Wold View September Open Matches

open match results:-
Gold lake
1-Steve Blanchard 127lb 11
Peg 19
2-Matt Bradley 71lb 15
Peg 36
Congratulations on today’s open match to the winners. Thanks to all who competed today.
The weather was a mixed bag of rain and wind and a mixture of varying temperatures.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all who followed social distancing and followed the floor marker queuing system.
Thanks – stay well
Veterans match results:
1-Dave Blanchard 77lb 12
Peg 17
2-John white 63lb 5
Peg 5
3-Billy Collins 57lb 4
Peg 20
Paul Larthwell 53.9 peg 22
Mick Allen 48.8 peg 32
Mick Ellison 47.9 peg 16
Tim Goldby 37.13 peg 8
Well done to the winners on today’s match. Thanks to all who competed in the veterans match.
A good turnout and I would like this opportunity to Thank all the people who maintained social distancing.
Thankyou also for using the floor markers and the queue system that’s in place.
It was nice to see a good turnout and to see people having social chats, banter and a laugh together – this is always a feel good factor on a Tuesday veterans match 😃
Finally… nice to see some veterans take advantage of the lower breakfast price, thanks. Stay well.
Open match on Gold
1st Nathan Young 178.10lb p21
2nd Matt Bradley 121.5lb p36
3rd Ian white 115.1lb p16
Fished ever so well even though the wind and rain tried to intervene, well done to the winners
Veterans Open match on Gold Lake
1st. John white 66lb p19
2nd Mick Ellison 48.5lb p22
3rd Roger Cod 47lb p37
Section winners
Dave Daniels 45.8lb p11
Dave hides 37.14lb p6
Billy Collin 36.09lb p27
Tim Goldby 35.11lb p25
Today’s open match results:-
Gold lake
1- Stephen Hutchinson 143.15
Peg 26
2-Mark Westerman 96.13
Peg 22
3-Matt York 76.13
Peg 17
4-Lee Popham 65.10
Peg 2
5-Josh Revell 49.9
Peg 19
Congratulations to all 5 winners. Nice to see some new anglers fish today’s match.
Not a bad day with the weather although a little windy at times but nothing to deter the anglers.
Thanks to all who competed and nice to see a good turnout .
Open match results:-
Gold Lake
1-Nathan Watson is 150lb 2
Peg 16
2-Carl Braithwaite 130lb 13
Peg 20
3-Steve Watson 111lb 3
Peg 37
Congratulations to today’s winners and thanks to all who competed.
Good weights out today.
The weather was cooler than yesterday – still a little warm but a much needed cool refreshing breeze with a few spots of rain.
See you next time 👍
15/ 09/2020
Veterans results:- Gold and silver
All wins are section wins
Ian Sadler 68lb 6 peg 12 on Gold lake
Section winners on silver:-
Dave Daniels 43lb 11 peg 5
Mick Duke 53lb 9 peg 12
Mick Ellison 43lb 6 peg 22
Tim Goldby 34lb 5 peg 27
Eddie O’Rouke 40lb 11
Well fished today everyone on this scorching match day.
All winners today are section wins and a superb turnout – so pleased to see such a turnout that the match was held on silver and gold.
So well done on today’s veterans match and nice to see anglers enjoying themselves.
Today’s open match results:-
1-Bill Shep 123lb 10 peg 7
2-Paul Hart 121lb 3 peg 37
3- Mark Roger 89lb 4 peg 16
Well done to the winners on today’s open match
Open match results on gold
1-Simon Fields 141lb 4
peg 35
2- Nathan Watson 93lb2
Peg 37
3- N. Young 56lb 7
Peg 19
Well done to the winners- a great turnout today and weather wise not so bad.
Thanks to all competitors and look forward to seeing you all on the next match.
Todays open match results:-
Gold lake
1-Alan Tuck 103lb
peg 20
2-Lee Braithwaite 93lb1
peg 8
3-Mark Wakefield 81lb5
peg 37
Congratulations to the winners on this match and as always, thanks to all who competed.
Another mixed bag of weather but warm and at least the rain held off despite at times looked like it would.
There are still places on our October 2 day festival on:-
Saturday 10 October
Sunday 11th October
On gold and silver lakes
Draws at 9am
Fish 10 am TIL 4pm
There is an extra prize on top of the match prize money of £250 cash to the overall winner.
If you are interested, please text the word “October” and your full name to:-
0749 5755 620
Everyone welcome
Today’s open match results:-
Silver lake
1-Nathan Watson 248lb 12
Peg 32
2-Mark Wakefield is 166lb 2
Peg 6
3-Gavin Coley 80lb 8
Peg 35
Well done to all the winners today.
Some great weights today out of silver lake.
Veterans match on Gold:
1-Paul Larthwell 45.10 peg18
2-Sam Smith 43.1 peg 23
3-ken Wood 42.9 peg 25
4-Dave Daniels 35.6 peg 10
Well done to all the winners.
Section winners:-
Bill Marsh 25.12 peg 8
Nev Fisher 28.11 peg 9
Alan Malkin 23.6 peg 16
Roger Codd 33.11 peg 21
Tim Goldby 23.13 peg 27
Well done to the winners.
From next Tuesday on veterans matches only – a small breakfast will now be available for £5 – to cater for people who only want a light breakfast.
Small breakfast includes:
1 bacon 1 sausage 1 egg
Beans and tomatoes
1 toast/bread n butter
Open match results :
Gold lake
1-Alan Tuck 76.1
2-Stephen Hutchinson 75.11
Peg 20
3- Matt Bradley 72.1
Peg 19
Well fished lads today and congratulations to the winners.
Today’s open match results:
1-Simon Fields 139lb 1
Peg 20
2-Andy Clark 84lb
Peg 37
3-Stephen Hutchinson 70lb 4
Peg 4
Congratulations to all the winners on today’s open match – and thanks to all who competed.
The weather was mixed with some early rain then sunny and then windy.
See you all on the next open match
Today’s open match results: gold
1-Nathan Watson 186lb 9
2-Keith Birkett 127lb 14
Peg 22
3-Dave Mountford 126lb
Peg 25
Great weights out of gold today- congratulations to all the winners.
The day began quite pleasantly warm and dry , but late afternoon was a different story with dark skies and rain.
Thanks for competing today to all match anglers – nice to see a good turnout.
Veterans results:
1-Mick Ellison 85.15
Peg 9
2-Tim Goldby 69.8
Peg 19
3-Ray Garton 57.2
Peg 6
Section winners:
Dave Edwards 49.6 peg8
Eddie 45.5 peg 12
Mick Allen 15.3 peg25
Paul Larthwell 51.11 peg 30
Well done to all the winners and all who competed in today’s veterans match.