Wold View September Open Match Results

Open match
Canal lake
Sun 29th sept.
Would you want to fish in this weather??? ☔️ 🌧 💨 🌬
I think not, and most anglers were in the same mind.
Few and far today and there were just 4 who braved the elements for the open. You could almost see the water coming up on the lakes.
A massive well done to those who braved it and especially mossy who took the honours.
1st. Shaun Moss
Peg 13. 97lb 02oz
2nd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 6. 53lb 15oz
3rd. Paul Brocklebank
Peg 22. 53lb 05oz
4th. Norman hewis.
Peg 2. 52lb 07oz

Pole qualifier FINAL
Gold lake
Saturday 28th September
Very strong winds and heavy rain hampered the fishing today. It was always going to be hard after 4 inches of rain went in there from this weeks rain.
But a very close match, the sheltered pegs did fish much better though. pity it wasn’t like it turned out at the end, more fish would have been caught.
Congratulations to Stephen Pretty on his win. He deserves it after travelling from Grantham every week without fail.
1st. Steve pretty.
Peg 12. 83lb 06oz
2nd. Simon Piggott
Peg 6. 82lb 11oz
3rd. Mick Jennings
Peg 37. 79lb 03oz
4th. Ian Sadler
Peg 18. 78lb 10oz
5th. Shaun moss
Peg 4. 74lb 04oz
6th. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 8. 63lb 04oz.

Veterans open
Silver lake
Tue 24th September
With horrendous weather forecast it kept most of the vets away today.
A very low turnout and they deserved a medal for fishing in that rain.
Well done Mick Ellison on a close win.
1st. Mick Ellison.
Peg 32. 72lb 14oz
2nd. Eric altoft.
Peg 18. 70lb 06oz
3rd. John hood.
Peg 36. 46lb 13oz
4th. Mick duke.
Peg 22. 40lb 07oz
5th. Matt hackforth.
Peg 20. 39lb 15oz
6th. Cliff thornhill
Peg 30. 38lb 04oz.
On a sad note, while on his way here to fish today, Paul Quinton had a stroke while driving and crashed his car.
He was taken to hospital and had it confirmed it was a stroke.
Paul is a very good friend of myself and Julie and we were totally gutted to hear of this. I have spoken to paul on the phone from his hospital bed and he is holding up as well as expected.
I’m sure everyone would wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully back to full health.

Open match.
Sunday 22nd September
Ultimate lake.
Well he’s only gone and done it again. Marc Rodger can certainly catch a few and he has proved it on the second day on the trot. Leaving steve pretty in second again for 2 days on the trot.
1st. Marc Rodger.
Peg 18. 109lb.
2nd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 8. 94lb 06oz
3rd. Shaun moss.
Peg 6. 49lb.
4th. Wayne turner.
Peg 13. 41lb 05oz
5th. Damon Grundy
Peg 7. 39lb 07oz
6th. Ian sadler.
Peg 4. 27lb 08oz.

Open match
Canal lake
Saturday 21 September
A slow match today, you can tell the overnight temperatures are dropping
The only one who found plenty of fish was Marc Rodger on peg 4.
1st. Marc Rodger
Peg 4. 91lb 12oz
2nd. Steve pretty
Peg 21. 51lb 08oz
3rd. Simon fields
Peg 13. 48lb 13oz
4th. Steve Hutchinson
Peg 6. 42lb 13oz
5th. Graham garrod.
Peg 19. 31lb 08oz
6th. Norm hewis
Peg 8. 30lb 05oz.

Veterans open
Gold and silver.
Tue17th September
A frost this morning slowed sport a bit.
Well done Colin bland on your win.
1st. Colin bland.
Peg S36. 59lb 14oz
2nd. Andy green.
Peg S32. 59lb 06oz
Section 1. Ian whittles.
Peg G8. 45lb 05oz
Section 2. Dave renshaw.
Peg G12. 54lb 01oz
Section 3. Ken dannatt.
Peg G17. 37lb 06oz
Section 4. Eric altoft
Peg G28. 29lb 04oz
Section 1. John white.
Peg S5. 53lb 01oz
Section 2. Bill marsh.
Peg S11. 46lb 10oz
Section 3. Tree Thompson.
Peg S20. 45lb 01oz
Section 4. Keith ward.
Peg S30. 47lb 02oz.

Open match
Canal lake.
Sunday 15th September
A very close match for the top 3.
Well done to resident Chris ward on his victory
1st. Chris ward.
Peg 11. 66lb 11oz
2nd. Paul Brocklebank
Peg 6. 65lb 05oz
3rd. Steve pretty.
Peg 20. 65lb.
4th. Mark Rodger.
Peg 15. 47lb 09oz
5th. Shaun Moss.
Peg 1. 39lb 04oz.
6th. Ian sadler.
Peg 13. 29lb 07oz.

Open match.
Gold lake
Saturday 14th September
Very cold start to the day but it picked up into a nice day.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 35. 166lb 07oz
2nd. Mark Rodger.
Peg 7. 132lb 07oz
3rd. Lewis Ringwood
Peg 20. 109lb 02oz
4th. Nathan young.
Peg 11. 79lb
5th. Carl braithwaite
Peg 18. 74lb 02oz
6th. David Ringwood
Peg 37. 70lb 15oz

Veterans open
Gold and silver
10th sept
A bit of a struggle for a few today but Dave Blanchard sorted it out.
1st. Dave Blanchard
Peg 26S. 97lb 11oz
2nd. Billy Collins.
Peg 22S. 76lb
Section 1. Mick Ellison.
Peg G4. 55lb 06oz
Section 2. Alan Bishop
Peg G18. 46lb 02oz
Section 1. John white.
Peg S6. 68lb 10oz
Section 2. Dave Daniels
Peg S30. 68lb 10oz

Open match
Sunday 8th sept.
Gold lake.
Weights down a bit again today. Well done critter
1st. Mark Critcher
Peg 35. 87lb 04oz
2nd. Mark Rodger.
Peg 10. 64lb 92oz
3rd. Ryan lidgard.
Peg 36. 62lb 08oz
4th. Russ Parsons.
Peg 18. 59lb 07oz
5th. Ian sadler.
Peg 30. 53lb.
6th. Simon Piggott
Peg 13. 48lb 14oz.

Open match.
Silver lake
Saturday 7th September
The weights are starting to drop now the water temperature is cooling down.
There should be plenty more good days fishing though.
1st. Mark lidgard
Peg 25. 127lb 08oz
2nd. Stephen Hutchinson
Peg 35. 90lb 11oz
3rd. Stephen Pretty
Peg 12. 76lb 06oz
4th. Simon fields.
Peg 36. 71lb 05oz
5th. Mark storey.
Peg 7. 65lb 04oz
6th. Stephen Blanchard.
Peg 18. 59lb 02oz.

Veterans open
Tuesday 3rd sept
Gold and silver.
A good turnout today and a close match
Well done nev Fisher
1st. Nev Fisher.
Peg G5. 83lb 14oz
2nd. Bill marsh.
Peg S18. 77lb.
3rd. Kev Copley
Peg 16G. 72lb 12oz
Section 1. Kev Tanner.
Peg G8. 66lb 01oz
Section 2. Mick Ellison.
Peg G19. 59lb 07oz
Section 3. Ken wood
Peg G22. 60lb 10oz
Section 1. Paul Quinton.
Peg S2. 51lb 03oz
Section 2. John white
Peg S22. 37lb 12oz
Section 3. Ian whittles.
Peg S26. 60lb 15oz.

Sunday open
Silver lake. 1st sept.
The master strikes again.
1st. Simon fields.
Peg 26. 76lb 07oz
2nd. Daniel Croft.
Peg 9. 75lb 07oz
3rd. Bill sheppard
Peg 10. 68lb 08oz
4th. Chris Mack.
Peg 19. 61lb 05oz
5th. Steve miles.
Peg 14. 53lb 07oz
6th. Ian Marshall.
Peg 12. 39lb 07oz