
2nd. Jt. Mark Critcher. Peg 30
Both had 50lb 01oz
4th. Brian peall.
Peg 25. 42lb 01oz
5th. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 6. 40lb 08oz
6th. Stephen Pretty
Peg 18. 39lb 06oz.

Veterans open
Silver lake
22nd October
Severe frosts knocked the weights back today. But bill the bagger marsh managed to draw on the fish to take the honours.
1st. Bill marsh.
Peg 21. 51lb 12oz
Section 1. Ken wood
Peg 2. 25lb
Section 2. Eric altoft.
Peg 11. 15lb
Section 3. Mick Ellison.
Peg 20. 32lb 04oz
Section 4. Graham Ellis
Peg 30. 39lb 02oz

Open match.
Silver lake.
20th October.
Silver continues to be the best lake at present.
Still some tons to be had.
1st. Chris Mack.
Peg 31. 119lb 08oz
2nd. Mark Rodger.
Peg 36. 108lb 10oz
3rd. Bill sheppard.
Peg 2. 104lb 92oz
4th. Simon fields.
Peg 17. 74lb 06oz
5th. Shaun Moss
Peg. 8. 44lb 06oz
6th. Brian peall
Peg 21. 43lb.

Wold view feeder only
Final. Gold lake.
Well that was a grueller. The weights were well down and bites few and far between.
I never had a bite for 2 and half hours then just very odd fish until the last hour. I then made a mess of things, loosing about 7 carp 5 on the trot down the edge. COSTLY.
Would just like to say well done to Mel Taylor. She smashed Mark Critcher up off the next peg.
Also to Keith Birkett on his win.
1st. Keith birkett.
Peg 17. 53lb 13oz
2nd. Geoff Overton.
Peg 19. 52lb.
3rd. Dave Blanchard.
Peg 16. 46lb 04oz
4th. Steve Gregory
Peg 26. 40lb 15oz
5th. Sam smith.
Peg 9. 39lb 04oz
6th. Blythe Taylor
Peg 30. 32lb 15oz.

Open match
Saturday 19th Oct
Silver lake.
The water is at max now and it’s made the lake so much deeper.
It didn’t put the fish off really and it was close at the top.
Well done to David Ringwood beating Macky by ounces.
I fished today and struggled on the bomb but fished for skimmers the last 2 hours and had a good net of them 54lb with 24lb of small carp.
There’s 100lb of skimmers to be caught on there now.
1st. Dave ringwood.
Peg 9. 107lb
2nd. Chris Mack
Peg 2. 106lb 04oz
3rd. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 21. 79lb 15oz
4th. Steve pretty.
Peg 32. 78lb 14oz
5th. Steve gregory.
Peg 35. 78lb 08oz
6th. Michael J. Baverstock
Peg 19. 51lb 04oz.

Veterans open
Tue 15th Oct
With an almost flooded lake the vets did quite well considering
Well done Geoff Mason, he caught well late on.
1st. Geoff Mason.
Peg 35. 62lb 07oz
Section 1. Mick Ellison.
Peg 2. 50lb 07oz
Section 2. Colin Hydes.
Peg 10. 37lb 15oz
Section 3 Ken wood.
Peg 22. 52lb 10oz
Section 4. Graham Ellis.
Peg 36. 46lb 02oz.

Thank you match.
Sunday 13th Oct
What can I say apart from it was a wash out. Heavy rain all day and didn’t we know it.
Well done to all that stuck it out and especially to William Sheppard aka Jubilee Champ 2020.
He did the business on silver taking not only the section but the lake win and overall win too. A nice pick up today for him. Mines a larger mate.
It was rock hard on canal and few fish if any were caught on there with just 18lb winning the lake.
Still it was a good turnout for the conditions.
Section 1. Jeff marsh.
Peg 4. 67lb 09oz
Section 2. Keith Birkett
Peg 17. 82lb 05oz
Section 3. Simon fields.
Peg 20. 71lb 06oz.
Lake winner.
Keith Birkett.
Section 1. John dibnah
Peg 6. 59lb 14oz
Section 2. Bill sheppard
Peg 22. 135lb 10oz
Section 3. Garry Middleton
Peg 36. 48lb 10oz
Lake winner. Bill sheppard.
Section 1. Alex McIntyre
Peg 8. 58lb 04oz
Section 2. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 13. 75lb
Section 3. Graham lavender.
Peg 16. 29lb 03oz
Lake winner. Ryan lidgard.
Section 1. Matt hassle.
Peg 3. 12lb 04oz
Section 2. Steve Watson.
Peg 14. 18lb 14oz
Section 3. Beany.
Peg 19. 14lb 10oz
Lake winner. Steve Watson.
Overall winner
Bill (jubilee champ 2020) sheppard

Open match
Ultimate lake
Saturday 12oct.
A slightly better day today but it’s not looking good for tomorrow’s match. Let’s hope they get the weather wrong.
1st. Mark Lidgard
Peg 21. 57lb 05oz
2nd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 9. 55lb 14oz
3rd. David Ringwood
Peg 13. 48lb 03oz.

Veterans open
Gold lake
8th October
The lake fished harder today but David Daniels found a few off peg 11.
1st. Dave Daniels.
Peg 11. 64lb 13oz
Section 1. Stu read.
Peg 8. 33lb 15oz
Section 2. Mick Ellison.
Peg 20. 57lb 12oz
Section 3. Bill marsh
Peg 26. 38lb 03oz

3 day festival

It was a great 3 days and I was really out of touch with the fishing having only fished 5 times in as many months. However I did manage to get through with a little help from my friends rig boxes.
Day 1. Canal.
Over a foot of water in a week made it hard going but still enjoyable.
1st. Shaun moss.
Peg 8. 52lb 01 oz
2nd steve pretty
Peg 11. 40lb 14oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 6. 40lb 06oz
Day 2.
Gold lake.
1st. Mark Critcher.
Peg 21. 137lb 04oz
2nd. Alan Ralph.
Peg 7. 71lb.
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 26. 66lb 10 oz
Day 3.
1st. Mark Critcher.
Peg 26. 116lb 09oz
2nd. John lavender.
Peg 11. 69lb 15oz
3rd. Steve Gregory
Peg 32. 64lb 07oz
Overall results
1st. Mark Critcher
4 points.
2nd. Steve Gregory
6 points. 166lb.
3rd. Stephen Pretty
6 points. 163lb.
Well done to drawbag critter. Well fished.

Open match.
Gold lake.
Sunday 6th October
A poor turnout today due to the weather. But it fished half decent to be honest.
Damon Grundy asked me which peg to fish due to it being a rover
It worked out just as I thought and he managed a comfortable win
1st. Damon Grundy
Peg 7. 155lb 13oz
2nd. Rob Thompson
Peg 21. 91lb 03oz
3rd. Norman hewis
Peg 18. 69lb 04oz
4th. Brian peall.
Peg 26. 65lb 06oz
5th. Wayne turner.
Peg 10. 62lb 02oz.

Open match
Ultimate lake
Sat 5th October
That Danny Croft only gone and done it again. Well done mate.
The highlight of the day was watching daygo retrieving Lewis Ringwoods top kit from the far bank after the match. Straight in no messing.
1st. Daniel Croft
Peg 3. 49lb 10oz
2nd. David Ringwood
Peg 7. 45lb 13oz
3rd. Steve Watson.
Peg 23. 44lb 04oz
4th. Steve conlan.
Peg 9. 32lb 06oz
5th. Ken swyer.
Peg 14. 31lb 13oz
6th. Norman hewis.
Peg 1. 30lb 14oz.

Veterans open.
Silver lake
Tuesday 1st October
Wet, cold and windy today. Another box blown in attached to an umbrella. Someone fell in, its fun and games at the moment with this weather.
Not many braved it today and I can’t blame them either.
Well done to my old mate John lavender on his win. A bit of practice for the miracle baits festival this weekend.
1st. John lavender.
Peg 21. 103lb 13oz
Section 1. Ken dannatt.
Peg 8. 21lb 09oz
Section 2. John white
Peg 16. 47lb 09oz
Section 3. Dave renshaw
Peg 18. 65lb 14oz
Section 4. John hood.
Peg 32. 79lb 06oz.